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Mannava Bucchiraju Sarma
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 18
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2019

(rendered into English by Dr. Sista Shanta)

(Continued from the previous issue)

Song – 21

My 21st Song composed on 12.09.1957 goes like this

“Won’t you come forward Mother

Don’t abandon me”

This is the burden of the song

In the mansion of my heart

While being worshiped at

Come to the elevated seat

Each step by gods

Come Mother Come wholeheartedly

 With gentle steps come slowly

Was my prayer.

Now I shall narrate about the inspiration and my experience that has prompted me to compose this Song. One day a group of people were making preparations to worship their mother. I don’t remember who those people were. Mother was coming out of her room to occupy the throne (Simhasanam). At that point of time I felt that Mother was the Supreme God, who gave birth to these gods. Immediately I penned this song. Sri Pannala Radha Krishna Sarma said “these are not ordinary people, but gods and great sages (Maharishis)”. “This is not a thatched hut but Vaikuntha of Narayana. This has been verily looked upon as Sreeman Narayana’s abode”.

When Hymalayam (temple of Hyma) was inaugurated, Sri Kondamudi Rama Krishna remarked “for mother, the gods also are children and children are gods too.” In fact we have revered Swami Poornanandaji Maharaj being a witness to the scene. And many of us are aware of this truth.

Song – 22

On 16.09.1957 I composed the song which begins thus

“You are the Mother Earth”

You are the Mother earth (Neeve Namma dharavu)

You are the Universal Mother (nevele viswambhara) Oh Mother! My Mother! (Oh Amma! Na Amma) is the burden of the song.

I addressed her as “Oh my Mother!”. Mother is mine and mine alone and nobody else’s. My very own. I am not the only one who feels this way. It is the feeling of everyone that comes into her fold. This is actually the devotion of Gopikas. When I say “Mother earth, Mother of the Universe, I don’t mean that Mother is the embodiment of just the earth. She is the Mother of the Planets Presiding deities of the – planets (Graharajulu). She is the very (basic) cause, the beginning of creation – the visible and invisible, animate as well as inanimate aspect of the Universe. This is my belief, the outcome of my very personal experience.

All the worlds have come into existence in your shadow (Nee needalona velisaayile jagaalu). In your footsteps the paths are formed (Nee jaadalone nilichi pathaalu). All religions have merged in you (Nee toduneedalone kalisaayile matalu). You are the Pole star – the meeting and merging point of all the religious paths (matambulu ekamau rahadarilo dhruvataarakaa). You are the Mother Earth.

This is the first verse

“All the worlds have come into existence in your shadow”. All the Fourteen Worlds, depend on Mother. Their very existence or being – the cause for the life, for the very survival is the presence of mother.

In her footsteps the paths are formed. From the beginning of creation, there have been many doctrines and faiths, all of which were in search of truth. The “Neti doctrine (Na iti), Karma theory, the Achala theory so many doctrines have come into existence. All rivers merge into the ocean. Similarly all doctrines merge in Mother’s Philosophy. They are safe under the protection of Mother. That is the reason why I said “The Worlds have come into existence in your shadow”.

Referring to the Fourth line that “You are the pole star the meeting and merging point of all the religious paths” – There are three important religions Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. The three colors in the National Flag represent these three religions- orange for Hinduism, White for Christianity and green for Islam.

Mother declared “What is agreeable to all is my religion” (Sarva Sammatame naa matam). She says she approves of and likes all customs. She is the Mother of all contradictions in different religions. Therefore she is able to clearly show the unique and distinct features of each religion. That is the specialty of Mother. For example “Mother of Universe means she herself is the Universe.” (Jaganmatha ante Jagatte). The “Not This’ ‘ doctrine (Neti Siddhantam) “Not This “”Not This” ultimately ends in the truth that everything is This (truth). This truth doctrine becomes intelligible at the end. Perhaps that is the reason why they started with “Not This”. She is the guiding Principle, the Pole star for all paths, all religions. She brings about a reconciliation among all the teachings of the Pontiffs of Dwaita (Madvacharya), Adwaita (Adi Shankaracharya) and Visistadwaita (Ramanujacharya). She is the embodiment of three powers. Not merely that.

Mother always speaks spontaneously and naturally. Usually when one wants to talk on any topic one has to prepare and organize one’s thoughts. But it is not so with Mother. Even if she were to be woken up suddenly in the middle of the night from deep sleep, what she would say would be the same as what comes as answers to the questions deliberately framed and asked by a group of people. What mother speaks in a playful way has the approval of the Vedas and they are the glorious truths.

The second verse of the Song :

“What is said, what is done and what is seen are all the same” (Cheppedi, chesedi, chosedi okate ani). The one who decides what is right and what is wrong (Tappanuchu, Oppa Uchu talachi taaneley ani). Are you the mother of the Universe who does what she says (cheppedi chesi choopincheti jagamula talliva?). The one who guides towards sankhya, Taraka and Amanaska (Saankhyamu, Tarakamu, Amanaska margdarshika). Sankhya- Ratiocination the name of a certain school of Philosophy – propounded by Rishi Kapila. Tarakam chanting of the Taraka mantram or Rama mantram. Amanaskam concentrating on the divine universality.

Mother’s words are always usually universally acceptable. Though they may be meant for a specific individual, they are in general (Sarvatrikanga) meant for everyone. They can be applied to any class of people as they transcend the boundaries of time and place. For example – once someone asked mother “on which end of the bed should the pillow be placed?” (dindu mancham meeda etuvaipu (e dikkuna) pettamantavu?). Mother replied “any end is alright dear (because) he is the protector” (E dikkuna ayina okkate nanna! Annitikee vaade dikku). In Telugu language the work “dikku” means direction – like East, West, North, South and also refuge or protector. Mother puns on the word “Dikku”. The words of Mother are like the Maha Mantram – Unparalleled. They are mother’s definitions, discourses, explanation, manner, method and style. She preaches only whatever She practices.

One important aspect/point- When I wrote this song, I did not know the definitions of the words “Sankhya, Tarakam and Amanaskam”. In course of time when I read Mother’s biography Matrusri Jeevita Mahodadhi lo Tarangalu (Page 218), I found that Mother in her 5th year defined those three words as “what is said (cheppedi), what is done (chesedi), what is to be seen (choosedi), what is said is sankhya, what is done is Tarakam and what is to be seen is Amanaskam”. When I came across this explanation given to grandfather Chidambara Rao Garu I was really surprised. Without even realizing, I used the right word in the right place, only because of Mother’s grace. I am not being egoistic, praising myself (swotkarsha). This is a touchstone for my writing, the ultimate for one who is not educated, who is not a scholar, who has no scientific knowledge, who is not aware of the scholarly jargon of the spiritual texts. I have my limitations and boundaries. It appears as though Mother held my hand and made me transcend all the limitations. She made me sing the song.

Sri Radha Krishna Sarma wrote “I am without devotion, without surrender, without any discipline and surprisingly I am writing their verse in your praise” (Bhakti Prapattirahitoahamashikshitaatma, kurve tavastavam aho!).

This statement can be easily applied to me, who has no scholarship, but an ignorant man.

(to be continued)


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