Indhumuki Ramakrishna Rao
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 13
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2014

In continuation of my previous narrative of the EXTRAORDINARY POWERS OF AMMA, I would like to share a few more such incidents with you.

Once a group of villagers visited AMMA and had Darshan in HER room. They were carrying a very small child who looked very sick and was just like a vegetable. I was shocked to see his pathetic state. They described his condition and informed AMMA that the child did not make any sound and also did not open his eyes ever since he was born. (What AMMA did as soon as the child was shown to HER will be narrated after a few lines).

Apparently AMMA asked what happened and the reply was that as per the Doctors, the position of the brain during the birth shifted slightly, causing all these disturbances. SHE advised them to go to competent Doctors in any reputed Hospitals. In response, the parents informed AMMA that everything possible was done with no success and nothing more can be done as per the experts. AMMA looked at the child intently and called him “Nanna ”. Child instantly made a sound “OOM” Parents were thrilled to register this first sound ever coming from the child. Then AMMA raising her index finger and pointing at the child said” “Nanna! See here”. Unbelievably the child opened his eyes. AMMA moved her finger from one end to the other and the eyeballs of the kid followed. AMMA most innocently said” See, He has opened his eyes and also made a sound Why to worry”. Having witnessed this amazing development the entire group vehemently protested saying ‘No AMMA we are telling the truth. This is the first sign of sound and sight from the child” and prostrated before HER with a great sense of gratitude and respect for AMMA. As AMMA never claims to possess any exceptional Powers, SHE asked them to still visit an expert Doctor and go ahead with the prescribed treatment.

Now, I have to tell you what happened as soon as AMMA saw the child. AMMA who was seated on HER cot bent forward a little and placed her full palm on the head of the child and slightly moved HER palm to the left side, as if she is moving something or adjusting something. This was barely for a fraction of a minute and SHE withdrew Her hand immediately. As I was sitting very close to HER cot, I noticed this act and counted it as a blessing of AMMA. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WAS DONE BY AMMA EVEN BEFORE THE GROUP HAS NARRATED THEIR WOES. I am totally convinced that AMMA undoubtedly shifted the position of the brain of the child and gave him a new life. I am sure the readers are with me.

It was the month of July and the entire Guntur district including Jillellamudi was still reeling under a very hot and humid weather condition. A group of Farmers made an entry into AMMA’s room with the traditional material for worship like garlands, flowers, fruits etc. Obviously they wanted to worship MOTHER and requested HER to give a few minutes to listen to their problems before worship. After receiving AMMA’s consent, they have narrated the most difficult conditions that were prevailing due to lack of rains and how the fields have become totally dry and parched giving no scope even for a tuft of green grass to grow to feed their cattle. With the tears rolling down, they informed MOTHER that it would rain at least in the next couple of days, otherwise they can totally forget about the cultivation for this season and their families and the cattle have to starve for the entire year. After a few minutes of silence, pointing to the other side of the same room AMMA said “Can you people place my cot there “. After the shift, AMMA regained HER position on the cot and accepted the worship of the farmers. He blessed the group by applying kumkum (vermillion) Bottu (Tilak on the forehead) to each member of the group and offering something to eat. AMMA engaged the group in conversation for the next half hour. Being fully rejuvenated, the group came out of AMMA’s room to find an astonishing sight of jet black clouds all over the sky and a drizzle all around. Soon this transformed into a heavy downpour which lasted for a long period. I cannot describe the joy of the farmers whose desire got instantly fulfilled.

Having witnessed this incident, no doubt I was amazed but started wondering why AMMA shifted HER place before worship. Is there any significance for the place where SHE received Pooja. I posed the same question to Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Sarma, (a Sanskrit scholar and Lecturer in Matrusri Oriental College Jillellamudi) who was also present along with me. After a couple of minutes of deep thinking he replied “Yes. It could be. Because where AMMA received worship is Western direction and

It is the place of VARUNA (God of Water & Rain according to Hindu mythology). Did SHE receive the worship of the villagers as VARUNA Deity and granted their wish? I am sure about it. What about you?

The month of “Shravana” (monsoon season in India) is famous for various Poojas and Vratas (rituals) in India, especially for ladies. One such event where an idol of goddess lakshmi is placed in a cradle and made to swing back and forth with chanting the mantras and singing songs. This was conducted by our sisters in Jillellamudi also but with the difference that here Goddess is none other than AMMA and instead of cradle AMMA’s cot itself was utilized.

One evening, we were in the presence of AMMA on the terrace (of “House of ALL ”). She was, as usual, seated on the cot. Suddenly AMMA asked the group to shift the cot, ALONG WITH HER (i.e. she wanted to remain seated on the cot while shifting) to the other side of the terrace, which is just a few feet away. The group consisting of 4-5 members, including myself, immediately swung into action. Except all others were heavily built and we thought it would be a child’s play to lift the cot, looking at the fragile and delicate figure of AMMA. But it was altogether a different story as soon as we lifted the cot. It was most unexpectedly very very heavy. Each one of us might have definitely thought in our minds “Is AMMA so heavy though she looks small ”. But none dared to comment openly. By the time we reached the other side, we were exhausted and were gasping. Smiling at us AMMA said “So. You all carried the weight of this Earth. In Telugu SHE said, “Meerantha Bhoo Bhaaraanni Mosaarannamata ”. In our scriptures Mother Earth is also considered as a Goddess.

While we were still recovering from this exertion, a group of young and very frail looking sisters came on to the terrace with their usual giggles and bubbling with joy. They requested AMMA to permit them to perform this cradle event. On seeking AMMA’s permission all the sisters gathered round the cot .In one go, they not only lifted the cot (with AMMA seated) but also swung HER back and forth. To watch with our eyes and mouths wide open was our turn. How can AMMA change within such a short period. Of course, then we remembered Lalitha Sahasra Namas where it is said that the Divine Mother can assume any shape, size or state at HER free will. Who can say AMMA is Lalitha?

Dr S V Subba Rao of Nellore is an ardent devotee of AMMA with experiences innumerable. He was regarded as the personal Physician of AMMA. AMMA used to even recommend him to all others for any medical help.

At the time of inauguration of MATRUSRI MEDICAL CENTRE (Charitable Hospital) at Jillellamudi Dr. Subba Rao was also present along with other Doctors. After concluding the opening ceremony AMMA entered the room meant for the Doctor on duty and occupied the Chair. It was an atmosphere of happiness and fun all around. AMMA was given a Doctor’s Apron (white coat) and stethoscope which SHE put on. Immediately Dr. Subba Rao took over the patient’s place and said,” AMMA, Let me be the first patient for you”. Smiling, AMMA took his hand as if checking the Pulse (which normally all Doctors do) and wrote down a prescription for him : AMMA, AMMA, AMMA, thrice daily. Everyone present had a hearty laugh.

Dr. Subba Rao, Dr. Janaki and Dr. Inajakumari with MOTHER

It was only when Dr. Subba Rao was driving back to his home, he noticed that the pain in his hand which always persisted had vanished. He further noticed that AMMA had held the same hand at the Medical Centre in the morning which was painful. He later informed that the pain in his hand was persistently present for the past several years in spite of various treatments both at Nellore and Chennai. Unable to come out of this ailment he reconciled himself to live with it as an integral part of his body. With one casual touch AMMA cured him of the ailment!

AMMA can not only know about the physical and physiological condition of the person but also the mental condition including the thoughts that he/she has. Once a person clad in silk dress (Dhoti and Kurta) entered AMMA’s room and offered a huge bunch of Bananas. On receiving AMMA’s blessing he left the room. After a gap of 15-20 minutes another person clad in a simple cotton dress visited AMMA and placed two apples before HER and touched HER feet. AMMA also blessed him before his departure. In both the cases, the instructions were the same i.e. have some food before you leave. Subsequently there were no visitors, brother Kondamudi Ramakrishna and myself were enjoying the presence of AMMA and the consequent bliss. AMMA picked up the two apples given by the devotee and kept on looking at them. SHe started transferring the apples from one hand to the other. This went on for a pretty long time. Ramakrishna Annayya questioned “AMMA, what is there in these apples that you like them so much and are unable to leave them” (Normally AMMA never used to keep any flowers, fruits and eatables with HER and used to distribute immediately to the devotee children). After a couple of minutes, AMMA broke the silence and said, “The person who came first is very rich but he brought only bananas. Whereas the second person is very poor. He kept only a few coins for his return journey and purchased these costly apples with an intention that I SHOULD EAT. See his love for ME.”

Here readers should understand that AMMA NEVER discriminates on the basis of being rich or poor but SHE looks at our heart i.e. love and devotion. I think all the scriptures say that GOD looks for our love and devotion and nothing else.

Hence let us approach whoever is our favorite deity, with lots of Love and Devotion flowing out from the depths of our hearts.

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