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Inner Vision XIX

Mannava Bucchiraju Sarma
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 17
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2018

(rendered into English by Dr. Shanta Sista)

My fifteenth song was penned on 18-5-1957 and the burden of the song is

Sweet melodious tales culminating in unending grief

The unforgettable specific stories

Cause grief to the mind that can never forget.

It seems ‘erotic pleasures are the ultimate to be cherished’. The Vedas describe HIM as ‘raso vai saha’ i.e. HE is the embodiment of Bliss.’ There is nothing more sweet, desirable or happy than the supreme being God. The tales that were very sweet at one point of time are the tales that later cause grief that cannot be blotted out of one’s memory. “Melancholy has her sovereign shrine in the temple of delight” says Keats. Grief is the abode of bliss.

Happiness culminates in grief 

Grief culminates in grief

Grief culminates in bliss 

are the words of Mother.

The pairs of opposites are the basis for the progression in creation. The pairs of opposites are present in all the five elements of nature. They are present in Mother too who is the creator of nature. The creator of the decree has to abide by the decree himself. In the five verses that follow I elaborated on the point that in all the five elements viz. earth, water, fire, wind, and space, the pairs of opposites exist.

1. The Earth

The earth is the support (of everything) 

without its own Support.

The opulent earth also has useless salty swamps. This is the first verse. The earth which is the support of everything appears propless. It contains fertile lands as well as salty marshes.

2. Water Profound and unfathomable are

turbulent portentous floods Why the flow tide and ebb tide to the agitated sea? This is the second verse. A high mountain is said to be immense and wide ranging and the deep sea unfathomable. The sea is the abode of innumerable flora and fauna. It is a treasure house of priceless pearls. corals, and gems. All the rivers flow and merge into the sea. (The rivers are personified and considered as the brides of the sea god.) But during the ebb and flow tides the sea is in a great turmoil.

Mother is like the water pot where the water is pure and still. But in her heart of hearts are hidden the inextinguishable flame and blows of the sledge hammer.

3. Fire

Why the darkness behind the light

Why the blight of ashes to the fire 

That blazes during the final destruction (of the world) This is the third verse. Darkness behind light; the dark shadow under the lamp that illumines; the ashes that cover the wood and the iron that are burnt red hot. The fire that can burn everything under the Sun cannot do any harm to the ashes. The weeds can never be blighted. Even when sprayed with poison they will not die.

4. Air

With form without form

The air that is the sustainer of life Why does it acquire a foul smell?

This is the fourth verse. Usually the sky is still and pure. When the rainy clouds pass by, the sky appears to be blue in color. The air contains the life-giving element oxygen. And yet — the air also carries with it a foul smell. Foul smell means pollution.

5. Sky Space

Sky means space

That accommodates the entire creation.

Why is there a void ? 

This is the fifth verse. Sky means space. “My father’s name is prop and my mother’s name is space.” is the definition given by Mother.

The space is infinite and is the embodiment of Lord Narayana. A part of it is void. Basically it is an empty space where planets move in their specific paths. The sky has within it the entire creation made of infinite mass, including the void.

In God’s creation there is nothing that progresses unhampered. Increase and decrease, birth and death, the bright fortnight and the dark fortnight (in the month) – these pairs of opposites are evident always and everywhere. The pairs of opposites are the basis for the process of creation.

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