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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 11
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2012

Oh! Thou faultless,

 pristine, Mother Earth; we bow THEE 

With thy copious compassion, 

We offer our salutations.

Thy radiant glory casting 

It’s beautiful, alluring light,

 Thy story ever pure and holy

 That illumines our lives always,

We salute thou, Mother Earth

Able, ever protective of us, with

 Thy repute sounding like the sweet

Muse radiant beyond our mortal  knowledge.

Again and again we bow thee

Mother earth, causing the bliss (Samadhi)

 That is beyond our volition, (Nirvikalpa)

 Even that said to be within the self. (Savikalpa)

Thou being the cause and source,

 Verily of this entire creation, the

 Cosmos as also the five elements,

 Those comprise this mega ceaseless

Process; THOU always the prop

 And the sustainer of all that 

Exists, appears, the visible, and

 Even the invisible all merging in

THY mega, seamless self, 

That is endless, limitless, 

All inclusive, ever prevailing 

We bow THOU, the peerless 

Pristine, Mother Earth in humility.


Here AMMA, the Universal Mother is seen or visualized as the holy, pure, faultless Mother Earth. This is so because AMMA too considered this ‘Earth’ as the visible deity deserving all worship in HER published life story, as contained in one of HER philosophical musings in the early years, which is recorded.

To capture this in AMMA’S own words, for the benefit of the readers – “Avaniye Aaradhya Daivam ”. In this true real life episode of HER childhood, AMMA is all praise for the boundless tolerance and limitless forbearance at all the abuse and harsh treatment to which the earth is subject by all the living beings in varying degrees for their own sustenance or in course of the living process on this earth. AMMA hugs the earth and empathizes with the suffering, equally the thankless treatment being subjected to the all enduring earth. AMMA stretches to the point of ruling over the earth’s lot and identifying herself with this earth.

To continue in this vein, beginning with this childhood musings, AMMA too has been subject to undeserving suffering and apathetic doings SHE is often subjected to in real life. Yet AMMA received without a grouse, not bearing any ill will towards such persons who meted out such treatment to HER. AMMA accepted every vile act as part of HER lot and received with calm evenness with little reaction or retort.

Verily such being AMMA’S true life story it sounds sweet like the melodious muse. It sounds like a sonorous poem or song for all to listen to. At the very moment HER life story is illustrious, worthy of emulation, bringing the much needed light into otherwise dark lives of ordinary beings. Such a story is itself the message worthy of observance for all the contemporaries and the future generations.

Most spiritual aspirants long for the state of bliss (Samadhi). A state of evenness bringing the subject unalloyed joy transcending the physical senses. This is a state of supreme ecstasy that can never be spelt in words nor conveyed verbally by any one.

Here again this state is said to be varied. The one arising beyond one’s volition, which is the state conferred by the supreme teacher (Guru) or because of divine disposition. This is usually termed as the state of involuntary bliss (Nirvikalpa Samadhi) in which the subject is placed, over which the individual has little personal control. This is only bestowed by the spiritual master or the divine entity, to which the person surrenders.

At times, this can also arise from within the self by intense devotional surrender, when the devotee perceives divinity in every aspect or object in the ambience. While contemplating thus, the individual gets into a trance bordering devotional bliss. This state is often experienced within the self by the subject out of pure, unalloyed devotion and surrender. The subject in his varying moods or states of devotional sublimation gets in and out of such states of bliss (Savikalpa Samadhi). Even this state, though god induced, appears to be within the conscious realm of the subject, or perceived as such by the individual.

For the sake of completion, to present another state of bliss, we shall reflect on the natural state of bliss (Sahaja Samadhi). Here the subject constantly dwells in the level of consciousness, even in utter disregard of one’s own body and its condition. The individual dwells at the level of seamless, cosmic self which is boundless, identifying himself with all the beings. This is a state of ‘ONENESS’, being a unique status of (Advaitha).

As is revealed in the experiences of the devotees, deemed the children by AMMA and as also contained in the numerous personal episodes, right from AMMA’S early childhood, AMMA is the cause of all such aforementioned states. AMMA confers or withdraws the various states of bliss (Samadhi) which are described in our scriptures and devotional literatures. AMMA verily is the source, cause and the dispenser of these states to the spiritual aspirants, with such states arising and withdrawing at HER instance or volition. Mention needs to be made; AMMA’S dispensation of these states to the beings is regardless of individual effort or will.

Despite all this unearthly, unequaled stature or innate potential, AMMA tends to be the loving MOTHER always for all, ever protective of all of us. HER presence is the very refuge for all the troubled and forlorn. HER glorious story is ever full of such instances recorded widely.

Viewed much more deeply, MOTHERHOOD is verily the cause, the source and the sustainer of all life and the entire creation. In this ceaseless cosmic process, SHE symbolizes the five elements that merge, fuse and diffuse in the order of creation, constantly without a pause.

Thus AMMA is the base, the primordial force which conducts this endless order of creation in its countless forms and timeless cosmic process. AMMA is all inclusive, all pervasive and all prevailing at all times to be perceived by the aware and the wise. In the given order, AMMA manifests as this very earth. Quite a few, the wise, erudite and the aware perceived AMMA as such.

We, the lesser beings bow before such peerless, pure, pristine AMMA, seeming to be the very earth in utter humility and abject surrender. We pray AMMA ever to redeem ourselves in this mortal world.

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