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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 12
Month : October
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2012

Lonavala a picturesque monsoon resort fucked the Westem Ghats near the Pune Tounsts throng in the rainy season especially enjoy the scenic splendor this area terrain mountainous, fat hill tops, level greens, surrounding and the gullies intertaid running the hills down valleys. beauty the monsoon here that attracts the tourists, moments after brisk shower, copious the water flows down hills in small rivulets, creeks at some places mins waterfalls

This makes place much sought after during monsoons, pleasing greenery, mountain slopes and cascading rain water.

While working the Indian Express, Mumbai, was be deputed a three day out door management session which involves trekking, going the valleys and so on The session involved mix behavioral, psychological and management inputs all imparted mostly the out door scenario while trekking and strolling, with indoor sessions summing the same. could not attend this and kept on deferring giving some reason other, for almost year. Then was persuaded take in the year 1997, that too June, coinciding with the monsoon, it was paid for

I reached Pune along with few others attending this session Though I was much preoccupied with other important pressing domestic and other issues, I went there to fulfill the official requirement. To be little was inclined towards such a session at that point of time. Nonetheless, submitted to the same given little choice

The scenic environs were much pleasing to me; for a moment, setting aside the other preoccupations Every day, I took to the physical effort and trekking along with the others.

While externally, the session was going on; within I could find some mystic communication unfolding whenever I was in the open mountain spaces, the greens and the small ponds created by the catchments of the rain water. To be true, the feeling was like something revealing itself, passing another communiqué or opening a new dimension for the self, hitherto unknown

 First and foremost, while have been listening to session outside like anyone else, every outside spot was visited this has been span, appeared have some meaning to me. The experience was strange, of the ordinary difficult express words. Some attempt to make pass on the uncommon experience the larger fraternity conveys fulfill curious spiritual interest to benefit the seeker’s ardent quest.

The self realized a first person account that divine element its infinite presence over Granting this spiritual communion the infinite be wherever and whenever, once grace tunes the mind, the or bestows understanding such perception highly subtle and responds the inner sensibility when it is prone to receive same.

At one spot, was to a small pond along with others, with some mundane expatiation that bound be on all such sessions. Within, that pond is a repository of water, the particular scenario, capturing the rain water. That is the apparent visual reality. The inner truth that registered that the element water one the five elements imparting the sense of flow, sustaining the very life flow force. The rain drops but symbolic reflection grace, showering from  heaven.

Not merely so, though water seen as a single element, even gives vent other elements fire, air, earth and space tune with  nature’s need to give expression to the creation of all its vaned species, swiftly changing moods. Viewed so, the one element contains the other five elements and becomes a compendium all as per the cosmic need.

While visiting the open high mountainous spots. felt that the limitless space afforded by the sky is but an infinite opportunity for the expression of life and its myriad activity. Here again, the very sky is instrumental in causing rain, power through lightning. also acts as the carrier for sound, other various traits, imparts sense of touch allowing for the movement of air Further, the air currents the atmosphere vary causing different pressures or initiate varied processes that create, sustain, or even destroy life.

Thus all the five elements air, fire, water, earth and the sky appear to be separate only superficially But each element contains the other Each element gives expression to the other in tune with the time and the end felt. Granting this the five varied elements tend to be one in the essence in permutations and combinations responding to the need of the hour, or largely to the cosmic needs. 

To elaborate each element contains the and also the five, though not apparently seen the entire creation is but made of the five elements. They one yet Such understanding conveys the petty self in essence that The ONE has become singularity the source is the unity of cosmic process To capture this more effectively the very unity subsists the diversity this creation

Cosmic process again but the expression divine in its infinite presence, finding vent over pervading that exists. That the formless infinite reality finding expression in countless forms, the limitless expression names and forms, being elements

While pondering over all this, the mind recalled the legend of the Upanishad. that the guru commends his disciple to go in a different direction each day and see him each rambling instructed. bows the guru and submits that the trees one from the stones another day, gurgling brooks the other day and so on. 

After completing all the ramblings secluded forests, the pupil conveys that though he could learn from each source in surrounding sums end essence of all the ONE That being the infinite formless divinity but finding expression in myriad observance countless forms

Thus realizing that primarily the formless caused all the surrounding forms; the underlying timeless truth that the ‘ONE’ has become the many. The formless reality is bound and transient is appreciated or with a little intense effort, with grace so inclined, accessed through worshiping the form perceiving the essence of all the forms with an inner eye. spiritual pursuit this closer the awakening the within

This man appeared to the apparent spiritual ministry of AMMA, that short span. Further, I could also gather that AMMA’S grace, mother’s love and care are also verily boundless and reach the subject in any medium wherever offering him the much needed solace. Amma thus comforts the person troubled by the woes of life anywhere, any time through any medium. I could personally savor this shooting expression in that short span and have renewed the self, charged with energy, in those trying times at that moment to be overcome in the near future. 

The experience served with icing on cake Verily is but the touch mother’s When went back Mumbai, could see drops of water underneath my watch dial surprised me Simply because, ordinarily a proof watch permeate water, much water, its case formed to be water tight a certain level, depending upon the make

To recall again, is the very same automatic watch AMMA me when Bank and was given charge the Parishat Jillelamud As have already conveyed the earlier issues, that have lost three watches, different circumstances in and around AMMA’S presence. That being so, this watch to AMMA lasted nearly two decades, remaining though not functioning. This aspect another presentation for the moment aside

When thought about it deeply, mysterious water drops impossibly collected there, conveying to me AMMA bestowed HER this mode, renewing the life force, In way, is  to get the extant odds. The not verily transparent or understood the immediate

Another strange happening also took place I forgot black trouser in hotel staff  The hotel took care send that me through colleague who attended the course and remained there she shifted that which hosted us moved elsewhere. The hotel staff took the and spared no effort in locating her by different hotel  resorts and handed the black trouser to be passed on to me. This  is out of the ordinary. Firstly, the hotel stretchkins to  such an extent and secondly, It is able to locate her in a different hotel where staying. Lonavala has numerous hotels, being a tourist resort which is fully occupied in the peak tourist season.

After a few days of my return to Mumbai, she handed over the trousers to me, making a phone call. This connected me to AMMA’S signal of grace through water drops under the dial of a water proof watch. It was suggested to me often, in a similar experience earlier at Madurai also, that the color black symbolizes time and not to be construed as somber or inauspicious.

Thus the two communications through the rain drops under the watch dial and the retrieval of the black trouser, prompted me that AMMA has added to the time and propitiated the future. This is evidently prompted to me or strongly suggested inward, with the number of experiences I had with AMMA and HER connectivity to time, HER total control over time in all its moments, under all scenarios has been a first person experience not only to me but several.

To sum up, the Lonavala exposure bestowed on me the spiritual communion, as also worldly benefaction. To elaborate or clarify, oftentimes the divine experiences have far reaching significance and not necessarily confined to the time and place of occurrence.

This is so simply because. AMMA or the ALMIGHTY, the infinite being in its wider interest never acts in a restricted, specific manner or mode in conferring the experience. The reason being each such experience is but a clarion call from the boundless divinity, opening the window into its eternal presence. The subject does well, to cherish each such uncommon experience conferred on him and carry it forward in the lifetime to grasp its essence and reap the fullest benefit intended. Further the aspirant does well to look for or seek the formless while still sticking to the form or icon of the GOD.

In the evolving process, perceive AMMA as the limitless, infinite divinity and be subject to AMMA’S all pervasive and all permeating motherhood. The individual striving thus is quite likely to savor AMMA’S limitless love, HER touching, soothing care, and eventually nearing the infinite formless presence of divinity.

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