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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 17
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2018

Oh! AMMA, the MOTHER primordial 

Causing the origin of this very universe

 Thou art holier than this earth; enlivens 

All the worlds, the very nectarine source of this existence.


Thou renew this creation ever fresh,

Even so shriveling the old, and the aging

 Yet making the same anew, THY very form

 Containing and holding this entire existence.


THY being always true and timeless,

Ever adorning a fresh, novel garb

THY dispassion and true nature

 Ever grants radiance and effulgence to the extant order.


All the traits of this universe are but

 Natural, even normal for THY unique self, 

That adorns the many hues of nature,

 Dispensing THY multiple flavors to us:


Even so containing all the ills, frailties,

 In your natural forbearance little flinching 

Enduring such limitless onus; yet cascading THY radiant 

Grace on this entire universe and its existence.


Oh! Thou art many hued, causing

 THY widely varied splendor,

 Ever emitting THY unique glory 

We receive THY boundless grace.


This lyric of Brother Raju is a tribute to the very nature and being of AMMA on this very earth. The fact of the embedded truth is that AMMA is not the mere physical form striding on this earth before us and caring for us like any human mother. AMMA is something in essence much more than what we understand and behold in our human sight. Such essence of AMMA Brother Raju expatiates in this lyric.

To begin with, AMMA is the very source, cause and the genesis of this universe that includes all the worlds, as also us the little human beings that we are. SHE causes this existence. AMMA alone sustains this living order. As verily, emphatically declared by AMMA, “This creation has no beginning. This creation is MINE.”

Granting this premise, AMMA is instrumental and causative of its origin, continuance, sustenance and even the elimination in this order. AMMA emanates the life force, its energy, vigor and its very élan. She is but the nectarine source of this vibrant, living order in all its elements and varied expression. Viewed in this perspective, AMMA is much holier than this very earth that ever endures.

AMMA is but the renewing and rejuvenating force in this relentless order. While the old. the aged, thus enfeebled are displaced, new life created that is fresh and charged with energy and vibrancy. The process is ceaseless and ever renewing across the endless wake of time, in new forms and new shapes in all the species which thrive on this earth merely by HER copious grace. Yet all the ceasing and those renewed afresh are all contained in the universal form of AMMA that includes all with little exception, the entire cosmos.

While conducting this relentless order, AMMA is ever fresh and new radiating HER glory and bounteous grace. HER true self sustains this order in all its glory and radiance. Thus causing freshness, and renewing this order anew always.

In this magnificent process, AMMA assumes multiple hues of nature and displays widely varied splendor. HER natural forbearance sustains and endures this ever changing, renewing order in all its multiple forms.

In such cosmic process, AMMA takes upon all the traits, and even ills, frailties of this existence, in HER dispassion and total acceptance of all that is not choosing or making little option, exercising scant choice. In such a total choice less acceptance of all that is our human life is facilitated adding a little comfort from the difficult negative forces that are accepted by AMMA in HER totality of being.

All these processes and comforting acts of grace are beyond human sight as also much beyond our conjecture. Even so these processes of motherly grace ever operate and continue without our understanding. AMMA’S conduct of this cosmic order is inscrutable, unyielding ever to our rational reckoning. HER thoughts devoid of any bias or prejudice lend new meaning, thus enriching our life.

We, the lesser mortals have little choice but to get into your gracious motherly fold, that is ever caring and protective. We only wonder at THY multiple hues, richly varied splendor, equally so its peerless glory.

(Adapted from the Song No.39, ‘AMMA! AMMA! ADI JANANEE Page No.41 of ‘ANUBHAVA SARAM’ by Brother Mannava Butchiraju Sarma; also gratefully acknowledge the work ‘LO CHOOPU’ Page 122/123, by Brothers AVR Subramaniam and Ravuri Prasad)

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