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Mannava Bucchiraju Sarma
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 21
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2022

(rendered into English by Dr. Sista Shanta)

(continued from the previous issue)

Song 40

“Mother! Mother! The Primordial Mother” – is the song written on 1-1-1959, 15-3-1959, 18-3-1959 and 21-3-1959.

“Mother! Mother! primordial Mother! 

Hotter than the earth

You are the miraculous herb (sanjeevani) 

Like the ambrosial herb that

Reviving the entire creation” is the burden of the song. It means –

She is the hallowed being that has given birth to Mother Earth. 

She is the hallowed being who is greater than Mother Earth. 

She is the life force, vital force that enables all the worlds to lead an independent non suffocating life. She is the rejuvenating Ambrosia.

“Ever new splendid Mother

who holds the entire universe in her belly 

Ever smiling. Mother! Anasuya

Conducting discourse on the philosophical truth with those who are touched by jealousy” – is the first verse.

If one wants to have any debate or discussion on a philosophical truth, one has to do so with those who do not possess the quality of jealousy. The eternal is ever new. In this ever changing creation where metamorphosis takes place regularly, creation, sustenance and destruction always happen. The words ‘Brahmanda Gehavasini” suggest that Mother the protector is keeping the entire universe in her belly. It also means daughter-in-law of the “Brahmanda’ (family name) family.

The one who drives away the duality of love and hatred is Anasuya. With a little grace from Mother we can conquer the six inner forces viz. desire, anger, avarice, infatuation, arrogance and envy. Mother’s laughter is wonderful. Her face glows with her smiles. She is an incarnation of uninterrupted bliss. That Mother is Brahman.

“You have a loving charming nature

Deriving intellectual pleasures

 with infinite patience you shine

Expand with a natural glow, radiate” – This is the second verse. Every attribute or adjective which is the natural quality of Mother is extraordinary for us. Even with the most painful diseases, Mother welcomed and gave them shelter in her body. “Dear! when these diseases attack you, you drive them away with medicines. But I am their Mother too”- She said. I address Mother as ‘Sahana Teja Virajamana Vikasini’ i.e., with infinite patience you shine.

From where did Mother get her patience? It is natural in – born. Similarly from the very birth this patience is inherent in Mother.

(to be continued)


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