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New Road In Philosophy

M Lingeswara Rao
Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 1
Month : July
Issue Number : 2
Year : 1966

Ever since the dawn of civilization and man’s struggle to realize the Supreme, count- less personalities of various climes entered the world’s stage and played their role to enrich the human wisdom to approach the gates of Heaven. Each great luminary propoun- ded a powerful theory which re- actedon the mass mind, groping to reach the ultimate goal of life. Each writer of scripture: left behind him rich legacy to up-lift the values of spiritua- lism. The never-ending flow of this stream is going on and on but shrouded in ignorance the man is unaware of this divine stream. The medieval sages and exponents of pilosophy preached the divine truths in scholarly terms which is beyond the comprehension of common folk. With the advent of foreign rule our ancestra! heritages were neglected and treated as obsolete. The influence of materialistic culture fascinated the masses resulting in our spiritual foundations gradually crumbling. Now and then. a prominent figure appeared on the spiritual horizon and faded away just reminding us about our great culture and philosophy.

But the outward shimmering briallance of the materia listic culture has lured the generation and took a deep root in our soil. Let us arise from this long slumber as there is no salvation for us or to the nation if we go on drifting on the alien thought = current. Mere aping of foreign cultures will not augur mental refine ment nor does it help to solve our problems, unless we stand on our own legs. Each culture and philosophy has its Own merits and demerits and there is no need to denounce other cults and cultures. In- stead of building strong moral fibre in the present generation, the influence of materialistic culture is driving the nation to demoralisation and degrada- tion. To add to the factors mentioned above, the jungle of thoughts about our philosophy made the layman abhor the path of philosphy. Many false prophets vitiated the holy atmosphere duping guileless public and exploiting their innocence. Ultimately the ochre- robe- donned saviours have become social parasites instead of social reformers and a burden to the nation. To shake off this lethargy and complacency from the mind of the common man, one power full soul is much needed to fill the vaccum in the spiritual domain.

At this stage, a new road is paved at 7th mile from Bapatla which leads us to the Holy Feet of AMMA at Jillellamudi, where the human soul leaps to the divine tunes and the individual ego shrinks and merges in the Infinite. Holy Mother is there

cleanse the impurities of mind No and make the soul shine in its original lustre. para phernalia is there to convert Sinners into Saints. The fees you have to remit for Sanctifi cation is complete surrender with ardent devotion to Mother. Round the clock Mother is busy with Her ceaseless action to better the lot of humanity in spiritual direction. Unlike the previous prophets and saints of our land, Mother has revealed to us a New Road to Philosphy free from rigours of the frame of discipline which is quite within the reach of all types of people. Past incarnations mythology have in come Our and played their limited role accor ding to their pre-conceived plans. But Mother’s role excels all those narrations in our epics as it is crystal clear for everybody that chances to see Her at least once in his life-time.

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