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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 10
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2011

Oh! Mother bless us, 

We are ever mindful of THEE,

 Mother, Anasuya YOU are but

 The last refuge, we look for

 Being the frail, lesser mortals

 That we tend to be on this earth.

Thou avert the hazards which

 Loom in our lives always;

 Enable us cross the vortex 

Of life beset with many swirling

 Currently those are likely to drown us.

Thy celestial lotus feet always

 Dwelling in our hearts, ever

 In our wakeful worldly oblivion,

 Oh! AMMA, bless us graciously.

THY divine descent meant to

 Convey eternal glory and spirit;

 Shall bestow the timeless truth

 On us, the countless unknowing 

Mortals, as we are.

Oh! THY deep introspective

 Seamless all pervasive self 

Belongs to one and all equally,

 That becomes the everlasting bounty of all.

THY auspicious, well meaning gaze,

 Shall fill our lowly human hearts, 

For today, tomorrow, even ever

 After fulfilling our lives allowing

Within the self, not a little void. 

To look for and gracing 

Our little beings without want

 Oh! AMMA, Mother Anasuya,

 Bless us ever and always.


The supreme cosmic force for some known or even unknown reasons takes a human form. At times such manifestation assumes a complete divine being in all its glory, conveying its unmistakable traces, signals and symptoms to the humans and the entire existence. Though the apparent forms of such divine entity shall vary to suit the given time and circumstance.

Here such complete divine manifestation appeared as the ever loving and all loving MOTHER, and proclaimed as such by HER openly. This being so, some of the conventionalists and those wedded to tradition, regard AMMA as the very incarnation of goddess RAJA RAJESWARI, Her Imperial Majesty, verily reigning over the galaxy of the divine order or being at the apex of the traditional Hindu pantheon much highly revered in the orient.

It is observed that manifest MOTHERHOOD or the MOTHER GOD is befitting our times of privation, suffering as also general laxity of ethical norms everywhere. Granting this scenario of the times, only the mother shall be tolerant and forgiving. Yet, lead their lives both in the temporal and spiritual domains. Eventually redeem the beings in both ways.

We lesser mortals easily submit to such a divine mother as is our human nature to adore, conform and obey the mother. Likewise, in respect of the divine mother, we are ever mindful of HER presence. We always think of HER that SHE ever lingers in our thoughts at all times in all states of our being. We believe that AMMA is the only refuge for all of us at all times through thick and thin of life.

Further, human life is ever beset with many unseen dangers. This passing bubble of life has to wade through many turbulent waters and swirling whirlpools that are hazardous, quite likely making us drown. We may have to weather through many storms and tempest in life’s course, which AMMA shall avert and lead or shepherd us to safety till the very end. We have little recourse otherwise, frail and vulnerable humans that we are.

We strive to find shelter in AMMA’S celestial feet with our hearts ever lingering on the same. We crave to dwell on THY gracious feet obsessed as we are with many mundane concerns, lowly desires to the point of getting lost in this worldly oblivion.

We try to understand that YOUR divine descent as the very mother of all of us is only to grace us with your divine compassion. In the process make us understand the ever prevailing godliness and its timeless glory. MOTHER, we beseech you alone to bestow on us this understanding of the godly essence, that is eternal, the lesser unknowing mortals that we are.

While we behold THY resplendent, glorious human form, we tend to understand the innate glory and power that rules all, overwhelms every one and subjugates this very existence or the entire cosmos. Such is YOUR intrinsic, seamless self that is all inclusive of the whole creation.

While being boundless, THY self kindly hovers on all of us, fulfilling us with its limitless bounty. Thus such a mega limitless, timeless, boundless form of YOURS makes us believe it belongs to all equally, with its largesse that is beyond measure.

THY kind, compassionate gaze, with its overflowing mercy. looks into our lowly human hearts with little refrain. THY sight shall visit us for today, tomorrow, ever after for all times in our lives enriching them. This again makes our lives meaningful, purposive, seeking the freedom from all bondage of every kind.

While such is our lot, YOUR look and grace shall always loom over us and cover every facet of our existence, uplifting us in totality. Thus such overwhelming grace of YOURS fulfills us petty mortals that we are, in every conceivable aspect. Thereby giving little room even for the slightest void in such blessed lives in YOUR advent and presence as the DIVINE MOTHER; redeeming us from our mortal cycle of repetitious births and deaths.

(Adapted from the song “Deevinchumamma Mammu” by Brother Mannava Butchiraju Sarma in his book “Anubhava Saram”)

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