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Mannava Bucchiraju Sarma, Dr.Sista Shanta
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 22
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2023

(rendered into English by Dr. Sista Shanta)

(continued from the previous issue)

Song: 46

Love without boundaries” is the song I composed on 09-11-1968.

Love, sacrifice, compassion, commitment, penance (Tapas), worship, purity, holiness, grace – are the qualities to which Hyma is an embodiment.

In those days Nannagaru, Hyma and myself stayed together. Subba Rao and Ravi were studying in Appikatla. When I used to work in Kommuru, I used to go to Jillellamudi on Saturday and leave on Sunday.

Amma is universal Mother – SHE declared that SHE is the Mother of All beings, animate and inanimate. She dotes on, protects, comforts all of them. Mother is divine.

Hyma is like any one of us. Though born as a human being, she rose to the divine stature. The unconditional and unique love and affection one finds in Hyma is impossible to find in any one else. When I would leave for Kommuru, she would anxiously and impatiently wait for my return. Such purity of heart cannot be found even in the so called pure pearls.

Such a highly evolved person can never be found among human beings.

Hyma is an embodiment of affection and kindness. She shed her body on 05-04-1968. According to the Telugu Calendar the name of the year is Keelaka, month is chaitra, 7th day of first half of the moon. She moved away from the world of sorrow into a world where ther is no place for sorrow.

The pain and the vacuum which I experienced then, experience now and shall experience in future, that I could not see her before she passed away, will forever remain with me.

A few days after the event I came to Jillellamudi. Mother had tears in her eyes when she saw me. She said “go there and see dear”. I felt as if my heart was squeezed and wrong. “Mother! I can’t go. I will not go,” I said. It is not because I just could not even move (as if paralysed). This is the place where the little angel and I moved together. When I composed songs on Mother and hummed those songs she too used to join me in singing. Now everything is over. I have to see her today in this state is the pain I suffer from.

Song: 47

“You are the light in everyone’s heart, Hyma!”

Let us know where you have been hiding”

I wrote this song also on 9-11-1968.

In this song I described the wonderful qualities of Hyma. She is residing in everyone’s heart as a beloved sister, who is ever present as a personification of Truth. 

Once upon a time she moved around like an angel in flesh and blood. Where and how is she now?

She is the wish fulfilling tree (kalpavruksham) to those who take refuge in her. She is the bestower of the boom of “Advaita Siddhi”(Moksha or liberaion). She permanently resides in the temple – Hymalayam – receiving the worship of all her beloved devotees.

Hyma – Hymalayam – when we utter these words, there are a few importat facts that come to our mind. Hyma is ordained to be born for a specific purpose. She has taken birth with the particular motive of bringing about universal well being and Prosperity.

“I gave birth to Hyma,

“I brought her up,

“I only killed her,

“I bestowed divinity on her” said Mother.

The heart that is filled with compassion is the abode of God – has been proved by Mother.

Hyma is the incarnation of unconditional, pure love who blesses all without any expectation of any kind of reward or recompense.

When compared with our love for Hyma, Hyma’s love for us is million fold. Comparisons are odious. “How can we compare ourselves with Hyma?” – said Mother.

The relationships of the siblings, the bond of love – these have an abode in Hyma’s heart.

For sadhakas (who tread the spiritual path) Hyma is the ideal; she is the path and the destination. Because of these reasons at the time of the emergence of Hymalayam Mother said, “know that Hyma is the path. Therefore, chant her name ceaselessly. It will become the temple for those who perform penance.”

There is a Hindi Song ‘Sanjh Aur Savera’. I composed my song to this tune of this Hindi song. Hyma loved this time. When I sang this song Nannagaru heard me, with tears in his eyes he left that place.

Song: 48

“The song ‘your sacred feet’ was penned on 9-01-1970

“Moksha Sadhana Samagryam Bhaktireva Gareeyasi” – are the words of Shankaracharya. To attain Moksha, Bhakti or devotion is the most superior method. ” Mumukshutvam it self is moksham” is Mother’s definition. For all our actions there is an inexplicable extraordinary power that inspires the root and the cause. Despite our likes and dislikes we have to bow down to the ordinance and the way of that supreme power. We cannot reach those immense heights (to see the power). However intensely we search, we cannot find it. Therefore different people follow different methods to worship, to pray, to receive its grace. To fulfil their wishes, to achieve the four purushardhas (Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha) they perform Yagnas, Yagas and Kratus (different forms of fire worship offering oblations into the fire) as prescribed in the vedas.

The uniqueness of their power, glory and skill is – It makes us lead the life according to It’s will, but makes it appear and makes us think that everything is happening according to our wish. Perhaps we can in a way consider that power as the dictator or a tyrant.

But the wonder of wonders is that is incomparable, – unparalleled power has descended on its our accord on this earth as Mother. She declared that as Mother it is her dharma or duty to liberate everyone. That whole sweet motherly love is our Mother (of Jillellamudi). So let us take refuge at her feet. She showers us with love.

Why should I talk about different Gods and the gods of the other people? who is dear to Mother? The poor, the beggarly, the hungry, the agonised, the distressed and those that seek knowledge (Jnanis). Of these innumerable people Mother took care or right from her childhood, and protected.

Mother’s holy feet are the abode of compassion for the millions of humble and poor people. For the agonised they are asylums. For those who surrender they are rest houses. Such holy feet I shall always worship, sing their glory. I will never abandon them. My sole refuge is Mother; and that refuge is “Sri Rama Raksha”

(to be continued)

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