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Mannava Bucchiraju Sarma
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 20
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2021

(rendered into English by Dr. Sista Shanta)

Why? what for? – is the song composed on 27-12-1957 at Guntur.

‘Ring of fire in the heart

Snow clad mountains on the Crown

 Why do you have these Oh Mother Earth? 

Cannot bear to sing about them’.

This is the burden of the song. 

Here draws a parallel between Mother Earth and Mother of Jillellamudi. I presented the most ordinary and extra-ordinary, unique and incomprehensible qualities which are common to both of them.

We have snow-clad mountains like the Himalayas on earth. As you go down towards the center of the earth, the heat is like that of the forest fire or conflagration.

Mother, like an ordinary housewife, is radiant with her bewitching smile looking absolutely cool and peaceful. The inequality, suffering, lamentation are like the volcanoes ceaselessly exploding in Mother’s heart. We don’t get to see her tears. Her internal suffering is not evident or obvious and it cannot be understood or comprehended.

‘Instead of treasuring

Why should the seashells

The precious stones and diamonds in the bosom

 Be worn on the Crown as the most deserving

And the floating jetsam

Why this plight for the ocean?’ –

This is the first stanza.

Both the earth and the ocean

Are treasure troves

But externally we see only 

Garbage and sea – shells.

Mother is a natural beauty queen. But as we are unable to see her inner beauty it is but natural that we misunderstand her. Mother is the one who observes the needs of a child and fulfills his / her needs. But the child’s tendency is to fight with the Mother, who is always giving.

Mother knows very well what a child needs, what is good and beneficial for the child. This Mother is our true / real Mother, not merely in relationship with the physical gross body, but also she has given birth to everything in the universe. She showered her Motherly love and affection even on those who tried to loot her of her property and also on the one who tried to kill her. Mother says, “I don’t know anything dear”, but She is the Ocean of knowledge.

‘Actually when you analyze

There is a disparity

As in between a mosquito and an elephant

If there is no disparity on the Earth 

There is no scope for universal progress’ –

This is the second stanza.

Actually the difference between Mother and us is as striking as the difference between a mosquito and an elephant. If we want to march forward, we have to put one foot forward and the second one should be one foot behind. Otherwise there is no progress, no moving forward.

If two people are competing with each other, one has to be a winner and the other as the loser. When there is only one, there is neither victory nor defeat. We cannot progress with both our feet moving forward simultaneously. Similarly when you are cooking you don’t add an equal amount of salt to the cooked lentils. If you do, the lentels cannot be eaten. Everything has its significance in the right proportions.

(to be continued)

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