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It happened one day

Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 1
Month : August
Issue Number : 3
Year : 1966

1-11-64. All remained silent. Mr. Krishnamurty broke the silence to continue what he was saying: “I taught this Girija Anjaneya mantra a few months ago and told her to chant it eleven times a day. She was doing as told. In recent days, she is getting unconscious when she does the japa. While in that state, she tells us, she gets a vision of Anjaneya. That state continues for three or four hours. After returning to normalcy, she tells us that Swamy appeared before her and takes her somewhere to play. However much they tried, they could not prevent her getting into that mood, nor her running away after getting up while still in the same mcod. Her father was anxious about her condition and brought her to Mother for help”. Krishnamurty still continued: “We made all human efforts to help her out of that fearful mood, but in vain. Anjaneya appears everytime the japa is done. Do you direct that this japa be conti nued? We are very anxious about her future. Kindly give us an indication about what is happening to her.”

Mother remained silent for some moments and did not speak. They looked at her eagerly. Mother said gently, “You say that the girl plays with Swamy, talks with him and spends quite a good time in his presence. If so, where is the need for these our interfering thoughts? We too try for what the girl achieved, don’t we? Then, why worry about what is happening to her?” The father did not say anything immediately, but after a few moments said “She says that you gave her darshan last night. She saw you wearing a black saree with an admixture of a green warp and a red border. This she told me in the morning and proposed that we go to you.

Yes. That was the kind of saree I wore last evening. But I do not know about my appearing in her dream.

“Though you do not know, You appeared alright!”

“(To the girl) Which course are you reading?”


The father repeated the story: “After the appearance of Anjaneya, she was losing her conscious ness. So he instructed her to do the japa not eleven times, but only three times. Even doing thus, she loses consciousness for three or four hours.”

Krishnamurty asked, “Shall we continue this practice?”

“Is it we, who did this practice?” asked Mother. He kept silent.

“You yourself said a minute ago that human effort had failed and that this matter has slipped out of our hands. You taught this japa to any number, didn’t you? In all those that are doing this anyone else get to a stage like this? They too wanted to do this mantram, but are not able to do it. You would have been doing this all these years to be sure? Did you achieve this stage? That girl cannot (now) give up that japa though she thinks of that. The inability to do it even if we want to, or to give it up if we would like to, is not in our hands. It is in the hands of a power beyond our meddling. That power itself would get things done for her. Why should we worry about it?

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