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A V R Subramanyam
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 19
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2020

In the modern cine world, the phrase ‘Love at first sight’ has gained much currency and is a phrase, though not a cliche, coined and encashed by almost all the movie – makers.

How can it happen so momentarily and spontaneously? Especially, the youth is under the misconception that infatuation is generally mistaken for love. Infact, it is pseudo-love. It starts with attraction, next admiration and finally ends in lust.

On the other hand, LOVE is not temporal but celestial, mighty and divine. The synonym for love is not sensual pleasure but sacrifice which confers immortality.

In the spiritual field, LOVE towards God, the ultimate reality, is termed as DEVOTION (BHAKTI). Dr. Pannala Radhakrishna Sarma an erudite scholar in mind, a true saint in personality, an ideal seeker in spiritual path-in a word is a pure and pious soul.

He hints at the ‘LOVE AT LAST SIGHT’. In his hymn, the ‘Ambica karavalamba Stotram’ invocating AMMA lent him HER rescuing hand, urging HER to grant him a boon, his ultimate wish. It is in Sanskrit. (‘Mat Prana Yana Samaye Paramadbhutam Te Divyam Swaroopam Ati Manusham Atyudaram’) – which means when he breathes his last, when his soul departs the terrestrial body, he craves for AMMA’s presence and longs to have a holy look at HER i.e. the darshan of HER which is benevolent, marvelous, blissful and divine.

That is the ‘Love at last sight’ anybody can earnestly and honestly aspire for; a noble and sincere prayer and a glorious appeal to the Divine Mother. Please note down the notation – Divine Mother. When Dr. Sreepada Gopalakrishna Murthy garu visited ‘The Mother of Pondicherry’, She told him that ‘The Divine Mother’ is in Jillellamudi.

In this connection let me refer to the state of Death as perceived by any individual before Death as professed by our DIVINE MOTHER. Amma said “Just before Death the body feels like floating. The energy that pervades the entire body shakes. A disturbance is felt as if a stone is thrown into still waters. It is invisible to the naked eye but perceptible to mind. Mind could comprehend it.

Infact, that which is destined is being experienced by the individual beforehand. When life lets out, it does so without any pain. Pain may be due to any disease but not letting life out. (For a sinner or a saint, conscious or unconscious, sane or insane, healthy or sick) During such a state nobody leaves the body without that (retrieval) knowledge.

During death the limited ‘I’ merges in the infinity. That state is inexplicable.

The proclamation of AMMA that ‘during death the limited ‘I’ merges in the infinity is observable in the words of P.B. Shelley.

“No more let life divide

What death can join together?”

His conviction is that Death is the gateway of salvation. Life separates the individual from the infinity and Death reunites them. 

To conclude, the phrase ‘Love at last sight’ discloses the supreme ultimate wish of any individual to be in communion with AMMA just before an ultimate absolute fullstop to the mortal flask.

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