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M S Sarath Chandra Kumar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 15
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2016

Matrusri Medical Center adopted Kondu Botla Palem village, 3 km away from Bapatla and has been conducting Medical Camps for the benefit of the poor and needy.

Since May 2015 till Sep 2016- except during Dec 2015-Camps were regularly conducted once a month on Second Sundays. 1133 patients were benefited. About 35% of the patients are Diabetic and suffer from Hypertension. Other patients have various health problems. Clinical tests, Consultation with the Doctor and Medicines given, where necessary to last till the next camp are free of cost.

The patients are from economically weaker sections, mostly laborers earning bread by hard labor. They are forced to travel long distances to Guntur, Ongole and so on to earn daily wages!.

A church from Kondubhatla Palem is the venue for the Medical camp. The Pastor Sri Nagabhushanam and his family are actively involved in assembling the patients and organizing the camp.

1133 patients had the benefit of medical services by M M C during the last 15 camps held. Ratio of patients is Female 757: Male 269: Children 107 It costs around Rs 10000/- per camp. Major expenditure is on Medicines. Ambulance service costs (Driver’ fee and Petrol) is not more than Rs 1000/-. The Team lead by Dr Inajakumari

(Papakkayya) including Paramedical professionals and staff render voluntary service.

Feedback from the patients is very encouraging. Patients from neighboring villages are availing services based on the impressions of the beneficiaries.

Clinical Tests are done to check BP and Sugar levels by paramedical staff and volunteers. Registration of patients is done well before the Ambulance reaches the venue and the prescriptions are preserved for analysis.

BP is checked again by the Doctor, when felt necessary, and advice is given. Where necessary, patients are advised to get further clinical tests done or contact specialist doctors. Possible professional help is rendered by way of referral services by the Doctor. Counseling is done with regard to Diet; avoiding smoking, chewing gutka, addiction to alcohol etc detrimental to health.

The venue is Church campus with the Pastor and his family living behind. The atmosphere is very pleasant. The patients attend the church in the morning and assemble for Medical camp after Lunch. Pastor has good rapport with villagers and takes a lot of interest in extending the medical benefit to the needy by making announcements from another Church too besides personal communication. All his members are actively involved in organizing the event – arranging furniture for Clinical tests, Consultation with Doctor, distribution of Medicines, registration of patients and so on and extend hospitality to the TEAM rendering service. The dedication of the family deserves all appreciation.

It is a very rewarding experience to be involved with this service activity.


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