Rajupalepu Ramachandra Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 7
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2008
  1. Mother is the golden bridge the wonderful fire the ‘aum’
  2. Do not question the details of the material existence of Her body; they are in themselves of no interest and must not attract our attention. Throughout her life she had been what the Mother wanted her to be and is doing what SHE wanted her to do. That alone matters.
  3. ‘X’ had pursued Mantra Upasanas, Pujas, Aradhanas, elaborate, complicated and strenuous practices for years together and even served several great souls. When questioned about what came of them. He said “Here it is. It has brought me to the feet of Mother”. This must be his profound impression. (The ‘X’ referred to is R.Ramachandra Rao garu himself. He was a disciple of Sri Mohanananda and served several Yogis like Lakshmi Kantananda Yogi. Kothalanka Yogi, Kurumaddali Pichamma Avadhuta etc…….Editor)
  4. To forget the momentous significance of the opportunity offered to us; to breathe in the physical atmosphere of Mother and bask in the sunshine of her smile is an irreparable loss. One should be conscious every minute of the rare fortune offered, of living at this moment, the like of which comes hardly once in several thousands. of years in the history of the Earth. One should experience and know that Mother is not simply a spiritual personality, a saint; neither a Yogin that has arrived at the summits of spiritual realization She is not even an avatar (incarnation) of traditional conception; a Power or part of the Divine in human form. She is a conscious embodiment of the whole Divine (Paripoorna), a living Murthi in whom are present the personalities of the Adya Sakthi.
  5. Times without number, one feels and gets an inkling into the working of Mother’s Love, Force and Grace in his inner and outer life. What is done in one’s life by Mother’s force in a month, day or even a minute, would have taken for him at least ten years of rigorous and exclusive Sadhana to achieve.
  6. This is the hour of God. There have been similar junctures in the long course of Evolution of Earth, but with differences – They too were critical moments when sudden transitions were affected from one stage to another by special manifestations that emanated for the purpose. Present, however, is the most fateful. It is the most plenary and direct manifestation of the Divine conscious force, on a scale hitherto unknown. She is in response to the supreme Divine to the call of the Earth. She is the most complete embodiment of the Divine Grace manifested so far in the history of creation. She has come with all the higher power and knowledge, spiritual and occult, with all the dominating force and conquering love that alone could lift up nature and reclaim man for God.
  7. We believe she has succeeded in bringing down to Earth an altogether new dynamics of the creative Godhead, the saving force supramental to establish this Truth-power in the Earth consciousness thus creating the possibility of a New Life of Divine fulfillment for every man and woman. This transition from the human. to the Divine status in Evolution is affected. Her mission is now gloriously being fulfilled.
  8. The manifestation of the supramental upon Earth is no more a promise but a living fact and a reality. It is at work here and a day will come when the most blind, the most unconscious – even the most unwilling shall be obliged to recognize it.
  9. The moment you think of Mother, the moment you repeat her fond name, you open the flood-gates. Some confess they have devotion to Mother but would not go further in accepting her Divinity.. They will realize it one day. She is the cosmic pillar in which the entire Universe is rooted, upheld and possessed.
  10. All nature dumbly calls to her alone, to be healed at her feet the aching throbs of life.
  11. Mother is ensouled by Grace of the Divine and is a wonder herself. Once you are open to her, she puts a great deal into you.
  12. Mother is more than a miracle. The divine conscious force has chosen a human form and personality. One need not know or even accept the humanized Divine form of Mother. Still, if one is deeply and sincerely pining for Divine Mother, he is sure to get the response; and this is easier today than ever before. One’s devotion and faith increases in depth and sincerity by a mere repetition of the name, for, the Mother is a living symbol of the Supreme Sakthi.
  13. Under suitable and privileged conditions, even the physical eye can see the flood of light enveloping above and over her head and all over the body, which is different from the aura, snow-white in color, which emanates from her person.

14 Believe me that the faith and devotion in some are not ideal and complete. Still the very name of Mother has done them a lot. “I have only one thought and that is Mother” should be the motto and then every week day, hour, nay every moment opens fresh vistas.

  1. The Mother’s presence is constant, though one may not be constantly aware of it. Certainly the thought of Mother’s presence is a great strength or it may be that her presence makes itself felt in the mind as thought, a vivid sense or feeling and force in the other parts of the being.
  2. The source of strength in me is a presence quite distinct from the outer personality and that is the Mother who at the same time in her individual being and in the very physical body harbors the Divine souls and cosmic Godheads; incorporates the cosmic consciousness, carries with her the supreme Eternal Divine and allows to flow from her, the peace that passeth all understanding, the power that builds the cosmos, the light that is the source of all knowledge and the soul of all things and the ‘Ananda’ that is the ‘Rasa’ the very existence of all existences.
  3. The whole body must be made up of the ‘heart’ and become the heart itself. Then alone, she can fill the body with her presence constantly; every atom, every cell of the body is intended to become her abode. With her Divine solicitude, which acts best when the being surrenders, with her blessings for the transformation which becomes easy when one offers his heart (the vital part) at the altar of the Mother, the human creative in one feels constantly and frequently is aware of the grip, her conscious guidance and her transmuting love in silence.
  4. Grace from Mother flows like light from the sun. We pray to God for the removal of moral imperfections and certain troubles. The spirit of surrender is ‘Thy shall be done’. But we are not praying to impersonal Divine, nor to personal Divine, who is God of justice. We appeal to one, to whose influence we are open (through faith) and who embodies love and grace and therefore response comes.
  5. The way is not long and tedious. Since one learns to feel the presence, the accompanying light of Mother’s Grace manifests. Here no anxiety or fear of failure is possible. What is wanted is strength of will. That (strength of will) she alone can give.
  6. The Grace of Mother and the influence of her blessings always brings along something essentially of herself which is hard for the dullest to resist. One must hold his tongue in trembling reverence before Mother and try to see the work of her supreme grace in silence.
  7. Mother is merciful and always gracious. Adequate thanksgiving is possible when one grows into her vaster existence and larger life and allows himself to be worked upon by her will and no one can escape from her influence even otherwise. 
  8. Surely love is the one name that nearly expresses that essential Truth of her force and protecting power. She chooses, accepts or rejects, not for any human reasons, but of her own which is free and far above human considerations.
  9. She has an impersonal existence in the back-ground, but she is a person and personal in her works, in her relations with us and her relatives in the exercise of her love for linking us all with her. in order that we may manifest in life and thought, something of that love, that light of her grace, of herself in us, of herself in others and even beyond the world of her creation.
  10. This, our life, is not new but the line is thoroughly new. This love we speak of, is not human emotion towards Divine. It is an independent universal power of the Divine Mother, which seeks for embodiment in us on Earth.
  11. Therefore, may we all be awakened to thy (Mother’s) all encompassing love, the love that enlightens our knowing, the love that vivifies our living to possess the be possessed by the glorious riches of thy boundless energy, cast in the cosmic mold of mind, life and matter. The love that concretizes in our own fragile frame of feeling, thinking and living matter the pure, perfect and subtle – strength and substance of thy ineffable presence; the love that founds in us the intense raptures of the delight of existence, measured in thy measureless extension, marked in thy eternal. duration and consummated as a point (Bindu) in the long line of Thy truth and a perfected position of Thyself.

Each heart should then be made the temple for the Mother. 

Sweet in the heart let speech scream ‘Mother’ 

‘ Even may the crown carry her foot stool high

 In joy shall we bow with body, word and heart. 

Transcendent Supreme adorn and adore 

Mother of Three Worlds.

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