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Mannava Bucchiraju Sarma
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 15
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2016

(Continued from the Previous Issue)

I wrote the song “Mother! Mother! Bliss Incarnate !” (Amma! Amma! Ananda Roopini!) in December on 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th in the year 1956. This is my 9th song.

The whole world is born within you 

All the beings merge in you

You are the support of everything 

But you are without any support 

You live alone in your own shadow. 

You who look within have found the path.

This is the first verse. “When I wish, you will all be born in me and ultimately will merge in me.” These are Mother’s words. An ordinary person cannot understand either Mother’s words or her actions. Are they beyond the human ken? But who are those extraordinary beings? Are they Gods? Gods! I don’t know them, I never saw them. When you read the epics we realize that human beings and danavas have sometimes greater powers than gods. They could shake the world. Sage Atri could visualize the past, present and future simultaneously. His better half, Anasuya converted the Hindu triad into little babies and had fun. One’s own dharma is supreme Dharma. Mother Anasuya is a chaste lady who conquered all the five elements and brought everything under her control, having her mainstay and prop in her husband. Mother (of Jillellamudi) never proclaimed any miracles. This is what we have to understand. When we recognise the miracle and ask her “Mother did you do it, for it is not possible for an ordinary man,” she would just smile and say “what do I know dear!” She will never admit (the truth) that she performed any miracle.

For example: “I shall just come back” saying that she left the house by the back door. Two, three hours passed. She did not return. I looked for her even in the barn. After sometime she returned to the kitchen by the same back door. When you ask her “where did you go?” her reply would be “no where”. A few days later during her conversation she would casually mention that she had been to Bapatla. When it is pouring down she would tie a sari around her head and go to Bapatla via Ravulapalem. When she returned she would be absolutely dry. To go to Bapatla and return within two hours is impossible. She would go there to help someone in need, complete her work and come back. I am an eyewitness to this journey of hers.

You are the support to everything

But you have no support

You live alone in your own shadow. Mother is the beginning. She is the prop for everything. Mother, the supreme power bewitches the entire universe, traversing the entire universe. She is most efficacious and unparalleled. And yet she is bound by the rules of her own making. Hence she came to play her role. For all external purposes Nannagaru is the supporting character for Mother. But in truth Nannagaru too has emerged from her. Though she is the sovereign she never proclaimed or advertised about her glory or greatness. In fact nobody had even the least notion about her eminence. Her personality is as lofty as Mount Meru and as deep as the ocean. I cannot deny the truth to which I am a witness. Isn’t it wrong to assume what is not as is (existing) and what is as not (nonexisting).

In the deep darkness of dry philosophy

In the futile battle of life Your auspicious light

Moves around in the residence Shines in the hearts

Play the wedding song on the Veena

II Mother II

This is the second stanza.

“Do sadhana oh man! There is nothing impossible”. This is a popular song. These words of jargon are repeated only by those that vociferously speak about Vedanta (but not practice). But Mother put an end to this kind of theoretical philosophy. “Sadhana is what is possible” is her simple clear statement. Each one preached what he/she understood. Therefore Mother does not find fault with any established truth or doctrine. “Whatever is seen is the true form” is her declaration. No more a closed fist or a top secret. Without disparity or difference she lights the auspicious lamp of wisdom in one and all. This I call “Maangalya Jyoti”. Severing the life’s garland of suffering, tying the festoon of mango leaves Mother sings the song for Universal Auspiciousness, Universal Brotherhood, with no reference to any religion. Progress, expansion, and equality are the principles – that Mother promoted through her actions setting an ideal for everyone (to follow).

You showed us the path of light

And you spoke pearls of wisdom I said. Mother’s words are Vedic statements. When we keep mulling over Mother’s words (Mother is adept at playing with words. By displacing a letter dexterously she plays magic with words), we dive deep into the ocean of Truth and obtain invaluable gems and pearls.

Hence I sing

Mother! Mother! embodiment of Bliss

Mother earth you are the mine of knowledge

Mother! learned indeed you are You are the sound and touch

You are the form and the fragrance

Leaving attachment and antipathy

 You have become Anasuya

You are the supreme that has filled my being This is the last verse of the song.

Mother also possesses the qualities of the five elements. She is Dharitri meaning the earth. She is the Anasuya Tatva, ie., the essence of Anasuya, driving away attachment as well as antagonism. She discarded attachment which can be limited as her attachment is for the whole universe, driving away antipathy and animosity. I shall further explain the essence of Anasuya tattva. I remember to have read perhaps in Anubhavananda Grandha Mala….

In “Sarvasiddhanta Saurabh” Anubhavananda hinted that spiritual discussions should be done with those who are not jealous. I felt that there is great deal of hidden depth in this statement. I liked it. The ignorant think “I know you don’t know”. – On the contrary the saints think “I don’t know, (but) you know.” When you have discussions with those who are not jealous, they respect our opinions.

Since then I felt if I have to talk about spiritual matters or – know about spiritual matters I should go only to Anasuya Mata.

– (Contd. in the next issue)

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