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Mannava Bucchiraju Sarma
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 20
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2021

(rendered into English by Dr. Sista Shanta)

On the 9th of December, 1957 I composed my 30th song in Guntur. It is entitled “Oh Embodiment of Earth”

‘Oh! embodiment of this earth!

The creator of the entire universe

That you are the Mother people do not believe

 That you are the earth they do not comprehend / recognise

That you are the Mother who gave them birth

For lack of awareness they don’t understand;

This is the burden of the song. For any kind of creation to take place earth is the prop. Whatever object we see on earth, earth is the prop or the support. They are born on earth and they will merge back into earth. Hence I often compared Mother to earth and the cow. is the Mother who tells the child. “I am your Mother”. It is she who has to introduce the father to the child. Which is the first cause or the beginning or the root for our birth? Both from the secular as well as spiritual point of view it is Mother. She is the root cause that is the knowledge, perception, understanding and recognition without which none can believe the truth. They do not know therefore they have to be made aware of the truth. Though it is the mother who gives birth, unless one is made to understand that she is the mother, one does not accept that she is his/her mother.

“You are the path where in falls both light and shadow

 Where good and bad are the spoken words

 You are the happiness with dual nature 

You are to be found where ever searched” –

This is the first verse. Dual nature is found both in Mother’s words as well as the path she leads us on. Both darkness and light are intertwined. This hardship is pleasurable; there is no such clear divide. The ultimate condition or end of happiness is sorrow and the ultimate end of sorrow is happiness. Whether things cause happiness or sorrow depends on individuals’ likes and dislikes. What gives happiness to one may cause sorrow to another. (You have the old proverb that one man’s meat is another man’s poison). Therefore there is no exact and precise definition either for happiness or sorrow.

“The happiness / bliss with dual nature is You” – I said. Bliss is Brahman. “Anando Brahmeti Vyajanaat” – is what Sruti says. How does one attain bliss? When kundalini energy moves towards Sahasrara one experiences bliss. Mother showers the wealth of nectar as She is an embodiment of bliss. “Sudhaa Saraabhi Varshini”, “Ananda Roopini”. As an embodiment of bliss, She bestows ‘Amrutatva i.e., Nirvana Sthiti or Moksha, so that the individual need not come back to earth and be caught in the cycle of birth and death.

Eight types of impurities are to be found in a human body. They are saliva, perspiration, nails, hair, urine, fecal matter, rheum of the eyes (kanti pusi), mucus of the nose (cheemidi), wax in the ears (gubili), semen and ovum. When one throws these impurities out there is a sense of relief and joy. But this is not pure unadulterated joy or bliss, the real happiness. But the joy mentioned earlier is pure joy or bliss. Yet both those forms of joy are Mother herself. This is my opinion.

‘In the dark recesses

You are the blue light

You are the echo of the words

In the hearts that ever remember’ This is the third verse. Before I composed this song I came to Jillellamudi with my overgrown mustache and beard. I resembled a recluse who will renounce the world shortly and become a sanyasi. I thought I shall shave my head in Mother’s presence. But on second thoughts I did not offer my hair to Mother as I felt any material, offering or cash would be of greater use as it can be utilized for the people that come there. Of what use will my hair be? Then I returned home to Guntur. Though I was physically present in Guntur my mind was on Mother. Sometimes I would be so absent minded that I would not even realize what was happening to my body. Once a cyclist hit and ran away. The cycle pedal hit my leg and it started bleeding. But I was not conscious of it. When I was climbing the office steps, my colleagues asked me ” what happened? Your leg is bleeding.” I had no pain, no grief. That is what I meant when I wrote”. You are the echo of the words in the hearts that ever remember”. Yet I am not suggesting that I am a ‘sthitaprajna’ or the man of steady intellect or a great hero. A little lamp can spread its light that can illuminate deep infinite dark gorges of ignorance with her “brilliance”. She is the light of wisdom. Those days I used to meditate, when I described Her as the blue light I had in my mind, the blue light I would during meditation. In Fact, all absorption of the mind on anything is meditation (Dhyase Dhyanam). 

(to be continued)

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