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Mannava Bucchiraju Sarma
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 18
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2019

(rendered into English by Dr. Sistla Shanta)

(Continued from the previous issue) 

“The story of Mother is the story of the Earth” is the 20th song composed on 20-7-1957.

“The story of Mother is the story of the Earth. Isn’t the Earth Anasuyamma ?

This is the burden of the song. I compared Mother’s endurance with that of the cow and the Earth. Mother is the embodiment of sacrifice. She is the essence of the Vedas manifesting in human form. “It is not that Mother cannot avoid but Mother does not see any faults’ ‘. With this feeling in heart, Mother took everyone into her fold without any discrimination; she made a nitch for them in her heart.

Oh Mother cow (gomata) who does not speak Though beaten black and blue Oh mother earth, who tolerates even though Kicked about or ploughed (making deep furrows)

I said. Astonished by Mother’s extraordinary state, Sri Chidambara Rao observed” Dear child! you can even play in a fire pit(furnace) you can live under the shadow of a serpent hood”. Promptly Mother retorted ” Grandfather!. Are you joking or are you predicting? Immediately grandfather bit his tongue and said” my dear I don’t possess the purity of speech to predict and joke with you.”

It is Mother’s nature to be patient. She never gets impatient or angry. She was tortured and tested in many ways by many people. But Mother never considered it as “pain”. “Pain is something that one suffers and not what others inflict on you” says Mother. Inshort innumerable people have troubled Mother either in distress or in haste unknowingly. I have to explain this aspect from a different angle. All have experienced the truth that Mother wishes will happen and she has the ability to achieve whatever she wishes. That is the reason why Mother was under great pressure. It is but human nature to ask for the boon of a life full of happiness without any hardships. “When will you get our daughter married? When will our son settle down in life?” “Please liberate me and make me one with you.” With these questions and requests people accost mother. What reply can she give? How can she reconcile herself with the situation? As a result she suffered immensely writhing in pain. She will not change what is ordained by destiny. Even when things did change (changed by her) she said that it is an integral part of destiny. There is a significant point to be noted here. When one examines and analyses the significance and the attributes of her incarnation, she has come here exclusively to be the Mother. She makes no discrimination as her people and others. She has no enemies or opponents. Even the so-called sinners are her own small babies. Everyone’s an image of hers.( Aatma vai putra namasi). If she has to bestow boons to whom does she grant them? Is it to those who have taken refuge in her or to those who ask her for boons? But then it will be contrary to the very principle of what Mother stands for. Those innumerable people who had the good fortune to be close to her each of them felt deeply that Mother took greater care of him/her than her own children (born to her). Each one believed that Mother showered all her love on him/her. “Mother is mine”.

On one occasion Mother said ” A child inspite of receiving a lot always fights with the Mother for more. And a mother keeps giving in spite of the child constantly fighting”. One small example to illustrate the infinite patience (an inherent quality of motherhood) of Mother. If one observes the scene of a mother cow feeding the baby calf the calf keeps thrusting its snout again – and again into the udder of the mother to draw more and more milk. Sometimes it draws out blood thinking that it is the last drop of milk. But the mother cow patiently allows its calf to suckle in spite of the excruciating pain she experiences. The calf will be frisking about with joy, but the mother experiences almost pangs of death.

An example to describe Mother’s patience which is so natural to her. One day Hyma, Prabhavati, Kishtaama, Reddy Subbayya, Mother, Nannagaru (Mother’ husband Sri Brahamandam Nageswara Rao) and I were sitting together. It was 4 p.m. There was a hall-like structure in front of Nanagaru’s house. It had no walls. Only on one side which was facing the road there was a piece of thach. Some of us sat on a bench in the hall and some sat on the floor. Nannagaru was lying down on a cot woven with a broad cotton tape( navaaru mancham), shaking his legs. And Mother was lying down on a mat beside the cot. Whenever Nannagaru was out of station Mother used to occupy that cot. That day Nannagaru was in a good mood. He asked mother “Anasuya! If I were to get a lottery of one lakh what would you like to have?” She said “personally what do I need? Nothing. But I need a pestle and a mortar to grind chutney for my children.” At that point of time a cot which was placed against the wall (with its legs towards the wall) fell suddenly on Mother and the edge of the cot hit Mother on her temple. The spot became black and blue. We tried to help her by sprinkling water etc. After sometime Mother got up. She was extremely calm (as if nothing had happened). There was no change of expression either during the time she was hit or afterwards when she got up. There was no sound of groaning or moaning. Actually the temple is particularly a vulnerable spot when one is hurt on the temple, one’s brain can be damaged or one can even lose one’s life.

“Oh! Mother Earth! with unparalleled patience” I said. If one were to be tortured, gradually increasing the degree and level of agony and pain by hurting with the fingernails at first and then with an alpin cutting the nerves… Pinching it is terrible. It won’t be gentle like the feather touch or like the soft touch of the petals of a jasmine flower. How much pain mother might have experienced when the cot fell on her, what agony she must have gone through, none of us who were present there could realise. Praising this unique quality I called it “Innate endurance” (Sahaja Sahanam), in my 18th song. Mother approved this expression.

When one states “Innate endurance” it means that she is born with the quality. It is not a virtue that is acquired by either listening to some discourses or wisdom gained because of external circumstances.

(to be continued)


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