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Oh! Mother, Our Mother

Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 10
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2011

Oh! Mother; Our Mother, 

The mother of all mothers,

 Thou, the Mother Anasuya;


Placed this petty self,

 At thy holy feet,

 Trusting them in total surrender,

 Thinking of something else.


Thou are the shelter, 

And refuge for all

 the Countless beings of this earth

 Sustaining their very being;


Thou are the very earth, 

Equally the cause of all 

Experience, thou being the

 Manifest forbearance for all existence.


Thou art the bliss that of 

Inner introspection, yet bondless 

Mindful of all living species 

The verily incarnate Raja Rajeswari.


Thou rule over this earth,

 We cast our mundane load 

At thy feet for dispensation,

 Truly our final arbiter; 

Verily deemed the exalted

 Self that is our be all and end all.


Oh! Mother, Our Mother,

 Thou the unique, peerless

 Mother of all mothers, 

That descended on this

 Earth in mortal form, 

To redeem us ever,

 That is the frail, lesser mortals.


AMMA once declared “Nene Mimmalni Kannanu; Kani Pempudukichchaanu”; meaning in English “I have delivered you all onto this earth; but given you to others for upbringing by the respective mothers.” Thereby meaning SHE is the true mother of all and conceived us all while the natural human mothers are all bringing us up in their given ways.

SHE is but the mother ANASUYA, who tended to the divine trinity as infants, as the legend conveys. SHE is the mother of all living species, the entire existence inclusive of the animate and the inanimate; for in the true sense AMMA reckons even the inert matter has innate vitality though not perceptible. To put this in HER inimitable words “Chaitanyame Kani, Jadamemi Ledu – AMMA”.

Granting this, it is only logical and natural that the frail mortal places himself at AMMA’S disposal, finding none else more acceptable in this respect of truly manifest motherhood. The individual puts himself at HER holy feet in abject surrender.

The person deems that AMMA is the shelter and the final refuge for one and all; the high and low irrespective of their origin which in fact springs up from the MOTHER alone, as conveyed earlier. Firmly believing that AMMA is the source and causes all experience, conditions and sways all existence in creation in its varied, countless, myriad forms. SHE is the one who supports and sustains all that is and exists whether seen or unseen.

SHE is verily the embodied earth that sources and supports all life and all living beings in their varying modes. Like the very earth that SHE is, shows enduring forbearance of all living species and all that exists. HER fortitude and forbearance are boundless to be reckoned in human terms. Doubtless, SHE is the mother earth that suffers and endures all of us.

If we look a little farther, AMMA is but the bliss, which radiates within after deep reflection, inner contemplation, and intense introspection by the aspirant. SHE is free from bondage, yet mindful of all and caring ever for the well being of all life that exists and all that ever is and to be in times ahead. AMMA is the very incarnation of goddess, RAJA RAJESWARI, the divine imperial majesty who lords over the celestial realms, the whole cosmos and the entire divinity and its galaxy. Positioned thus on such an inaccessible pedestal for us humans, we have little choice but to place our life and lot at AMMA’S disposal and HER divine dispensation. SHE verily causes and sways our life and its outcome. Such being HER exalted stature, we cannot but seek HER as the final arbiter in matters mundane and other worldly, to reach our goal. Thus in the process, fulfill ourselves in this brief sojourn on earth.

We the frail mortals cannot but submit ourselves to THEE in all humility and surrender. THOU are the singular, incomparable mother of all of us, who descended onto this earth as personified, manifest motherhood, in this age. We bow thee for our redemption and freedom from bondage. Eventually, we pray THEE for liberation, realization and salvation.

(Adapted from the song “AMMA, MAA AMMA” from ‘ANUBHAVA SARAM’ by Brother Mannava Butchiraju Sarma)

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