C G Westerlund
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 14
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2015

Embodiments of divine souls, Amma’s most beloved children!, I wish you a very very Merry Christmas and a ‘Happy New Year!’ How are you children! I am so happy to speak with you children. I physically miss you but Amma is mentally and spiritually with Her soul. She is always with you children. My dear children, my sweet children. I love you billions and billions and billions and billions of times. My dear sweet children, we had a beautiful program for Christmas here, during the last two days. So many people attended the Christmas festival here. So many children enjoyed and sang Christmas songs… so many songs and sweets and cakes were distributed. We remember all of you children. Peace is universal. Peace be to the East, Peace be to the North, Peace be to the South, Peace be above, below, Peace be to all. Creatures in this universe

My dear children, sit down with a composed mind. Plunge deep into the chamber of your heart: enter into the ocean of peace. Listen to the nada which is soundless. Children do not be dejected, you have got immeasurable peace, wealth and power within. There is a glorious future waiting for your children. Face all difficulties with a smile. Pain is the real eye-opener and real guide. Your Mother Divine is putting you through this severe test to make you more strong and powerful. Beloved children, try to understand the secret wealth. Never be despondent. Ever laugh, jump and play. Enjoy your Mother’s play and smile. Keep yourself in a positive state. Overcome negative thoughts by your deep meditation. Be bold, be cheerful always. A real seeker knows that Divine Mother does everything for his own good. The loss and suffering a man undergoes will produce vairagya-mental renunciation in him and turning his mind more and more towards Divine Mother will develop in him the power of endurance, patience and a sound will power. Pain, sufferings misfortunes and bad luck are all mental creations. In fact they do not exist at all.

Everything is done by the blessed Divine Mother only. Your beloved Mother. For your own good children. My dear sweet children try to meditate on this great Truth and realize the wonderful result bliss, peace. Singing Mother’s glory, the infinite bliss and supreme peace will be yours. Fix the mind on the lotus feet of Mother Divine. This is the very gist of yoga. Power, beauty, fame, prosperity, strength and fortune are manifestations of Mother Divine. If you have to pass a great ignorance you will attain more lasting bliss.

My dear sweet children, the Divine Mother demands only your whole heart. Absolute is the only Reality. Your sadhana is your real wealth. A true sadhaka attains success in all undertakings. Develop a good heart, memory and health with great care. Do at least one act of selfless service everyday. Behind all names, all forms is the one nameless, formless Brahman. Behind all lights is the one Light of Lights. Behind all the spiritual people is the Supreme Guru of Gurus Guru mandala rupini. Behind all these perishable things is the one imperishable Absolute that is, Mother Divine. Only Mother is Truth. Mother is Fullness. So meditate. Meditation is the key to the Realiziation of Mother.

In your sadhana, progress is the result. God Realization is the goal. Never waste your time children. Avoid useless company. Just as the rain exists in clouds, butter in milk and fragrance in flowers, so also this atma is hidden in all these names and in all forms. Just as sugarcane juice pervadas the sugarcane, so also Divine Mother pervades all objects. Paramashakti, that is peace, can be had only in Mother Divine. Meditation is the miracle by which Mother’s power energy flows into human veins. Meditation is the communion with Mother Divine. Share what you have with others. Reduce your wants. Never be attached to anything to anyone in this world. Never leave abhyasa. Abhyasa means spiritual practice. Life is very short. Time of death is uncertain. Apply yourself seriously to yogic sadhana.

All saints in the world are great inspirers. They spread Divine Mother’s glory. They sustain spiritual life in all. So my dear sweet children, saints are unifying forces. Saints live in Divine Mother. Saints do good to all. To seek the company of real saints serve the saints, children. Always live in eternal dharma. Life without Truth is death. The foundation of Truth is cosmic love. So cultivate cosmic love in your heart. For a sage, all is Mother Divine only. To him, good and bad are the same. A sage sees the Supreme Self in all. Sages have cosmic love. They have divine wisdom. So be like a sage. Know Mother Divine by your deep meditation. Experience Mother in your intuition. Always live in eternal dharma. Live peacefully, think truly, speak carefully, calmly, sweetly and truthfully. Live nobly, conduct yourself well. Live gloriously and divinely. Realize at least in this life. Divine Mother’s love is eternal. Human life is hollow. Love Divine Mother alone. Work for peace. Love creates peace. Devotion purifies your heart. Devotion and love can bring peace. So fill your life with love. No power is greater than your sadhana and your real devotion. Several books of all religions teach the same Truth. Shakti and Brahman are One.

Are you seeking Mother Divine children? Seek Mother in your own heart and attain immortality. Good conduct is one of the causes of happiness. What is the greatest ignorance children? Egoism is the greatest ignorance. What is the greatest wisdom? Egolessness is the greatest wisdom. Take more time to be alone with Mother Divine. Meditate more. You will be filled with the nectar. Have intense faith in Mother. First improve your inner life. You will see improvement in everything and everywhere. What is the greatest gift? Knowledge is the grestest gift. Knowledge without wisdom brings troubles and sorrows. In all gifts of the spiritual, knowledge is the greatest.

The world is Mother Nature. Service to humanity is the worship of Mother Divine. The beauty you see anywhere or in anything, is the beauty of Mother Divine in reality. Children, inquire, “Who I am?” Know the Self and be free. Nothing exists. Nothing belongs to me. I am neither mind nor body immortal atman I am. Children, seek, find, enter and rest in atman. The real practice of yoga makes one enter into the hearts of all beings. To behold the atman in all beings, and all beings in atman is real living. Truth is the only reality, that which is enduring, permanent and changeless. Oh children, go back to Mother Nature and not to science, and not to scientific reasoning. It is the greatest loss when a man cannot smile or laugh. Laughing is the best tonic to keep one healthy. The secret of success in life is time rightly used. Every moment is precious. Time lost is lost forever. Children kill all the memories of past experiences. March forward, look not back.

Pure silence is the voice of Mother Divine. To understand Mother Nature you must understand yourself first. Your problems are the world problems. To transform the world you must transform yourself first. Divine knowledge is not separate from virtue. My dear sweet children, see Mother in every living creature and within you. Feel her presence everywhere. You will experience immense bliss, strength and indescribable joy. There is no religion higher than Truth. There is no virtue higher than Truth. There is no dharma higher than Truth. All these things are in the Vedas, again and again mentioned. There is no treasure higher than Truth. Truth is Mother Divine. Mother is Truth. Where Truth exists non-violence also exists. Where there is perfect non-violence there is Truth also. Truth and non-violence are the two aspects of One Reality. Truth is yoga. Truth is duty. Truth is absolute Supreme Consciousness. Truth is the supreme refuge. Truth is divine mercy. Truth is endurance. Truth is self control. Truth is mental renunciation. Truth is dhyana (meditation). Truth is ahimsa (non-violence). Truth is nyaya (justice). All are forms of Truth.

Truth speaks inwardly without the noise of words. It is the language of Silence. Truth is the subtle voice of Mother Divine. Truth cannot be practiced by weak persons. It is the quality of behavior of strong persons only. Truth is the weapon of strong people. He who practices Truth must necessarily be humble. There is no greater tapas than the practice of Truth. There is no vow like the vow of speaking the truth. Practice ahinsa, develop cosmic love. Ahlmsa is another name for Truth. If you practice sincere sadhana, Mother will reveal Herself to you children. Get the golden key with which you can open the palace of eternity. Mother asks of her children, not their anything but only if there is love in her children’ hearts. Where love is, there Mother is. Self Realization is the crown of human achievements. Your are born to realize God.

Mother Divine is the home of love, truth, light bliss and wisdom. Do your duty well selflessly in your heart in your work you will find Mother Divine. Truth does not change. Truth is Realization, Truth is bliss. Truth is ananda. Bliss is the quest of life. Children, you are wisdom, immortal all-pervading like the sky. Oh my dear sweet children, why do you wander from here to there in search of Divine Mother? Mother is in your own heart. Do not make friendship with restless persons. Burn anger before anger burns you out. Have victory over the whole inner world. The mark of saintliness is equal vision. Time is more precious than money. So plant kindness in your heart. Gather the flowers of divine love in your heart. Devotion is better than dry intellectual knowledge. So your life is rich if you are simple and humble. Your heart must have a strong yearning for the vision of your Mother. This is essential on the spiritual path. Then Mother enters slowly and silently in all chakras through your sadana from the root chakra to sahasrara. –

There is no safe port than Divine Mother’s feet to cross the ocean of maya. Purity of heart is the main gateway to Mother. A jivanmukta? Liberated sage. He has cut all his bonds. He has destroyed his mind. He is in a state of mindlessness. He is absolutely free. He has identified with Absolute Consciousness. He has no

Mother of All identification with his limited body. He is free from egoism, lust, greed, anger selfishness, pride, likes, dislikes, acceleration and depression. He is balanced in pleasure and pain. He has equal vision. He has the supreme knowledge of Absolute Consciousness. He is a Brahmajnani. He is a Brahmavid or knower of the Supreme Brahman. He can clear all your doubts. You will feel extreme elevation and inspiration in a Brahmajnani’s presence. He radiates joy and peace everywhere. He may be absorbed in samadhi or he may work like an ordinary person in this world. Internally he has no mental attitude. He has the attitude that ‘I am a non enjoyer (abhokta)” This is because he has no egoism or individuality, so he is not bound to any karma. He is beyond qualities. He enjoys the sense objects offered by others like a child. He has omniscience. He beholds this world like one seen in dreams. The heart of a real yogi is the shrine of divine beauty.

My dear children, Amma expects ‘all of my children, all of my children, to be like the Brahmajnani’. Amma expects all of you to have these qualities, children. Billions and billions of hands of Mother are everywhere, open your eyes, children. Your eye of knowledge. Her eyes behold everything. Her hands protect all. Trust in Mother, babies. Take refuge in Mother’s sweet lap. You need not despair. You need not be afraid of anything in this world. Your Divine Mother’s love is your real power. Mother’s love is your real strength. Mother is your abundant divine energy. Mother’s love is the soul of all religions. Mother’s love creates new hopes in your life and awakens immortality.

There is no knowledge without devotion. Knowledge is the flower, knowledge is the fruit. Jnana is the fragrance of devotion. Without knowledge there can be no faith. Without faith there will be no attachment to Mother Divine. Without attachment to the Mother, bhakti cannot endure. So my dear children. Divine Mother is the Light. Mother is Eternal Life. Mother is Cosmic Love. Mother is only Truth. Mother alone is. (All else?) is false. This world is false -empty show. Love Mother with heart and soul. Mother is your best friend in the world. Mother is your own Self. Mother will cure you of all the long-standing diseases of birth and death. Mother is with form and without form. Mother is the manifest. She is the unmanifest. Mother is transcendent. Mother is the Cosmic Love.

So my dear sweet children, only Mother is the Supreme Being who is the root of all religions. Mother is the rock base, the goal of all beings. Mother is the end of all of your actions and movements Seek Mother. Realize Mother. Only then you will be perfect and free. Mother is Grace. Mother is Great.

Mother is subtle. Mother is boundless love. Mother is the ocean of mercy. Mother is limitless and endless. Mother does only good, with mercy for Her children. Mother exists. Nothing can exist without Mother. The whole world is within Mother. Mother is the Creator, Mother is the Director, and Mother is the Ruler of the whole Universe. Mother exists as the life of your life but you do not realize your Mother, babies, because you have closed the doors of your heart all these births. Not in one birth not in ten births, hundred births, thousand births, but billions and billions and billions and billions and billions of these births, sealed with the countless desires and cravings.

Open your hearts my children, my babies. You will soon enter into the kingdom of immortal bliss. Do not waste this human life. Stand not ashore watching the waves of worldliness and subside for the path of spiritual bliss. Within you is hidden Mother Divine. So, children, within you is the fountain of Divine Joy. Within you is the ocean of Divine Bliss. The entrance into the higher meditative life depends upon the Grace of Mother only. The higher meditative life demands tremendous humility, serenity and courage. In higher meditation the yogi withdraws himself completely and enters into the state of Consciousness. Above the mind and intellect, he is Consciousness, only a Pure Being.

Children, spiritual experience will come to you when you are ready but not before. So my dear babies my sweet children, meditate and radiate delight. There are no limitations here. There is no worry. There are no obstacles. There is no time or space in that holy silence, there is no fear. There are no doubts also. It is all eternal joy, eternal bliss, peace and boundless happiness. Samadhi is seeing things as a whole, as One. Swim in the ocean of spiritual awareness. Enjoy the stillness of God Consciousness. Plunge in the river of Eternal Life. Behold the Eternal Light of Divine Beauty.

Children, you yourself are Brahman. Brahman is immortal, wisdom, eternal beauty, infinite, cosmic consciousness and everlasting peace. The language of Brahman is Silence. So your nature is abiding peace. My dear children. Amma wishes a very very Happy Christmas to all of you this year and a happy New Year to all of you babies. I love you, my dear sweet children. Thousands and thousands and billions and billions of Amma’s love to all of Her little cute babies. With Courtesy ‘Viswajanani

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