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Indhumuki Ramakrishna Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 13
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2014

Almost all devoted children of Amma believe that knowledge of the past, present and future is a simple matter for Amma.

When someone asked her about her stand on this aspect she replied, “What is so strange about it dear! For me it is as if I am looking simultaneously into three separate rooms from high above and all the activities in each room are clearly visible.” Another devotee asked Amma, if he were walking on Mount Road at Madras chanting her name how does she feel? “It is as if you are walking right in front of me” was the prompt reply. Possibly this could be the reason that many of us have the conviction that she has absolute control over the three aspects of time viz past, present and future.

Mr Majeti Ramakrishna Anjaneyulu henceforth referred to as Ramakrishna obtained a gold medal in B.A in Sanskrit from Matrusri Oriental College, Jillellamudi in the year 1992. As a resident student he rendered sincere service to the institution with utmost devotion to Amma. Presently he is working as the Assistant Registrar in Sri Venkateswara Vedic University at Tirupati and continues to play a significant role in the activities of Vishwajanani Parishat. He attributes his success both in his career as well as his personal life to the grace of Amma.

Ramakrishna had his first child, a daughter and the couple was very happy. When his wife conceived for the second time he consulted the astrologer, Sri Sistla Vara Prasad who incidentally is also a resident of Jillellamudi. Sri Prasad has deep knowledge of Astrology and has seldom gone wrong in his predictions. Sri Prasad with great confidence predicted that Ramakrishna will have a girl child this time also. Ramakrishna was disappointed, as he desperately wanted a male child for the continuation of the progeny. He took refuge at the holy feet of Amma and prayed to her intensely to grant his wish. As if Amma answered his prayers, he was blessed with a healthy boy and the family was jubilant. After a few months when Ramakrishna met Sri Prasad, even before Ramakrishna said something. Prasad himself said “I was sure that my prediction would come true, but it didn’t. Where could I have gone wrong? I was shattered by my failure. I wept bitterly. After a few days Amma appeared in my dream and said “Nana don’t feel sad, your knowledge is sound and you were not wrong in your prediction. It is I who changed the girl to be a boy for Ramakrishna’s sake” and disappeared. is named Ravichandra. 

Once Ramakrishna and his family visited Ongole to attend a marriage, his son Ravichandra who was less than three years old went out along with another boy, unnoticed by the parents and did not return for a long time. The boy who took him along lost track of Ravichandra and was not even aware of the fact. The parents and friends frantically searched in vain for Ravichandra for more than four to five hours. With all hope lost Ramakrishna frantically prayed to Amma. Since it was she who granted him the son the onus of restoring his son to rest with her. As if an answer to his prayer, the boy suddenly appeared accompanied by a small girl aged around seven years. The girl enquired whether the boy was theirs and on getting an affirmative response left the boy with them. It is interesting to note that neither Ramakrishna nor the relatives ever saw the girl before. It baffled everyone about the fact that the girl brought the boy exactly to the correct address. Ravichandra being himself very small could not have directed the girl to this house. It is really uncanny that the girl brought the boy to the right address. Even before they could come out of their stupor, the girl vanished. Ramakrishna firmly believes that the girl was none other than Amma.

In the year 1989 I visited Jillellamudi, when I went to Anasuyeswaralayam, Smt Tirumallamma an old ardent devotee of Amma who was performing Abhishekam got up immediately, approached me and asked me how many months pregnant my wife Lakshmi is. I replied that she was five months pregnant. She exclaimed “Ramakrishna! Isn’t it a fact that Amma knows everything about everyone! Just now as my mind wandered off during the Abhishekam I wondered about Lakshmi’s pregnancy and how many months advanced she is. I casually looked at Amma’s idol, to my surprise I found Amma indicating number five with her open palm.” When I heard the words of Tirumalamma garu I was thrilled and amazed too. (It may appear strange that a person performing Abhishekam should get up from the seat of worship and talk to visitors but in Jillellamudi, love and affection take priority over the rigid formal worship.)

During the years 1999 – 2001, I was working with Hindustan Zinc Limited and was posted at Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. Around March 2001, my wife Lakshmi had a dream in which Amma was making some calculations on a piece of paper and said “this is what he (that is myself) will get” and uttered the word VRS. Next morning Lakshmi told me about her dream. The matter was surprising, for ours was a profit making Public Sector Company and the concept of VRS is unknown to us. So I did not take the dream seriously. I thought that Amma gave Lakshmi darshan in her dream. Around September 2001, most unexpectedly, the Central Government took a decision to disinvest and as a part of it, it directed our company to announce VRS though ours was a profit making company. It was unbelievable that Amma’s appearance and utterances in my wife’s dream have become a reality. Taking a cue from her words VRS I too applied for the same, my interest being coming back to the South to visit Jillellamudi more often. However I was not granted VRS when I applied for it for the first time. I was disappointed as my name was not included even in the second list, I was sure that Amma’s words cannot go wrong. For several weeks I was in a dejected mood. This time Amma appeared in my dream and said “don’t worry Dear, you will get it and will come back.” I was elated but nothing happened for long. Later, I came to know that certain senior officers raised an objection for allowing a hardworking executive who has still more than twelve years of service to leave the organization. But I did not give up hope and went on praying to Amma. Suddenly one evening I received a telephone call from the PA to the Chairman, informing me that only a few minutes ago my file was cleared for granting VRS and orders will be faxed the next day. Needless to say that I came back to the South with due compensation shortly thereafter.

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