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Inner Vision – XVI

Mannava Bucchiraju Sarma
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 16
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2017

(rendered into English by 

Dr. Shanta Sista)

On 5-4-1957 I wrote my twelfth song “Oh Mother earth Anasuya”

Oh Mother earth Anasuya

Endurance is your asset

This is the burden of the song.

A shower of honey emerges out of your mouth

 The barren land glows and tingles 

In the showers of the first rains

Flowers bloom in your words

II Oh Mother earth Anasuya II

This is the first stanza. Mother’s words are eternal Truths. The principle of gravity existed even before it was discovered by Newton. Truth always exists in its glorious brilliance. But it is not visualized or understood. The same Truth is mentioned by Dante in his DIVINE COMEDY – open secret. Open to all but found by none.

Mother is not an ordinary human being. She is the embodiment of Truth. A few examples. Once Sri Kona Subbarao told Mother that he had a lot of shortcomings. “naalo lopalu chala unnayamma” Mother in her typical way played with the words in the sentence. The Telugu word ‘lopalu’ means shortcomings. She changed the punctuation and pause between the words and made three statements. “na lo palu ichana?” In this context the word ‘palu’ means a portion meaning “you are part of me because you are my child. The second statement “naloni palu ichana?” – feeding the child with milk as well as giving the child certain hereditary and generic characteristics. The creation inherits the qualities of the creator – his form beautiful or ugly and positive and negative qualities etc. This Truth mentioned by Mother is found in Kaivalyopanishad The Upanishad describes the Brahman as

Definable and undefinable 

With shelter and without shelter

 animate and inanimate

Real and illusory

Manifest and unmanifest

(The Upanishad states that the Brahman performed penance and created the whole visible universe and entered his own creation assuming both the manifest – murtam (earth, water, and fire) and unmanifest – amrutam (air and akasha/space) Niruktam and Aniruktam etc; are the details of the manifest and unmanifest forms).

With shelter – without shelter

with consciousness and without

Relative truth and its opposite like the mirage… everything is the truth, absolute truth.

Therefore Mother explained “however much I search I don’t see anything which is not”That “. She confirmed this truth.

  1. How can there be no defects?” The elaboration of this statement is “The form itself has emerged with deformity.” Mother alone can make such a beautiful statement. She showered nectarine peace. She neither found faults in anyone nor did she punish anyone. She who is an embodiment of grace emphatically declared “Whatever happens is not in our hands” (chetalu chetullo levu). For, every thought and counter thought emerges from that primordial being. Therefore I said “the barren land glows and tingles in the showers of the first rain”.
  2. That was summer. Many devotees (brothers and sisters) have taken the trouble of traveling in the heat facing many hardships, to have Mother’s darshan. Watching these people struggling one of the sisters remarked “poor things how they are suffering in the heat.” Mother said “why poor things. They are lucky to see me. They acquire merit by my Darshan ”. (Papam emundi? nannu chuddame punaym) actually the word “papam” in Telugu means ‘sin’. The same word can also be used to express sympathy like “poor things’ ‘. Mother took the first meaning “sin” and played on the word and said it is not “sin” but only “merit” (not papam but punyam) that has brought them to her. Unless she tells us about herself we do not know who the real Mother is. To reveal the truth about herself to us is her grace. The same truth is expressed by Lord Sri Krishna in the Gita “Janma karma cha me divyam“”My Life and actions are Divine.” It is indeed a great good fortune to have the darshan, to be able to touch a saint and also hear the words spoken by him/her. Blessed are they. Not many have received this grace.

Mother is the cause for all actions. She is also the embodiment of all qualities. “Saguna Moorthy” who performs actions without a cause. That power, that primordial being has manifested as Mother, divine love and auspiciousness personified as a deity, as a woman, Anasuya in Jillellamudi with the project to execute, to give support and succor and to liberate everyone.

After having Mother’s darshan Prof. Divakarla Venkatavadhani wittily remarked “why do scholars describe God as a formless, attributeless, nameless witness !!!” In his verse he described Mother

You have donned an auspicious form

 To rejoice and bestow peace on 

All those who took refuge in you 

Who come to see you at Jillellamudi 

How then can the scholars describe you 

As the Brahman without form, attributes, actions and gender !!!

Your footprints are my ideal/goal 

Your existence is my life on this earth

 You have removed the abysmal darkness

 And gave me the brilliant light.

 This is the second stanza.

When Mother is not there everything is a void (sunyam) for me. If I have to live, Mother has to be in her physical body. Having understood my agony, Mother promised me “Why do you worry dear? I won’t go anywhere. I shall be here.” Not satisfied with this assurance I said “Mother you must be here at least for ten more years. She said “yes”. Ten years later I requested Mother for an extension of another ten years. She said. “you are never satisfied. Alright”. Again I wanted another extension for ten more years. But in the meantime she passed away. I don’t say that Mother lived that long because I asked her. But Mother said “where will I go? I won’t go anywhere”. I don’t know why I asked her. Maybe it is a coincidence. Because of the anxiety that she will not be physically present, because I want her to be in our midst, I made that request. But who am I? An insignificant little being. That is the reason why I petitioned to her “Your existence is my very life.”

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