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Mannava Bucchiraju Sarma
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 15
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2016

(Continued from the Previous Issue)

On 2-1-57 I wrote my tenth song entitled “Oh! Unlucky Lute of My Heart” Thank God. The moment of danger for Mother to shed her physical frame on Karthika Pournami (the full Monday in the month of Karthika approximately in the month of November) has passed by. Mother used to talk very softly when she was in Samadhi. So we used to put our ears very close to her mouth to be able to hear what she whispered. When in Samadhi she was never particular about any specific posture, like sitting in Lotus pose (Padmasana) or the most comfortable pose or Siddhasana, with half closed eyes. She would be sitting or even lying down. There was no particular method or rule. During the Samadhi she used to say “There are two layers and when you look through them they appear like ear studs (duddulu in Telugu) or like a windpipe made out of a coconut palm leaf with two strips at the top (sannayi peeka) – (Children in the villages make these pipes with the strips of coconut leaves and blow them producing some kind of musical sound); Both these two layers are becoming thin. What is it? What is it dear! What happens when they become thin?” When she came out of Samadhi when one questioned her about the statements she made during Samadhi she would vaguely remark “I don’t know dear. That is how I visualize.” I questioned her “What if it becomes thin?! Her reply was “it is finished.” My interpretation of her reply is that everything will be over i.e. she would shed her body.

The first time it was a narrow escape from the impending disaster. But the second perilous moment is not far off. So once again I was distressed and depressed. One eclipse is over but the second one is impending. My anguish, the inner agitation started troubling me once again. It is like removing the scab of a healing wound to make it into an open painful fresh wound. The grief took the form of a song.

The king of the night, the Moon 

Is overpowered by the demon Rahu 

The New Moon has no choice

 But to face the dark nights.

| Why don’t you sing oh unlucky lute ! ||

This is the first verse.

The natural propensity of the Jasmines is

 To fall ultimately at the foot of the mother creeper 

Why should one ask for proof 

To confirm the unworthiness of an individual !

|| Why don’t you

This is the second verse.

A Jasmine, when its lifespan is over, drops down lifeless at the base of the creeper. So will I. I am a worthless person. cannot save Mother. To such a hapless one where does the question of merit arise? The one who achieves his goal, the one who is successful is worthy of honor and a title or a certificate of merit is the proof of his success. But for one who has failed in the examination what credit can be given ?

Once I lose Mother my future will be totally bleak and dark (the dark fortnight). Where is the light? Where and what is my prop? How can I get protection? Just as a monkey is called a monkey because of its face, a worthless person will be addressed by no other name. When there is no Sunlight, from where does the Moon get its light? Similarly when there is no Mother my very existence is questionable.

When one becomes two

 Many more will follow

 But when two becomes one

What then is left ?

|| Why don’t you sing 11

This is the third verse.

Mother visited Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple in Bapatla along with her childhood friends. In the temple she broke one half of the coconut into many pieces and remarked “look! one has become many.” The Veda states the same in the statement “ekam sat viprah bahudha vadanti” meaning the Truth is one but the wise call it by many names. This is the fundamental principle on which the whole process of creation is based.

When two becomes one what then is left? I said. This statement needs a little explanation with reference to Yoga Shastra and Kaivalyopanishat. On the left side of the spinal column is the Ida Nadi through which the energy of the Moon flows and on the right is the Pingala Nadi through which the Sun’s energy flows’. Both these are connected to the six Chakras in the body. Between these two Nadies is the Sushumna Nadi. When the Kundalini is awakened and the energy moves up from the Mooladhara to Agna Chakra it comes to a point. Where there are two petals or strips. At the end of Sushumna Nadi is Brahma Nadi. The passage through which the Kundalini energy flows is connected through a chakra to the Sahasrara. Mother refers to this passage as the windpipe made of coconut leaf strips (Sannayi peeka). The sahasrara is like a lotus flower resembling a diamond ear stud. (duddu in Telugu). The ear stud to which Mother referred is the thousand petalled lotus, Sahasra Kamala.

Mother said that those two stripes are becoming thin. Her vision goes beyond the six Chakras. When asked “What happens then?” She said “it is over” She becomes everything. She resides in the (Sahasrara Kamala) thousand petalled lotus. That is the abode of ”the Supreme” where the yogis remain in ‘yoga nidra’, supernatural stupor. Mother remains in this supreme abode for millions of years and if and when she wishes she will take a form and become manifest.

Darkness, the basis for light, is light 

What is in you, in me, is the genuine pearl

|| Why don’t you sing

This is the last verse. When there is no darkness, light has no existence. Light cannot be. When darkness is everywhere how can there be light? But actually there is nothing like pitch darkness or abysmal darkness. It is only the variation and intensity in the degree of darkness and light.

“What is in you, in me, is the genuine pearl,” I said. The genuine pearl is the pure Brahman.

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