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Mannava Bucchiraju Sarma
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 17
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2018

(rendered into English by Dr. Sista Shanta)

(Continued from the Previous Issue)

I composed the song “Sri Raja Rajeswari” in Kalyani Raga on 29-6-1957, my 18th song.

Sri Rajarajeswari prostrations – adorations Pranams Eswari – Bhuvaneswari – Maheswari – Parameswari

This is the burden of the song. We worship God as Eswara as well as Eswari. But there is no gender for Shakti/power/energy. People worship Parashakti in different forms as their favorite God – as father, mother, husband and God. The first verse of the – song is

Take care of us affectionately

Protect us with compassion 

With what flowers can we worship thee !

Give us victory as vishweshwari

|| Sri Raja Rajeswari ||

Mother said “all these prayers are offered to acquire faith and not because you already have faith.” Actually whether you want to break a coconut, or to go round the temple (pradakshina) to perform puja or austerities (nomulu, vratalu) or penance we need the grace of God. The one who protects out of love and compassion and attachment (mamakaram) is Mother. That is the singularly distinct special attribute of Mother.

To the known unknown

To the one who prostrates – one who does not

To the one who has faith one who does not

To the one who comes to her who does not 

To all the destination is one – salvation.

Only Mother has declared this grand charter unconditionally. Because she has manifested herself as Mother she has adopted people from all sections of the society. She takes care of everyone and blesses everyone. Instead of choosing the tenet “punishing the wicked and protecting the good” (dushta sikshana, sista rakshana) which is the purpose of every incarnation (avatara) she has opted for Mother’s love.

On this vast Earth a victory ground To the accompaniment of the melodious music

Singing thy glory come as Kalyani (one who is auspiciousness)

In all greatness and grandeur – as Maheswari is the second stanza. The moment the expression ‘melodious music’ (sankeertana) is uttered, the names of the great music composers, Annamayya, Tyagayya, Gopayya flash in our mind. In the nine modes of Bhakti (navavidha Bhakti) singing devotional songs is one mode. That is the Samaveda with the ascending and descending notes of the chanting of the Veda (the technical terms used are “Svaritam, Deergha plutam, Audiogram.

Mother once blessed and told Garimella Balakrishna Prasad, the musician heading the Annamacharya Project of TTD “You don’t have to go anywhere in search of music music will come – to you.” That which liberates the singer is Gayatri (Gayanat trayate iti Gaayatri) While singing the lung capacity to breathe and the flow of blood increase. The emotions of love and compassion reign supreme.

“Melodious singing of thy glory” is in praise of Mother’s virtues. She possesses the dexterity to protect even those who are submerged in abysmal grief (Rasaatala nimagnaarta rakshana adhika kaushalaa). Mother protects even those who have reached the nadir in their sorrows, saves them and protects them. This very thought fills one with ecstasy. “The vast earth victory ground (stage)” I said. This is the venue for the world drama created by and for the sport (leela) of the Divine.

“Oh Maheswari, Raja Rajeswari, cause for all auspiciousness please come” is my prayer.

“Prostrations to the Holy Mother Earth” is my 19th song. I composed this song on 29-6-1957 in the raaga Mohana. Two important factors have to be mentioned here. I) In and beyond ideas (Bhaava and Bhaavaateeta) 2) Nirvikalpa and Savikalpa Samadhi.

Mother is beyond thought and the absence of thought. Similarly she abides gloriously in Savikalpa and Nirvikalpa Samadhi. In one context Mother said “sankalpa means an idea, a thought. Vikalpa indicates that the first idea has changed. But both have their source in the same power and that is ‘Satsankalpa’.

With thoughts – without thoughts

With name and form without name and form 

Consisting of three gunas 

Disposition bound by time both are Mother. – and beyond trigunas power restricted not by time

This can be interpreted from a different angle. Mother’s omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence are experienced by all in their daily activities.

Therefore I wrote

One endowed with the miraculous power 

Of being the prop of the entire creation.

Sri Chidambara Rao was awe struck by Mother’s splendid efficiency and exceptional treasure of knowledge, praised Mother ‘dear! you are the embodiment of all virtues, cause of all actions and also the driving force behind all actions without any cause. This can be one of the definitions for the word “Mother”.

The word Jaganmata does not mean only “Mother of the Universe; it suggests that the Universe is the Mother; creation itself is Divine.” This is Mother’s aphorism. That power that is responsible for creation, itself has become the creation. Infinite power has manifested itself in infinite forms; that infinite power has come in the finite form as Mother for us because of our good fortune and moved amidst us as one of us. What was impossible to achieve has become possible; what was considered as difficult proved out to be something easy. Because of Mother’s grace the goal that would have been impossible to attain, seems to have come to our doorstep.

The Divine Love incarnated itself in the form of a lady, as Jillellamudi Amma.

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