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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 9
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2010

Oh! Eternal light, show us the path,

Thou are the light that illumines,

Lamps of countless number,

That runs into many a million.

The universal bliss that transcends,

 The very nature of the elements,

 And the earthy aspect that is 

Full of material substance, are 

All contained in thy glory.

The stormy ocean, as also the

 Bastion of peace, the fluidity of

 Odorless water causing the all

 Visible substance is all

 Covered in thy eternal shine.

Thou art but the raging,

 Frightening fire, equally and 

Verily the luminous ray,

 That lights our earthly way,

 Even becoming the fire, that

 Consumes and contains 

The sound, form and touch.

Thou are but the wild blowing 

Tempestuous wind, equally so 

The mild fluttering cool breeze,

 Containing the element of the air, 

That carries the sound, and 

Giving us the gentle feel of

Touch whichever caresses us.

YOU are but the thundering cloud,

That pours forth copious nurturing rain.

 The clear, transparent sky, which permits 

Or helps the movement of sound, 

And its open, free element of space, 

Is but contained in THOU.

Oh! The eternal, everlasting,

 Celestial light, that causes

 The luster of countless lamps,

 Those illuminate our paths in life.


It is touching to recall that AMMA, during the years 1983 and 1984, that is a little time before attaining eternity, on Diwali day(s) made us arrange earthen lamps outlining the english letters in the huge luminous form of AMMA, on the open space beside, the ‘HOUSE OF ALL’ and adjacent to the Cyclone Shelter.

At HER instance, a similar arrangement with lamps was made on the right side open terrace beside the stairs. These lights read AMMA in a conspicuous luminous form. In hindsight, this is AMMA’S symbolic gesture that very soon; SHE will be seen in the light form, and not so much in the gross physical form. (AMMA attained eternity on the 12th June 1985).

Light is the medium that allows the passage of astral beings, heavenly images and visions. This is the fastest medium known and no other can excel light in speed, clarity and so on. The only exception being oft cited on a conceptual plane, being the mind that travels the fastest though not physically.

Further, because of the light we behold. Otherwise no phenomenon exists in the real sense; it gets eclipsed in the pitch darkness. But for light, life is non-existent. The reach of other worlds and regions is only measured through light years, for the speed of light alone affords us an inkling of those distant, far off heavenly regions.

Viewed in this manner, light is the infinite continuum in the universe, which seers always perceive and understand by virtue of which, they tend to dwell in the perennial present.

Even as per the science of ancient yoga, phenomena and higher and deeper perceptions are rendered possible only through the medium of light. For the evolved soul, or a seer, light unfolds the truth and infinite reality.

Therefore, spiritual progress is possible only when the eternal light unfolds and removes the veil (of maya) on the perennial reality. The being witnesses the infinite life force, the Brahman, or satchidananda, or chidakasha, otherwise termed as infinite-bliss consciousness. The individual light/ soul (jeevatma) is lit to be in focus with the eternal light (paramathma).

Divine manifestation of AMMA is the source, and verily the fountain of such eternal light. The humble being caught as he is in the mortal coil, shall humbly bow before AMMA and pray for the revelation of this eternal light.

To begin with, he shall pray HER, to unfold the path to this eternal light by a lamp within reach, to aid the human on this path. Truly, the eternal light shall light such countless lamps (jeevathmas) among the ordinary mankind to stay on course and help reach the eternal light.

But this eternal light is the source and the primal cause that encompasses all planes and phenomena all over. The being, while trudging on his path with a lamp lit by grace, finds numerous phenomena that are but diverse parts of the unity; containing the primal force or the original light.

In this revelation, he finds that all the elements and the derivative material substances are but part and parcel of this universal light that shows all for the human sight. This includes the earthly and material substances which the universal bliss includes and transcends: while the mind continues to elaborate this.

The tempestuous seas and the all prevailing divine calm, as also the odorless water, life giving, and causing all substance are included in such light.

The raging, all consuming fire and the luminous sunny rays that give us the light, conditioning the space and form, are not apart from this infinite light.

The wildly blowing wind and the gentle cool breeze that transmit the sound and mildly convey the sense of touch are all but THOU, the eternal light.

The thundering cloud that pours forth copious rain, the clear, blue sky that contains the ether, facilitating the movement of waves of communication and sound are also covered in THY eternal glory.

To sum up, all the five elements of the air, sky, fire, water and the earth that induce life and help its sustenance; transmit the life movements of sense, sound, smell, touch, odor and light are all caused and fostered by THY ETERNAL LIGHT.

We prostrate before THEE, the ETERNAL LIGHT, merely to light our humble paths of life.


(Adapted from ‘Anubhava Saram’ by Brother Mannava Butchi Raju Sarma’s song “He Akhanda Divya Jyothi”

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