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Mannava Bucchiraju Sarma
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 21
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2022

(rendered into English by Dr. Sista Shanta)

(continued from the previous issue)


“Your lotus feet are my refuge” is the 36th song. Mother – paid a visit to Mannava village in 1958. To celebrate the occasion I composed this song on 25-9-1958 and 11-10-1958.

“Your lotus feet are my refuge

To achieve well-being here on the earth

And bliss hereafter too” is the burden of the song.

To have Mother’s ‘darshan’ itself is the gain, merit. She does not make a distinction between those who worship her and those who do not worship her. She liberates everyone without an exception.

“With your normal talk you mesmerize

Through silence you initiate

And give the vision of the ultimate.

Mother! bless us by placing your

Protective and holy hand on our head is the first verse.

Whoever came into Mother’s fold, she would endearingly address them as “dear” (Amma for women and Nanna for men) and hold them close with love, give them solace and shelter them in her heart. As Mother she showers her ambrosial love on everyone. Therefore her name “Am Aaa” has become a holy mantra to one and all. She made much of and pampered not only young children but also the elderly and the old; treated them all alike, like small babies and fed them little morsals of food (goru muddalu).

The bond between God and His devotee, the Universal soul and the Individual Soul is the bond between Mother and her child, a blood bond of love, is the glorious message that she practically demonstrated in her life. This is the real Spiritual Truth.

“The worldly life has its own essence (charm/significance).

In the slippery path where there

Seems to be no shore

You point out the shore

And drink the sweet essence, Oh Mother! – is the

Second Verse.

It is said that the worldly life is an ocean of sorrow. It creates bondage. Therefore it is advised that one should renounce the worldly life and take to Sanyas. Leading a householder’s life has no significance, no importance. It is like the residue that remains after the juice/oil is extracted from sugar cane or oil seeds. When one takes the path of Sanyas one can do self introspection and attain – the supreme or Brahman. But acording to Mother – the ability to enjoy everything and renounce everything simultaneously is the – institution of marriage. ” Attachment to everything everywhere is detachment” (Sarvatra Anuragame Viragam).

This is her true explanation. Mother favours a house holder’s life because it is like fighting a battle, staying within the protective walls of a fort, where as to take up sanyas is to fight a battle in the open.

When one does not know swimming, even if one slips into a small, shallow canal/stream it is dangerous. But if a veteran professional swimmer jumps into an ocean, he is safe.

“Once I was bringing water from a small lake in a vessel (water pot). For a while I placed the vessel on the bank of the lake. I found a small fish swimming in the water of the vessel. I just picked it up and threw it out on the bank. It started struggling for life. For two minutes I watched its struggle, then picked it up and threw it back into the lake. It started swimming happily. So each one of us should be in ones own ordained place or situation” – said Mother.

“In the slippery path will you show me the shore? ” – I said.

To make progress in the spiritual path and attain great heights is more difficult than trying to reach the mountain peaks or summit. However high one may climb with the help of a tall ladder, one can become a prey to the waiting snake (ref. is to the game ‘snakes and ladders’). That is the reason why it is called a slippery path.

‘Mother! what is Advaita?’ asked a housewife.” To treat daughter and the daughter-in-law alike ” She said. That is not to differentiate between them. When there is difference it becomes dvaita.” .””The broom is Rigveda, the fire-place – Yajurveda, the pestle and the mortar Samaveda, the Vegetable cutting knife Atharvaveda and the winnowing pan (chaata) – the fifth veda Mahabharata” – for HER. This is to show that the worldly life is not insignificant or without importance or essence but it has its significance essence (Saram) and Mother proved it.

“The time that cannot be perceived

Deeds/actions that cannot protect

The unchanging fate that can

never be surmounted

(knowing this) will you pamper us –

The pathetic, the helpless –

Will you protect us, Mother?” – is the 3rd verse.

When one faces adverse circumstances, when his fortunes hit, one thinks that that is his fate and concludes – “What can Mother do? It is my fate. You cannot surmount the fate that cannot be altered.” (what you think or plan never happens. What is destined for you, you cannot escape) with these words of solace Mother cajoles and comforts you. But if she wishes, one can defy the laws of fate and change the destiny. And there are instances of such changes. Therefore, I appeal to Mother to take care of me.

I don’t know whether I can mention it or not but that is the truth. There was a time when Mother’s closest associates insulted her, opposed her and abhored her. And the same people placed her in a Palanquin and carried her wading through knee deep slush (along with vedic chanting). Therefore, “foster us, nourish us, with a portective part of yourself, reform us, purify us ” is my prayer, my supplication to Mother.

(to be continued)

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