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Oh! Devi, Sri Raja Rajeswari

Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 10
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2011

Oh! Thou, Imperial Divine Majesty,

 Goddess, Devi, Sri Raja Rajeswari, 

We implore THOU in all humility,

 Bow at THY lotus feet, as 

We beseech THY grace always.

We believe thou are none but the

Very Iswari, Parameswari, Maheswari,

And even the very Bhuvaneswari

Who descended to bless us all?

We pray THEE to protect us mercifully,

 Grace us always with thy affection;

 We worship you with flowers, 

Please grant us victory as the very Viswesvari.

Make this wide earth, THY victorious 

Forum of bliss, ever listening 

To the melodious tunes we sing 

Of your divine glory, that is boundless.

 Please come over to mark THY 

Presence that brings all auspices,

 Ushers in all bounties in an ample Measure, 

as the ever miraculous Maheswari;

Bowing THEE ever and offering pranams

We prostrate at THY gracious feet.


Jillellamudi AMMA, is verily considered the incarnation of Goddess, RAJA RAJESWARI by most of the devout and faithful. There are numerous instances and experiences recorded which affirm this belief with little doubt. In the Hindu pantheon of gods and goddesses, while worshiping divinity in a form (Sagunopasana), goddess Raja Rajeswari is considered the imperial majesty adorning the higher pedestal above all. This poem is addressed to worshiping AMMA and seeking HER grace in this aspect.

In the year 1923, on the 28th of March (Chaitra Sudha Ekadasi) day as per the almanac, the day of AMMA’S descent on to this earth, it is conveyed and recorded that ‘Rajya Lakshmi’ yantra is installed in the Mannava temple in the very same year.

This is a strange historic synchronized event, or mystic coincidence that took place on the occasion of AMMA’S advent on to this earth. Plausibly this singular coincidence shall not be without any cause which is but to herald the descent of AMMA as manifest form of goddess Raja Rajeswari. Presumably also to convey that henceforth the spiritual kingdom vests in the manifestation of goddess Raja Rajeswari that is AMMA JILLELLAMUDI.

This is believed by one and all which fact is carried on widely among the people in and around Mannava. Later on when AMMA grew up to be a child SHE conveyed to Mouna Swamy that what has been installed in the temple was not Rajya Lakshmi yantra but decidedly that of ‘Raja Rajeswari’ Yantra, while the temple is that of Rajya Lakshmi.

AMMA showed the concerned artifact in the temple and confirmed this point beyond any shadow of doubt. AMMA showed the artifact (yanthra) to Mannava Krishna Sarma and others when SHE visited Mannava in 1958, at the time of celebrating ‘Devi Navarathrulu’. This exposure by AMMA awed the villagers of Mannava. In reality it was ‘Raja Rajeswari’ yantra under the icon of ‘Rajya Lakshmi’ in the temple. This is the realistic evidence that exists in Mannava, AMMA’S birthplace for reckoning AMMA as the manifestation of goddess Raja Rajeswari’.

Further, there is yet another indisputable evidence to be cited of AMMA being the manifest form of goddess Bhuvaneswari too. This was proved during AMMA’S physical form in the early 1970s.

To elaborate, Swami Poornanda, considered the godman with an aspect of Lord Siva by several of his disciples, initiated one of his disciples, Brother Annamraju Ramakrishna Rao with the Bhuvaneswari mantra. While doing so, the Swami conveyed to him that after repetitive chanting when the manthra becomes fruitful, he shall find the goddess Bhuvanesvari and come in contact with her.

It so happened that after a few years of sadhana with intense chanting of the ‘Bhuvaneswari’ mantra, he could reach Jillellamudi and come into AMMA’S presence. Here he settled down with his family serving AMMA, for several years till AMMA’S consecration in the sanctum ‘ANASUYESWARALYAM’ at Jillellamudi in June 1985.

Swami Poornanda confirmed in the very instance Ramakrsihna Rao was granted AMMA’S darshan, that SHE is none else but the deity ‘Buvaneswari’ whose mantra was given to him for sadhana. This is a well known, recorded fact.

While this is to elaborate that AMMA is none else but RAJA RAJESWARI or for that matter even ‘BHUVANESWARI’, AMMA could be verily one and all like Iswari, Maheswari, Parameswari and Viswesvari as is conveyed in this song of Brother  Mannava Butchi Raju.

AMMA is the ‘ONE’ that has become all the other divine forms. This is precisely the cause, that several persons in and around Mannava, could perceive or find their choice deity (Ishta Daiva) in AMMA receiving the same comfort or grace with little difference from the one they found in their own choice deity.

AMMA is the ‘ONE’ who graces all singularly though in varied forms in response to the individual’s inclination or predilection.

SHE is the ‘ONE’ who bestows all auspices and showers all the goodies to mankind and the entire existence in HER manifest universal motherhood which covers mortals, gods and all living species, as also the entire existence, living and the so called inert. In AMMA’S reckoning, there is nothing like inert matter which in reality has the vital force though the human sight may not see it apparently with the naked eye.

Granting this, we the mortals shall worship AMMA with flowers, chant HER name and sing HER bounteous, boundless glory for our betterment and eventual redemption. In this process we may choose whatever form or mode that suits the individual, but addressed to the very same AMMA, which doubtless turns to be fruitful when pursued with earnest devotion.

We the lesser mortals shall always be mindful and conscious of AMMA, looking for HER motherly affection and HER divine, merciful protection. We pray HER for mundane fulfillment, satisfaction of material needs as also spiritual attainment eventually, as we seek refuge in AMMA and find shelter in HER lotus feet.

We prostrate at AMMA’S holy feet, bowing in utter humility and abject surrender with little option.

(Adapted from the song ‘Sri Rajarajeswari’ by Brother Mannava Butchiraju Sarma in his book ‘Anubhava Saram’)

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