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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Viswajanani
Language : English
Volume Number : 13
Month : October
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2013

To portray Nannagaru as a person during the days of his physical form, simple, mild mannered, gentle, affable towards one and all, verily soft spoken. Little did he know of his distinction, always accessible to us and mingling with all of us freely without any airs; with an unassuming nature that disarmed everyone around him. His disposition has always been likable summoning others ever closer to him at all times.

Nannagaru is quite close and well known to all the denizens of the tiny village Jillellamudi, he being the village revenue head, with the small post office of the village within his sway, though run by the person often referred to as Post Gopal. Nannagaru always had close bonds with the villagers. Their toils, ills, and hardships were his continued concern every day.

To the people thronging to AMMA, deemed as the children by AMMA, and rushing to receive HER grace, Nannagaru is equally unforgettable and adorable. Every one endearingly addressed him as Nannagaru, regarding him as one’s own father. He always had a kind word and an affectionate concern towards all the devotee children of AMMA. Among this fraternity some deemed Nannagaru as the veritable divine entity, chosen by AMMA as her own prop (adharam) for her divine descent.

The underlying feeling is if he were to be the very base for the divine manifestation of AMMA, he too could be divine and cannot be viewed as mere mortal or hardly apart from being divine. Quite a few of the devotees deemed him as such and offered their obeisance.

Some even bowed to Nannagaru, or revered him equally, or even before AMMA, reason being AMMA worshiped Nannagaru before receiving any worship from HER devotee children on all formal occasions. AMMA’S day commenced with offering oblations to the (mangalsutras), the sacred anointed thread binding AMMA with Nannagaru in the wedlock. AMMA even pronounced unequivocally that for HER present divine manifestation, Nannagaru is the very source, support and prop.

With such an exalted legacy and impeccable credentials, Nannagaru has always been simple and self – effacing. His dress and tastes were simple. Several times he used to join us to partake in the ordinary fare served to all in the ‘HOUSE OF ALL’ himself sitting along with all of us without any exclusion. Being a lover of Khadi, was ever clad in brown or light brown khadi without any ostentation throughout his lifetime.

Thus he lived up to his commitment to the freedom movement and its related aspects. An admirer of the freedom fighters took to Gandhi and Nehru family whom he loved deeply. Even when contrary forces were rising he always vouched for the Congress Party earnestly empathizing with their woes and declining public esteem. His stance on any matter or aspect of life was straight and forthright. Guile and craft were alien to his


Nannagaru very much loved  sports and games; followed cricket too avidly. He took keen interest in the dramatic and performing arts. He played ball badminton, table tennis, and caroms. He loved to watch others play these games. Most evenings Nannagaru’s presence was there in the play courts either playing or keenly watching with interest, encouraging others.

With the devotee children of AMMA, he had cordial bonds, kindly enquiring about their well being, their families, and caring for them. Once in a while he used to caution us about coming in the late nights traveling alone and all. He was also counseling the individuals not to be unmindful of their duties while being involved with Jillellamudi.

These are all the generic aspects of Nannagaru as a person in the ‘HOUSE OF ALL’ amidst us as felt in our mutual coexistence. To me he has been ever closer and more like my own father figure, as my natural father left this world much early. While being at Bapatla, he entered the Bank House first and later on I moved in shifting from Brother Brahmandam Ravi’s house, where I stayed in the initial days at Bapatla. Later on in the early phase of my residence at Jillellamudi, I used to sleep beside his cot on the terrace lobby using a simple floor mat, almost till the last phase when Nannagaru entered the sanctum.

Although everyone deemed that Nannagaru’s person is divine and some thought could be divine, this aspect never found overt expression in clearer terms during the days of his physical being. The persons coming to Jillellamudi rushed to AMMA to receive HER grace and blessing. Nannagaru has been a mere facilitator allowing all of us free access to AMMA. He personally either reflecting AMMA’S glory or mutely sharing it or exulting in subdued participation in all the rituals taking place around AMMA. This aspect of Nannagaru speaks of his magnanimity and merits every one’s respect, attention and approbation.

Yet on the 17th February 1981, his physical exit put us all in sorrow and much more so for AMMA, for whom it is the veritable void. The inmates of the ‘HOUSE OF ALL’ grieved for the loss of Nannagaru, as also the resultant anguish of AMMA from a human perspective. AMMA assuaged all these feelings and more than filled this void by placing Nannagaru on the pedestal of eternity.

Everyone was surprised or even startled when AMMA pronounced that he shall be consecrated in the sanctum sanctorum on the right side of the pit created for this purpose. After conducting all the formalities of consecration, AMMA personally led all the subsequent rituals and proceedings. This dismayed and baffled every one. Even so, AMMA’S move made the presence of Nannagaru divine and eternal leaving little room for doubt.

To recall the early pilgrims of Jillellamudi were served and cared for from the meager resources of Nannagaru. He bore the brunt of feeding, playing host to such multitudes from his sparse resources. This continued for more than a decade or so, till the arrangements were systematized and institutionalized. This calls for extraordinary magnanimity and generosity.

True to this fact, the wherewithal for the regular feeding in Anna poornalayam is received on the 17h February, every year when DHANYA BHISHEKAM is being performed. Although this is a subsequent function evolved later on, this is ever growing in importance, involving increasing numbers and wider participation that grows every year. Such is the grace, the munificent blessing of Nannagaru after his consecration. This is plausibly one singular reflection of his divinity, though not widely cognized earlier. Now this vibrancy echoes from the sanctum and causes mystic impact.

Although personally, I was close to him, moving with him, could not ever perceive this divine aspect. This I could realize when I bestowed the vision of Nannagaru, in the early 1983, prior to AMMA’S DIAMOND JUBILEE at Vinjamur, when I went there to handle some farm matters of Nannagaru at that place. I was bestowed the vision of his astral form in radiant, resplendent glory. After this I was graced with a cool shade that followed all my movements in Vinjamur while the mid noon sun was scorching. This sudden change in the ambience when I was exasperated with the summer heat simply awed me.

To elaborate this mystic aspect, had numerous visions of Nannagaru very frequently, in which he also gave me the necessary counsel. This humble self received his well- boding ministry many  times.

To cite yet another instance, in one of my nocturnal travels over the bus, I was apprehensive of a snake at one point. Soon after reaching Jillellamudi, in the sanctum Nannagaru put me in absolute comfort, allaying all apprehensions of any such kind. Much more so he bestowed me all round protection at another point of time from the sanctum when I placed a simple flower at the entry of the sanctum, ridding me of all apprehensions from the species.

Despite the numerous experiences bestowed on me by Nannagaru graciously, the experience of October 2011, struck me deeply to the core. As usual, in all my visits to Jillellamudi, bowed to Nannagaru at the sanctum, I could visibly see him in physical form with eyes red, swollen and moist, coming towards me from the temple threshold. This alerted me if not startled me. Intuitively for some astrological prophecies earlier conveyed to me, on a subtler plane, within the self the foreboding was imminent for me. This vision of Nannagaru only added to it.

With the spiritual strength bestowed on me, contained all this went about the routine in the usual manner with little variance. I have fallen sick in the immediate future with fever and other complaints. In sleep times, having varied experiences of the birth cycle and other visions. All these processes of life looked dreamlike and passing not to be given undue importance. Though I got better within a few days, my condition has not much improved and the imminent end seems to loom large.

Having little choice, accepting the given order ordained lot in abject surrender started or proceeding to Hyderabad in the night. As I was about to leave in the auto rickshaw from Jillellamudi, I felt as if Nannagaru’s presence had been lingering around for the time being. I almost perceived his form at the MMC corner and started on my Hyderabad trip. At this point of time, in the late hours of the night, Nannagaru’s form loomed large visibly and was granted his presence along with me. Although my ailments continued, it was as though the imminent end was being deferred. This experience continued as regards the postponement of my mortal exit.

Because of the physical suffering, abetted by lessening patience, or touching the limits of forbearance, was constantly getting into my deeper and deeper self inviting the light of the Athman. At this point of time, in the subsequent couple of months HYMA (Alaya Hyma) suddenly loomed before me in our house at Hyderabad, comfortingly assured me, conveying with intense love and affection that I shall restrain and go through their grace for better days. HYMA deeply persuaded me to endure with forbearance and everything will come to a pass giving room for normalcy.

In this phase of vacillation, a couple of months passed, the minor ailments slowly overcame. After this meaningful couple of months, AMMA suggested strongly to be at rest or sleep at the indicated spot. Accordingly I obeyed and fell asleep in response.

Then during the sleep, I was going through the dream where I was walking with AMMA on the rear terrace as was the practice in the past before June 1985. In all such strolls, AMMA used to take my hand for support seemingly. Contrary to this in the dream I was a little apart from AMMA, could be five or six feet. In this stroll, I reached the edge of the terrace that has no parapet wall and was about to fall back as if some invisible force was dragging from beyond or pulling me down strongly from the terrace behind me. With this I was almost bent backwards at a sixty degrees angle, about to fall down backwards from the terrace.

AMMA standing at the close distance of a few paces looked intensely or intently with her gaze fixed on me directly. With the intensity of her sight on me, I was gently pulled forward making me stand erect on my two feet averting the perilous, mortal fall. AMMA looking at all this did not rush towards me but loudly uttered the words … Pranayam Kadaa, Nanna” …  To put AMMA’S words in English “Isn’t it a life danger (life threat)?” This revelation of AMMA woke me up from the deep slumber in which AMMA placed me for this revelation.

In this process of renewal, revival, or Nannagaru shepherded me in the beginning and was led through the critical process which was resurgence for me personally. The point of significance is that while everyone is exposed to AMMA’S divinity and has experiences, one shall look to Nannagaru too. Greater and more telling fact is that Nannagaru is also having his vigil over us to rescue us from time to time.

During the past several years, I could personally feel and receive his grace that put me through difficult straits in absolute ease. Nannagaru is the very embodiment of Lord Eswara, verily well regarded as ‘Bhaktha Sulabha’, the god who is pleased at the slightest devotion and a little gesture of worship.

Thus the Jillellamudi is a pilgrim center adorned by three deities AMMA, HYMA and NANNAGARU who always bestow their benediction on all those who rush here as per the need and the moment that is opportune for the individual as also the deity. In fact, the devotee here deemed the darling child of AMMA is thrice blessed. Nannagaru is the beginning for such gracious blessings.

It is for us the children, to submit and surrender here at the earliest moment to receive such a magnificent benediction.

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