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Kesavannayya (Sri Tangirala Kesava Sarma annayya garu)

M S Sarath Chandra Kumar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 9
Month : July
Issue Number : 12
Year : 2010

Kesavannayya expired on 4 June 2010 at 7.30 pm in a Nursing Home at Guntur. He never complained of his health problems and worked relentlessly for Amma’s organization. He is a role model for his qualities, efficiency and integrity. Very quick in grasping, willing to learn or improve skills (to be able to serve better). Vision, Planning and preparedness to do any job with no reservation, willingness to help one and all involved in serving Amma’s organization are the first flashes in mind when we think of Kesavannayya.

He was fearless; frank, in fact overly plain when necessary during the organizational meetings. He was not at all bothered about his position in the organization. Kesavannayya was a classic example for a ‘Committed member Vs Committee member.

Personally I benefited a lot due to my association with him for the past five years or so while offering my services to Amma’s organization. He has been my friend, philosopher and guide; treated me with love and respect.

Kesavannayya’s services to Amma’s organization are unforgettable. To quote some of his contributions in the Administrative front – Improvements in Office Administration Support in Communication by way of drafting, translation services, email correspondence, attempts for automation of Accounts (introducing TALLY package), introduction of Inventory Management, Internal auditing (Management Check) of Matrusri Vidya Parishat

Huge financial contributions (supported by his children) for Construction project of Annapoornalayam and Adaranalayam,

Involvement in Spiritual activities – Gayatri Yagam under the guidance of Amma, conceiving innovative programmes during Special functions (Samoohika CRADLE FUNCTION with mothers and young babies)

Involvement in Social Service activities such as AMMA PRASADA VITHARANA

Involvement in intellectual projects like Digitisation of Documents on Amma for Amma’s Archives and Research Foundation

Substantial contribution to Constitutional Amendments with a Vision 

Setting up TRUSTS – Sri Anasuya awara Trust, Jillellamudi 

‘to provide assistance in developing and maintaining various spiritual centers in Jillellamudi’ as one of the objectives; and

AMMA JANMASTHALA dhamma nidhi… “to focus on MANNAVA, the birth place of AMMA’…and popularize the same as a pilgrim center’…to undertake all the activities which are dear to Amma like feeding the hungry, clothing the needy, attending to old, sick, infirm and many more such noble works’.

And above all striving for Installations in Temples (Sri Chakram and Panchayatnama)

These are all only indicative of TOTAL INVOLVEMENT of Kesavannayya with Amma’s organization. its policies, programmes and progress 


Selfless work; serving Amma’s organization without bothering about Position; helping others involved in offering services.


His last desired installation of Sri Chakram at the lotus feet of Amma in Sri Anasuya swaralayam.

To shed apprehensions regarding Sri Chakram and install it will be the nicest gesture on our part. Probably this is what makes his soul rest in peace

May AMMA bless Kesavannayya’s soul to rest in peace

With my love and regards to Sri Kesavannayya who is no more

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