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My Experiences with Amma

Mannava Hanumantha Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 14
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2015

I have been reading articles written by devotees of Amma for many years, previously in Matrusri and now in Mother of All magazines. They are narrating their experiences as to how Amma’s grace was on them. Now I too want to share my experiences with the readers the grace of amma on me.

I am the third son of Sri Mannava Ramabrahmam the paternal uncle of Amma. My father was having special affection towards our cousin sister Anasuya, who is later known as Jillellamudi Amma, the Mother of All. So, I can say that I know her even from my childhood as our cousin. Then also She was very good and kind towards all. After completion of my college studies in 1955, we began to hear about her divine powers and love for all creatures. Great saints of those days have declared her as an incarnation of Rajarajeswari, the mother of universe. I got my job in 1956. My father told me before joining the job to see Amma at Jillellamudi and our aunt Narasamma at Appikatla, who was not doing well. Narasamma was also the grand-mother of Kondamudi Ramakrishna. So, I first went to Appikatla and after enquiring about her health, I went to Jillellamudi along with Ravi, the second son of Amma, who was then studying in the school at Appikatla. We went by walk through fields and reached Jillellamudi by sunset and some more people also came there. Then Amma was residing in a thatched house. That night She herself prepared and served food for all of us. Thus, She gave her darshan for me along with others that night. Around 10 pm She went into samadhi for about an hour. At that time, no flowers were there nor agarbathis were lit but a fragrant smell spread over all the area. Such smell comes only from divine bodies. That itself is a proof of her divineness. She came out of samadhi after one hour and we slept there for that night.

The next morning we were given coffee by Amma. We sat in a gathering and others who came there began to express their grievances and problems in their lives to Amma. With soothing and loving words, She allayed their fears and doubts. Though She spoke with love, the logic in Her conversation was amazing and revealed truths of life in a clear way. I was rather awe-struck and afraid of speaking anything. For instance, one of the persons there said that by God’s grace he could come to the other side of the stream near the village, by walk in the flowing water crossing it then She said rather in lighter vein “my dear, you feel that God’s grace is on you because you came to this side safely but even if you were washed away in the stream, then also it means that God’s grace is on you equally. God is all-merciful and showers his grace on all equally always. By saying that She wants to teach us that we should not run into risk, with a belief that God will come to our rescue always, but we should take our own precautions in doing things. Shortly after the meeting, we took leave of Amma and left for our places. This was my first experience with Amma.

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