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Arkapuri diary
Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 1
Month : August
Issue Number : 1
Year : 1967


1st November 1964

Today a young man by name Khaleel visited Mother. He is accompanied by two students of the Agricultural College at Bapatla The students of the Agricultural College were visiting Mother’s for the first time. After prostrating before Mother’s feet Her flowers and fruits, they sat quiet for a while. and offering

“Come and sit nearer to me, child! Where do your parents stay?”-Mother addressed the more shy of the two students. Student: They stay at Jamshedpur.

Mother: Do you visit them on holidays?

S: As it is too far from here, I go there only during the summer vacation. I stay at Bapatla during short term of vacations.

M: Then be coming here. You need not feel shy to come to me, child.

S: Oh, I am not shy. Certainly I shall try to come here. But we have to study a lot during vacations! Even this visit materialised owing to the encouragement of Khaleel. He is a fortune teller. On our way to this place he told us that imme diately on our arrival here, you would ask him whether he is coming from Sri Anubhavananda of Bapatla. So you did ask him!

M: Did he forecast the results of your examinations this year?

S: No, Mother. You should tell us that!

M: I know nothing of the kind, child. He (Khaleel) is there; you can ask him. I do not know why he told you like that. For when he came here earlier, he told me that he would visit Anubhavananda and the Mataji on his way to this place. That’s why I asked him like that, not because I knew what was happening elsewhere!

M: (to Khaleel) You are still a child; you do not know much of this world. Do not feel otherwise when I tell you this before others. You have made fortune telling a means of earning your livelihood. You are also telling (everyone) that you are forecasting events owing to your faith in the Mother and that that was the reason of the accuracy of your forecast. But it is not such a good thing to do. There are several other ways of earning. It is something to be proud of that you have shoul dered the burden of your family so early in your life. But you do not realise how harmful it is to adopt this means of earning. Do not take to such things. Already you have damaged your health by practice of such methods as Pranayama. Be happy at your age, and don’t adopt such ways. Did you not tell me earlier that you would visit Anubhavananda on your next trip? That’s why I asked you like that. What do you gain by pretending to them that you are forecasting?

The young man sat with his head hanging low. Mother called him near her and affectionately touched his head and added, “Don’t feel for what I said. I do not like that you should tread such a course. Your faith (in me) might be great. But don’t use it for such purposes and belittle yourself before others thereby. If you don’t have my photo, you take this”. So saying she got one from the stall and gave it to him.



2nd January 1966

To day brother K. Gopalakrishna returned from Madras. He went there to see his cousin sister who was seriously ill. Today he brought a white sari and he was keeping it aside, without immedia tely offering it to Mother. Probably he hoped to elicit from Her words of fore knowledge’ of this offering. Mother kept silent and smiling. Finally he took out the sarı and proceeded to relate the ‘background’ of the offering

When his sister was running very high temperature, she was admitted into the General Hospital at Madras in a semiconscious state. After long and unsuccessful effort to cure her, the doctors declared that she cannot be cured. When every one was giving up all hopes of her survival, her mother prostrated before Mother’s photograph and prayed to her that her daughter should be saved. The very same night the patient saw Mother clearly. Mother approached her wearing the uniform of a doctor on duty and gave her some medicine to drink. Immediately the temperature fell and there was perspiration. She woke her attendants up and told them of her experience. The doctor came and examined her on hearing the strange news and found her to be perfectly all right! Everyone was surprised to hear about her experience. It was not the patient alone that saw Mother; a nurse and others in the ward also saw Mother on that night. They recounted to Gopalakrishna how they saw clearly, an elderly lady walking into the ward; she was wearing a big round of kumkum on her forehead. She walked straight to the bedo of this patient. Their description of that lady tallied perfectly with Mother’s features. There could be no mistake anywhere because all the doctors said that at that hour none of them had visited the patient. It was just an hour or so earlier that they had seen the patient and concluded that the case was hopeless.

 The mother of the patient had sent a sar and a blouse – piece to Mother in fulfilment of her promise.

Mother kept smiling silently as the whole incident was re counted to her in detail, and finally said in her characteristic way

 “She must have been a lady doctor who, being short, resem bled me and they must have mistaken her for me; that is all! Do not be deceived by believing all these tales which they concoct”.

“It might be the case with my sister; but how about the nurse and the other patients who have never seen you and who knew the other doctors too well to commit such a mistake on seing them?”

“I don’t believe such stories though!” Mother repeated.

(from the Arkapuri Diary)

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