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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 20
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2021

My heart the stringed instrument shall sing,

THY tale of glory in the time that fled, as also now.

 AMMA, you are the beacon of my path,

 The lodestar that gives the direction,

 Verily the atom of this universe, as also

 The multiple display, varied universe it creates.

AMMA, THY Word in my heart shall focus,

 The path of light for this little self, THY

 Words such as this are verily explicit and simple.

 Shall depict THY glorious mission, ministry.

The crescent moon emitting its cool white light,

 YOUR glorious tale ever bright and peerless,

 In tandem with countless resplendent Suns, 

Shall be sung never ceasing in the endless time.

The roar of the tempestuous ocean, the mighty

Voice of the stormy winds, the bright, furious

Flame of the rousing fires, that arose and verily,

Subdued, easily overcome in your strides of glory.

AMMA, you decreed this totality is but Brahman, 

So is the soul within too is the very Brahman, 

The all pervasive consciousness is Brahman equally, 

Such all prevailing, BRAHMAN is verily but THOU, AMMA.

In presenting the peerless AMMA to HER countless loving devotee children, Brother Raju beseeches AMMA that his heart shall be the stringed instrument to sing AMMA’S glory in all its melody very humbly and in utter humility. The first few lyrics penned by Brother Raju run in this tenor and genre. He endearingly pleads AMMA’S glory shall be sung of the days bygone, moments as of now, and across the endless wake of time as long this earth endures and the creation subsists.

Brother Raju submits meekly that the AMMA’S word in his heart shall unravel the path of light for him; thereby implying even for the whole mankind. The inherent longing is that AMMA’S precepts shall cause a blazing trail for all mankind unfolding a glorious way ahead for times to come, for all the generations that come up. Further, the simplicity, equally the clarity, brevity not in any manner diluting the profundity of all the wisdom contained in all the varied multiple faiths. Such of HER words and says shall reveal AMMA’S mission and ministry on this earth.

Brother Raju proceeds to elaborate the uncommon traits of AMMA’S message and sayings. They are conveyed tersely in very few, limited words, without a syllable extra which baffled all the contemporary scholars and pundits. They found abundant, limitless wisdom of the past equally so of the present in the same aphorisms of brief and well chiseled in words.

To the seeking minds, aware longing for the truth timeless, such words are like the cool crescent moon emitting its mild, soothing light. And in the realms of wisdom, they are like the radiance of the countless Suns which light all the worlds and dispel darkness always. The sayings, precepts and the words of AMMA shall cause bright, radiant light, while their sound and glory shall echo ever in praying AMMA always and ever.

In such an uncommon, yet radiant path, which was never trod before, there were many struggles for AMMA. Sometimes, there were hardships, difficult even harmful ways that had to be countered. On one occasion AMMA was locked up in the tobacco barn of unbearable temperature which AMMA survived without any harm. There were even life risks posed to AMMA that were overcome with ease.

Having witnessed such situations, Brother Raju elaborates AMMA’S savvy in overcoming such impediments in the way defiantly with the least concern or care over such exposures. It is like being tossed on the stormy oceans and rising above the fury of the tempestuous seas not heeding the daunting deafening roar of the raging hurricanes and the howling winds.

Brother Raju continues in this vein. AMMA’S effulgence, aura and form are in tandem with the glowing light of multiple, countless Suns which illuminate the numerous worlds causing life giving warmth. AMMA’S sayings, aphorisms, precepts shall last forever, to be cherished by one and all inviting their well meaning auspices.

AMMA very succinctly summed up the wisdom of the ancients and scriptures of yore in a very brief, capsule form. For instance, the Chandogya Upanishat conveys ‘THAT THOU ART’ meaning that the self of the being is but the truth timeless, the Athman, rather verily the BRAHMAN. To be perceived in the ultimate realization, the awareness by the individual seeker.

AMMA very clearly exposed, rather expounded the concept of BRAHMAN. “BRAHMAN IS SANS ILLUSION”. (“Bhranthi Lenide Brahmam”). AMMA clarified very simply that all that exists is BRAHMAN. It is all inclusive without any exception, all that is within and without. In such context, the very soul within, the innate unraveled consciousness of the being too is but BRAHMAN doubtless. The issue is that of awareness and perception by the individual.

Here again AMMA rescued us the ignorant beings assuring us, ensuring us all that the “MOTHER REDEEMS ONE AND ALL” (Talli Ante Tarimpa Chesedi”). Added solace for all mankind, the entire existence, “POSITIVE BLISS AWAITS ONE AND ALL” though after a varying time lag. The comforting soothing say of AMMA, “For all the end is positive”. (“Andariki Sugathe” – AMMA)

(Adapted from the Song No. 4 “Naa Hrudaya Veena Alapana” Page No. 5 by Brother Mannava Butchi Raju Sarma from his work ‘ANUBHAVA SARAM’. Also acknowledge the work ‘LO CHOOPU’ by Brothers, A. V.R.Subrahmanyam and Ravuri Prasad).

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