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Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 2
Month : January
Issue Number : 10
Year : 1968


THE month of November commenced with the grand celebration of the festival of lamps, Divali at Jillellamudi. The bright small lamps standing in rows on the terrace of the newly constructed building reminded me of the title, “The Celestial lamps” we have chosen for the list of Mother’s sayings published in the earlier issues of the Matrusri. I am also reminded, by the sea of darkness that surrounded this island of light, of the sentiments expressed in the poem “Lead Kindly Light.” Mother participated actively in the display of fireworks.


An old devotee was referring to Mother as an incarnation of God, manifested in human form to fulfil some divine task on earth. Mother posed a question to him: If all this has come of His will, and if nothing happens without His consent, how can there be the decline of righteousness without His consent? If it is His con sent, it can no longer be called the decline of righteousness. And if He could Will the creation into existence without manifesting Himself in human frame, why can He not up-hold righteousness without manifesting Himself in a localised form? The old man argued but could not answer. On the same day, a new visitor came and after prostrating before her, said, “Mother, though I very much wish to do what is just, I am constrained to do what’s unjust. What shall I do?”

“Do a hat is unjust!”

“Mother, I want to do what is just.” “Do what is possible for you!”

He prostrated to her, took leave of her and walked away in quick steps



This day happened to be the festival of Nagulachavithi. All those present in Jillellamudi worshipped Mother as the Serpent God and offered milk. The worship went on upto 2 p.m.


A few of the words that Mother said to someone on the 6th are recorded: “I am unreal (Abuddha-also means Infinite, unbounded). No one utters so many lies as I do. I speak differently to different people. I never reveal all the matters to all, though I seem to. I have not dedicated myself to anyone. I am baddha, my history is abaddha (bound, limited)”.

On the evening of 6th, one of the frequent visitors was asked. by Mother, whether it is possible to develop devotion to God through fear, and whether it is equal to the faith based on love. The brother who always contradicts what Mother says to elicit more and more of Mother’s answers, did the same. He said that the common man’s faith in God can never be based on love, as he has not seen God: none can love really what one has not seen. It is fear of calamities that makes man turn to God; or the fear of His punishment. Mother, through a number of illustrations convinced him of her own argument.


In the course of her conversation, Mother recounted the lives of several animals that lived in her proximity in the course of her life. A dog, for instance, used to suckle the kitten in the house, licking them all the while in intense love. Owls, parrots, sparrows and several other kinds of birds used to come to be fed by her at the appointed hour. When the newly hatched sparrows fell down from the nest, cats and dogs never killed them, but used to bring Mother to them. Whenever some of these animals died, they died at the feet of Mother.


A lawyer who feared that his family is subjected to black magic by some secret enemy visited Mother. Mother convinced him that black magic does not exist. Whether black magic exists or not, whenever Mother convinces someone of its unreality, it generally happened that they no longer suffered from it ever after.


On 12th was celebrated the anniversary of the death of Chy. Padma, the daughter of Sri A. Seshagiri Rao. Every year it is celebrated with distribution of new clothes to young girls, and refreshments to all. The last words of Padma are enough proof that she merged in Her.


A group of devotees from a village named Sajjavaripalem came and they worshipped Mother as Lord Satyanarayana.


The 14th was celebrated by Kumari, one of the girls who records the words of Mother. as the day of her Jillellamudi. arrival at


On 15th a large number of devotees arrived to participate in the festivities on Kartika Purnima (full-moon day in the lunar month of Karthika).


The devotees commenced Ekaha (incessant bhajan for one complete day). A couple from Warrangal worshipped Mother with three gunnies of Bilva leaves and four gunnies of flowers. After wards, the new book “Life and Teachings of Mother” was released in the presence of Mother. Mother opened the packet and distributed the first copies free to those who were present.


One of the girls participating in the bhajan attained maturity.. The occasion was celebrated with the traditional ceremonial and worship. Another girl who was a frequent visitor to Jillellamudi came to Mother after a period of four years. She was made ‘the bride’ on that day by Mother. as her marriage was fixed. The girl could not contain the joy of seeing Mother and the sadness of leaving Her presence by getting married and so she wept loudly.


An old lady aged nearly seventy came. She wanted to put several questions to Mother. When she was called into Her presence, she did not open her lips at all, but sat gazing fixedly at Mother for a full half an hour and had to be asked to make room for other devotees. She left completely satisfied.


The discussion about incarnation was resumed but none could elicit an answer from Mother, nor could they answer the question She posed to them.


One Sri Balaiah came along with his family, cattle and all to settle permanently in the presence of Mother.


Towards night fall, Mother sat in the open air. Every one was attentively looking at her in perfect silence. Even She did not move or talk. After an hour, one Sri Murali Mohan Sastry, a lec turer from Hyderabad, recited the verses from Sankaracharya’s “Dakshinamurty stotra”, praising the glory of the Silent One. When it is over, a lady asked Mother, “Will you come to take your bath?” “I did” She replied. Where and when?” the lady asked in wonder. “Everywhere, and always”, replied Mother in a majestic voice.


A book of poems in Telugu about Mother entitled “Amma” was released by the poet in a grand function attended by the eminent writer of Andrha, Sri Sivasankara Swamy. Dr. Sripada Gopalakrishnamurthy, delivered a speech recounting how the staunch scientist in him studied Mother and recognise Her divinity by his observation. was forced to


Two of the earliest visitors of Mother from the town of Chirala celebrated the 19th anniversary of the day of their first visit to Mother. Sri R. Ramachandra Rao, a retired headmaster and a great scholar considers this day to be his real birthday.

From the 17th to the 30th, a band of agriculturists visited Jillellamudi and did the harvesting themselves as their offering to Mother and left. Every evening, all of them used to perform bhajans in the presence of Mother.


One of the old ladies of Jillellamudi had an attack of paralysis. She was in her bed and was constantly repeating the name of Mother. She was taking the water with which Mother’s feet were washed as her only food.

“This (Herself) is the sanctum sanctorum of Love. I am not an ascetic. Therefore I always want to take care of you”

– Mother

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