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Indhumuki Ramakrishna Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 13
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2014

Those who had frequently visited Jillellamudi would have noticed many a time AMMA gazing into the void totally detached from the surroundings. None had the courage to disturb HER. When I used to see AMMA in such a pensive mood, I used to wonder as to what was going on in HER mind. Is she thinking about the future of individuals or organizations? Is she visualizing the happenings of her beloved children (devotees) at that moment and steering them out of their difficulties? Is SHE planning something for Jillellamudi? With the experience that I am now sharing with you, I can confidently say that SHE did plan things years ahead which was beyond our cognizance.

During the year 1979 a sub-committee to look after the daily routines and also the development of Hymalayam was formed (named as Hymalayam Sub-Committee) and I came to know that my name was included as a member of the Committee. Immediately I rushed to AMMA and pleaded that my caliber is not adequate to hold such post and I may please be exempted. Waving off SHE said, “I ONLY suggested your name and be in it Nanna.” I had no option and continued to participate in a humble manner. During those days AMMA used to mention that the existing Plaster of Paris Image of HYMA in the Hymalayam will be replaced with a marble idol in course of time. Taking cue of it, brother James (who was also a committee member) took the initiative to call a professional photographer from Guntur to take photos of Hyma’s idol – each and every part from all angles based on which a marble idol can be carved out. These photos were handed over to me so that it can be used at an appropriate time. Meanwhile I had contacted a few friends at Udaipur and collected the quotation for making the idol in marble. Somehow the proceedings came to a grinding halt at this stage and the stalemate continued till the year 2000 which made me to forget about this project and also the photos. Towards the end of 1999 our Organization (Sri ViswaJanani Parishat shortly called as SVJP) revisited this pending work and asked me to look into the matter. In fact I had no clue as to who are the proper sculptors who can bring out the best idol of Hyma. I was only hoping that AMMA herself will guide me.

Around the same time, ie., in the year 1999, I was transferred to Rajasthan (Chittorgarh) and as part of my duties I had to deal with many contractors. I framed my personal policy NOT to entertain any of these contractors outside the office especially at my residence and was strictly following the practice.

On a Sunday evening one of the transport contractors, Mr. K.D.Sharma of Shrinath Transport Jaipur, called me and wanted to visit my house. As usual I resisted but he went on pleading that he came all the way from Jaipur to give me the wedding card and invite me to the function. He also added that he will not take more than five minutes and leave immediately. I could no longer be rude and extend a hearty welcome on his arrival. After handing over the invitation card he casually looked at a large photo of AMMA in the drawing room and enquired as to who she is and was eager to know all about her. I have given all the details about AMMA and her Divine qualities, simplicity, compassion and equanimity. Apart from narrating various experiences with AMMA, I emphasized on her Motherhood with a special focus on her mission to feed everyone who visited Jillellamudi and her total intolerance to see anybody being hungry. I handed him a photo of AMMA with Prasadam which he received with great reverence. Meanwhile I asked my wife to prepare some snacks to be offered to this guest. Hot Upma and steaming South Indian filter coffee (both were rare in that part of the country) were offered to him, which he relished. Just before leaving he said “Sir, You told me so many things about AMMA and her Divine qualities etc. I do not know about all those things. You said that AMMA cannot see anybody being hungry is very true. I left Jaipur at 8 in the morning with just a cup of tea and till now I was going around so hectic that I had no time at all to eat anything anywhere. I am very hungry but since you are strict I made up my mind, even before my visit, not to have any refreshments in your house. But looking at the snacks you offered I felt that it is AMMA’s prasadam and my resolution vanished. “(I had to tell him that it is in fact AMMA’s Prasadam as whatever eatables are prepared in our house are offered first to AMMA as Nivedana). After a week he called me on the phone to inform me that he kept AMMA’s photo in his Pooja room and he is wearing AMMA’s kum-kum prasadam daily. He also added that he too had some experiences in this last one week and he is fully convinced that AMMA is Divine. I was happy to hear that.

Almost after a month, there was a pressure from SVJP that Hyma’s idol work should be accorded top priority and I can no longer take it easy. I know that Jaipur is the right place where all the activities related to marble and marble idols take place but whom to approach was my dilemma. Then I suddenly remembered Mr Sharma from Jaipur and contacted him. He was too happy to be associated and he had taken me to a good number of sculptors continuously for two days, himself keeping away from all his business activities. We found that making idols of Durga, Ganesha, Krishna and Rama are not that difficult compared to carving a person’s image. There were very few who mastered this art. Ultimately we zeroed on one Mr. Ramesh Vajpayee of Sooraj Moorti Bhandar. In order to confirm his ability of making idols of live personalities my friend has taken me to a Lakshminarayan Mandir, where the Donor’s (a very rich businessman who constructed the temple) idol was made. We were satisfied when the idol was compared to the actual photograph and the degree of perfection was established. The quote was collected from this sculptor and to my dismay the figure was EXACTLY the same i.e. Rs. 1,20,000/- as the first quotation obtained in 1979. Isn’t it unbelievable!

The work started and in spite of his expertise the sculptor had a very tough time to make Hyma’s idol and he struggled to achieve the perfection. He even called his Guru from a very distant place to guide him to get perfect shape of head and hair style of Hyma. Unfortunately during the process, a black spot was observed in the marble stone and being true to his commitment, the sculptor discarded the entire block of stone and rushed to Makrana to replace with the fresh stone. Brother Sri. R.V. Seshagiri Rao from Vetapalem (popularly known as Vetapalem Seshu) helped us by sending the clothes of Hyma (blouse, lehenga and chunni) worn by Her, which were very helpful to get correct dimensions.

Meanwhile, on a holiday I was rearranging all my belongings, scrutinizing each and everything, keeping aside useful, discarding unnecessary etc., when I came across a white envelope. Opening it, I found the photos of Hyma’s idol (plaster of paris) which James got in the year 1979 (mentioned in the earlier paragraphs). Till that moment I completely forgot about these photos and their purpose. I immediately rushed to Jaipur with these photos and placed in the hands of the sculptor who exclaimed “Oh brother this is exactly what I wanted” (Are Bhai ye he to mujhe chahiye tha!). Since then there was no looking back and a beautiful Hyma’s idol had taken shape. Ramesh Vajpayee is a devotee of Lord Krishna and while working on the idol, he was continuously chanting Lord Krishna’s name. As if he had already come into AMMA’s fold, he used to invite whoever came from Jillellamudi to his house and offer food, served through his lady members of the family. This I am mentioning specially because in Rajasthan ladies of the family do not appear before outsiders.

After completion of the work, Ramesh Vajypayee confided in me that ever since he took up the work of Hyma’s idol his business increased and after he had replaced the bad quality marble stone (appearance of black portion as mentioned above) he received many export orders and his revenue had gone up. Did AMMA compensate Ramesh for the loss he had incurred by purchasing the marble blocks once again? (80% cost of the idol is marble stone only) Yes – I can say with confidence.

The beautiful idol of Hyma was completed by March 2002 and I had come back from Rajasthan as if my role was over. Hyma’s marble idol was installed on 24th April 2002 as per Vedic norms in a grand manner. I am ever Grateful to AMMA for providing me with a little opportunity to serve HER. I hope the readers will agree with me that AMMA planned the

place, persons to coordinate, sculptor, cost, time frame everything much in advance beyond our imagination.

Here comes the HIGHLIGHT. In the year 1998 AMMA appeared in the dream of my cousin brother Dr. V.T. Vikramaditya said in Telugu “HYMA MALLI VASTHUNDI NANNA” (Hyma will come once again dear). Next morning he called me on the phone and wanted to know what exactly this meant. Unable to connect with the existing situation and predict the future I simply drew blank.

Only after all the above events unfolded, we could comprehend the Divine Plan of AMMA to bless all devotee children with the new idol of Hyma.

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