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Ch D Ravindranath
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 10
Month : June
Issue Number : 11
Year : 2010

Matrusri Anasuya Devi, popularly known as AMMA Jillelamudi-considered the entire creation as her own child, evolved a new way of life based on universal brotherhood and complete surrender to God. Mother’s philosophy does not discriminate between anyone on the basis of caste, creed, race, nationality, religion or sex. The magna- carta and mission of AMMA is to ensure that nobody remains hungry.

In a historic occasion of AMMA’s 50th birthday celebrations in the year 1973 about 2 lakh people were served food at a time in Jillellamudi a small village of southern coastline of Andhra Pradesh. According to her -Empathy for suffering is the hallmark of divinity. As long as you see divinity in others you become divine”.

AMMA- Jillellamudi was an archetypal feminine spirituality emphasizing the sanctity of the world and the omnipresence of the Divine, which she called Shakti or more simply Mother.In Her philosophy the concept of duality simply does not exist. There is no discrimination between good and bad-no discrimination of one religion from another. She treated everybody, everything,, animate or inanimate equally. Her entire life while in physical form is a testimony to the above assertion.

India is endowed with a treasure trove of priceless scriptures and is a land of ancient wisdom. This is where many sages observed and are observing penance only to show beacon of light to the suffering humanity. This is the land chosen by God-incarnates to stand as ideal and model human beings.

The descent of primordial energy as Matrusi Anasuya Devi (Jillellamudi AMMA) is unique in form and content.

Lord Sri Krishna while preaching Gnana Yoga to Arjun stated thus;

“Yada yadahi dharmasya glaanird bhavathi  bharatha!

Abhyuddhanamadarm asyatadaatmaanam srujamyaham;;” 

“Paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritam; 

Dharma samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge;”

“Whenever danger surmounts to Dharma (righteousness) and Adharma (unrighteousness) gets an upper hand, I will make my presence. For the protection of the pious and to punish the guilty, I will take birth in each yuga.” At this stage a question naturally arises is God created this whole universe and if he comes back again and again in the human form to punish the wicked and dishonest who then was responsible for in the first place for creation of the evil nature in human beings? If all noble and good deeds are associated with God, whose creation is the flip side of it? 

AMMA does not discriminate between good and bad. The concept of duality does not exist. Her preachings tend towards Advita (Non-dual philosophy) of Adi Sankaracharya – Sarvam Brahmam. She exhorted that the only “ONE” which has no beginning or end, the only ONE” which has become many., the only “ONE’ which transformed itself into this entire creation-can see no difference between itself and that is all around it and have nothing but love for its creation is GOD.

AMMA was born on March 29,1923 at 4.30A.M in 15N 54 and 80E 30. Birth Star Ashlesha.Balance of Mercury period at the time. birth 6y 5m 8d.

SUN 14-27

MARS 24-42



VEN 3-26 KETU 26-57

MOON 24-56



MOON 24-56


MERC 3-52 ASCDT 13-39

RAHU 26-57 SAT




JUP 25-18 24-44

God incarnates are above astrological norms and sometimes they may even defy them. However, a humble analysis is made. Ascendant aquarius received vargottama. Lord of the ascendant placed in a friend’s sign. 2nd lord from Arudha ascendant Venus placed in ascendant. Lords of angle and trine Sun and Mercury joined in the second house causing Raja Yoga. Jupiter’s  aspecting ascendant makes it clean. Lord of the tenth house Venus placed in ascendant and being aspected by Jupiter indicates Protection of Dharma and accomplishment of specific objective.

Amma was affectionately called as Anasuya in childhood. She seemed adept at going into Samadhi trance-state in early infancy, because her breath would often be suspended, once for a period of four days. At the same time She was fully conscious of her surroundings -for she narrated clear details of the incidents later.

Though AMMA ate nothing since childhood her body was plump and full of energy. She was always generous in feeding others-endured many scoldings of elders in Her childhood for giving away food to destitute, poor and stray animals. She would imbibe the essence of food hunger of fasting Yoginis at a distance. At the age of two and half years she came to the rescue of a destitute woman by selflessly giving a gold bracelet to her.

At the age of 26 AMMA was taken to an old female guru Desiraju Rajamma for formal mantra- initiation which is typical for Hindhu-Brahmins. Remarkable switching of roles happened at that time and AMMA through a masterful, Zen-like use of language and metaphor brought the old woman to tears. Rajamma joyfully acknowledged AMMA as the Divine Mother incarnate AMMA used to be very humble and maintained that she was not at all different from any one else, people coming to see her frequently experienced to their great delight visions of different aspects of God or the Goddess in her presence. She spontaneously demonstrated deep mystical states, bodies in the shape of archetypal mudras.

After AMMA left her body on June 12 1985 the mortal coil was placed in a temple named “Anasuya swaralayam” and this temple has become a center for continuous sacred activity, hosting various ceremonies, chanting of divine mantra at a distance, Jaya ho mata Sree Anasuya Rajarajeswari Sree Paratpari” round the clock round the year.. Her devotees clearly know that AMMA’s real nature, Divine Love has not gone anywhere but is always changelessly here in all Her glory and power. As AMMA herself has stated “Even without the body my work continues.”

For people hankering after wonders and paranormal happenings from incarnates-AMMA would say-The creation itself is the most awe inspiring miracle. What other miracles do you need? There is no miracle greater than love and goodwill for one and all. Granting of issues, curing of illness, saving from dangers and so on are the dramatic signs which most of us feel are necessary in order to recognise divinity. People associated with Jillellamudi narrate many such incidents which are no less than miracles. It is believed and experienced by many that AMMA’s grace flows to her spiritual children through food. When people used to appeal and pray to AMMA for deliverance from problems, AMMA used to ask them whether they had taken food in the Annapurna layam. If they replied that they had not taken food, AMMA used to coax them to partake at least a little as Prasadam. The food that is served in

Annapurnalayam is called prasadam. It is the experience of countless persons that the food taken as prasadam of AMMA in the Annapurnalayam, apart from giving nourishment for the body, is charged with spiritual blessings. There are innumerable instances of the prasadam in Annapurnalayam curing illness, bestowing prosperity and saving people from dangers. With a simple look She transformed Her numerous children into noble souls, cured chronic psychological problems, financial difficulties, physical diseases,, helped them come out of ego, vanity, despondency,pettiness etc.,

Also AMMA exhibited Her Supernatural Powers known as “Ashta Siddhis”many times. Brothers and Sisters who are associated with AMMA while she appeared in moral coil tell lots of such incidents. Following are the Ashta Siddhis:

AMMA performed Aksharabhyasam (Initiation to education) to this writer in the year 1966 on Vijayawada Dasami Day.

This writer while studying his graduation in Commerce in the year 1979 came to Jillellamudi to worship AMMA. She enquired about this writer’s studies. This writer replied that Accountancy has become a tough subject for him. AMMA advised to develop interest in the subject and further elucidated that it is a subject involving balancing game of receiver and giver involving Debit and Credit. Following AMMA’s advice this writer scored 98% marks and got university rank in graduation. He later flourished well in studies.

In the year 1975 some miscreants raided the Ashram with hopes of stealing something. AMMA attended to them lovingly and calmly and remarked with other disciples “They are also my children. I have docile children as well as naughty children. A child is never at fault in the mother;s eyes. Mother loves her children equally whether they are good or wicked:.

AMMA christened her abode as “House of all which provided restful accommodation to several permanent residents and visitors. This ashram complex at Jillellamudi is an open home for Amma’s all pervading universal family.

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