Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 5
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2006

The Final Journey of a Great Soul

The departure of Smt. Yellamraju Varalakshmamma, popularly known to many in the Jillellamudi circle, as Varaalammamma marks the end of an era of the last surviving among the Chandramouli clan from the maternal side of Amma. She breathed her last at 5 am on 19th November 2005 in Gudivada. It is very strange to note that her exit comes a few hours after reaching there, having been shifted from Hyderabad on 18th November, where She was staying with her 4th daughter Durga ‘pinni’ for the last several months. She was a centurion having lived her full life of 101 years (in fact, she completed 100 years in July 2005). She lived her full life in the true sense of the word! Spending her last few years in the Dhyana and Worship of Amma in spite of her failing physical faculties consequent to aging. The credit also goes to her daughter Durga pinni who served her with devotion attending to her needs with utmost care, setting aside her own poor general health. Varalammamma was the third among Amma’s maternal aunts and was younger to Rangamma, Amma’s mother. She figures in Amma’s life in several instances including during discussion on Amma’s proposed wedding etc. Among Amma’s maternal aunts she remains prominent with her immense and abiding faith towards Amma. Amma granted her the final liberation taking her to Her abode as a culmination to her prayers.

We on behalf of the journal ‘Mother of All’ and on behalf of our readers place on record our heartfelt condolences to all the members of Varaalamma garu’s family.

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