Me and THOU

Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 18
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2019

For me thou art,

 I only seek THEE,

 For you I am in living form,

 Both of us though apart, 

Are verily but ONE in

 Essence and in the very subtle truth.

My beatific smile knowing this

 Inner reality merely reflects you.

But for the MOTHER this 

Creation exists in naught.

 THOU art the primordial MOTHER 

Of this creation; the ceaseless cosmic play.

YOU are but the primal mother

 Of which the primary self, ‘I’ is aware,

 Which this little self, Me followed

 In the time’s endless wake.

This entirety in its absolute gazed at me

 And deemed Me to be YOU, 

Or the trace of your seamless self,

 Beholding THEE in my gleaming pupil, 

As the omnipresent glowing, beaming timeless ONE,

 THAT includes my little self within THEE 

As they both exist together in the true core of ONENESS.

This is the inner quest. Deeper reflection of Brother Raju as

 he reaches the end of his brief sojourn on this earth.

Primarily that is in the very beginning Brother Raju beholds AMMA. He tends to believe that for him AMMA is there and very much exists. Consequently, he only seeks AMMA ever longing and worshiping HER form and presence. He is inclined to accept that for AMMA he is but the living form before. As he moves ahead, that both AMMA and he though seen apart in form are but ONE in the intrinsic truth. As AMMA is the summation of all ‘I’s, that is all first-person singulars and an amalgam of all these, virtually all beings and the entire existence.

By this fact or subsisting truth AMMA is within all these little selves of the human beings as AMMA declared, “I am nothing but all of you”. (Meeru Kanidi Edi Nalo Ledu). To elaborate this subtlety AMMA is the mega being, the universal self includes, connotes and contains all the species, the living order and the universe in its entirety.

Knowing this metaphysical truth, or the intrinsic reality causes the beatific smile on Raju, the knowing wise response which again reflects and relates to the mega, infinite self of AMMA. When this realization dawns on him Brother Raju proceeds to elaborate this state further for our benefit; to convey this to the countless loving children of AMMA in this lyric.

Raju infers that but for the MOTHER creation does not exist. In such a scenario creation is but nothingness sans AMMA. When AMMA emanates, this creation follows from HER. After AMMA this creation, the living order in its countless forms emanates, subsists and thrives. When this process continues in the endless wake of time, Brother Raju too has come into being.

When this understanding is caused, Brother Raju believes that this entirety, absolute (sarvam) is verily contained in AMMA in HER infinite, timeless self that is ceaseless and exists ever.

He proceeds further in this philosophical vein and for a moment, pausing to view the absolute that contains all and includes all, deems his little self too as but part of the seamless, timeless, infinite self. Thus, merely relating or drawing the time bound self of Raju and the universal self of AMMA together viewing that they contain each other though in a subtle, inner mode.

Granting such perception or vision, the knowing understanding, aware eyes of Raju, his pupils are glowing with such inner light of awareness. For a moment in such an exalted state of the awareness or consciousness the little self of Raju connotes the absolute, timeless self of AMMA culminating in a singular equation of unity. That being the singular, unique, infinite, seamless state of ONENESS in its core that has become the MANY. Such a state is conceptualized as “I am but YOU” (Twamevaham) in the sacred texts of the past.

When all the persons, first, second and the third usually seen and dealt with in this temporal word cease to be meaningful merging in the absolute totality of ONENESS. That being the timeless ceaseless truth. The true subsisting reality of this creation, the unceasing cosmic play as perceived by Brother Raju.

(This song is written by Brother Raju after AMMA’S consecration on the 15th June 1985. This reveals Brother Raju as the intense seeker and his acute deeper quest from within and longing towards the timeless self of AMMA in its essence and in its true meaning.

Even so, this song, despite its profound content, could not be included in the original work ‘Anubhava Saram’ of Brother Raju, the compilation of his numerous lyrics on AMMA for chronological reasons.

This Song No.71, ‘Naaku Nuvvu Nuvvu’, was later included in the work ‘LO CHOOPU’ authored by Brothers Ravuri Prasad and AVR Subramaniam and thus passed on to us.)

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