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Mother Answers Her Children

Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 1
Month : October
Issue Number : 5
Year : 1966

(These are translations from the conversations of Mother with her children, recorded by Chy. Balatripura Sundari. -Editor)

ONE day someone among visitors asked Mother whether she had a gradual development of her spiritual power into the Perfection which She now is or whether she manifested herself in all Perfection even at her birth.

Mother replied: “I am the same now as what I was in my childhood, There is no change in me. That is what I have to tell you; people may write what they feel. They feel that someone is great only when those whom they consi der great speak highly of Her. One’s mind is one’s measuring rod. One can undertsand (me) only according to the favcurite deity and calls me that… There are several inches in a yard but there are ΠΟ yards in an  inch.!”

D: What do you think is the uniqueness that so many have perceived in you?

M: That which I do not know, but what they know. How does a sweet dish know its own sweetness? It is known only to those who eat it… It is their faith. It is undefinable. There ar are answers to verbal questions but there are none to the mind. For everything Mind is most important. It is God; it is Wisdom: it is Ignorance.

D; What is Sadhana?

M- In my view only that which yields itself to your effort is practicable (Sadhya). Everyone only fulfils the one task for which he comes. That which does not allow one to refrain from doing even if he wants to, and does not permit him to do whatever he wants to is Nirnaya

D: Mother, do you remember all of us?

M: The question of remembra. nce will be there only when there is forgetful ness.

D: But how is it possible to remember us many visitors? among so

M: The shepherd knows the sheep individually. He even remembers the price for which he purchased each one of the flock. When a shepherd remem bers his sheep, does not the mother that gave birth remember her children?

D: You say that You are not lettered but how logically do you speak?

M: I don’t understand that word. Tell me in Telugu.

D: It is Tarka, Mother.

M: Tarka is what goes On every moment. It is cutting

D: Mother!our burden is yours.

M: When all burden is cast on me how is it your burden?

Some one loudly recited a verse from a Sanskrit classic in keeping with the context

M: You could recite the verse; but that state(which is descri bed in the verse) is not attained.

D: Is there a slip even here?

M: Everything is slippery.This is a slippery path.

D; Do you know the future?

M: If Eternity is known, there nothing like Future.

D: Then do those who are listening to you have Future?

M: Yes, you have it. But the one who is taking with you does not have Someone might say that he will predict your future. If he speaks with real Knowledge, there is nothing like Future to be predicted !

D: Yet one who can foretell might predict it!

M: (Coolly) Yes, he may.

D: Do you mean that Future cannot be predicted at all?

M: Yes. The one who knows Eternity does not reco gnise anything as Future and therefore does not predict. If Eternity is not known. Future cannot be completely known and so cannot be predicted with any certainity.

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