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D. V. A. Raghava Murty
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 5
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2006

(Sri D.V.A.Raghava Murty is working as the Project Director in The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in Bangalore. He is the key-person behind the successful launch of the prestigious Cartosat satellite on 5-5-05, a historic event in the Indian Government’s space research program. This narrative is a collection of the random thoughts expressed by him even before he came to Jillellamudi, in an e-mail message to Sri S. Mohana Krishna. Sri Raghava Murthy, along with his family members visited Jillellamudi and participated in various spiritual activities there between 9th and 16th April 2006.)

We are yet to decide about our visit to Jillellamudi. Heart goes there every time for me and my wife Vani. She has more experience in the physical plane. Mother’s wish! Today we are giving Amma’s photo (2006 Calendar) for framing.

Ever since we heard of Mother and started reading the ‘Mother Of All’ book during February this year, our minds have been drawn to the lotus feet of Amma. Mother is always with us in the form of the book, photo, thoughts and feelings At the side of our beds, on our reading tables, on the freshly laid out (arranged) beds, in the train, in the flight in the adjacent seat….

Last week, I was in Delhi for five days with my son Rohan for his exams. Mother has arranged everything. (Mother is arranging everything for everybody we only are not conscious of it always). Even though we get submerged in the current actions, we are full of feelings of Mother’s presence. Even in a new place arrangements were so nicely done without much effort. Requirement of something with little initiative (impelling thought) successful arrangements fell into place in – unknown area, with full cooperation from strangers.

I wanted to offer sweets to Kalimatha and then give them to Syamala, my wife’s sister in Delhi as prasadam. I told the shopkeeper (Anupam Sweets) to give five varieties totaling one Kg. Then I asked him to give five pieces of each variety. (Panchami Pancha Bhutesi Pancha Sankhyopacharini!) I had no way to control the weight of this 5types x 5sweets = 1Kg. This is what exactly happened. I was surprised but not very much, because Mother always does this (Mother (1) makes us to say what “I wants).

When I reached the room in the guesthouse, there was a real urge to offer it to Amma and distribute it to all workers in the guest house. But originally I planned it for Kali Mata and Syamala’s family. After a little thought, I told Amma that I will definitely give sweets to the workers in the guest house before leaving for Bangalore.

I went to Kali temple in Chittaranjandas park area near Greater Kailash-II (where we were staying in our guest house) and offered sweets to Mother.

On the last day I purchased sweets, offered to Amma and distributed to the workers along with tips. I brought some to Bangalore also.

Back at Bangalore, there was demand for more sweets in the house. Same day I left for Ahmedabad on official work. (This time and previous time when I left for Delhi I did not do pranam to my mother which was my usual practice I felt it after coming out of the house both the times)

In Ahmedabad the meeting was over in the morning and the flight was at 6-30 pm. I asked for a vehicle at 3 pm so that I could visit the Bhadrakali temple near Lal Darwaja. I also remembered that I have to bring home more sweets. On the way we stopped at a sweets shop and took one Kg of sweets. Mother in the form of a policeman allowed us to park the car opposite the temple (the most busy area). Mother Bhadrakali made a demand for sweets at home so I purchased it and impelled me to visit Her. I offered the sweets to Mother and came out to wear my shoes. An elderly lady (of 65yrs) sitting on the steps struck a conversation:

Elderly Lady: “Are you an outsider?” 

Me: “Yes… I am from Bangalore”

Elderly Lady: “This is Durga Devi (pointing to Bhadra Kali) Mother Of All. As Bhumatha she is giving everything to you. You should also not neglect your own mother. She has given her breast (pointing to her breasts) milk to you. Every day you should do pranam to her make a round and then do your work. Everything will go very well.

I felt that “I” spoke through the lady.

I had many such occasions of that universal “I” responding through the people and environment to the internal thoughts and intentions.

In the past years, many a time Mother of the universe gave thoughts of GYANA (wisdom) spontaneously on several occasions. One of those thoughts was about “I”-consciousness. She gave the thoughts that Mother is nothing but the “I”.

The “I” that is in everybody and everything. At that time I was making a presentation to freshers and as a part of the presentation in the human relations part of management, “I” consciousness was included as a powerpoint slide. I was very happy to see the “I” diagram of “nenu nanna nenu” with the center ‘dot’ which I depicted as “I” at that time. Many such limitless characteristics of Mother used to come as thoughts. Some of those thoughts were related to

contiguous nature of three dimensional world (all pancha bhutas)

contiguity in energy fields

contiguity in personalities

contiguity in thoughts

contiguity in mind (mental plane)

contiguity in time — (I used to consider time as the actual Mother and all rest dependent on it. I used to tell ” we cannot go back one millisecond also we do not have control of one millisecond ahead we have the present millisecond only for every millisecond, Mother is giving one more millisecond this apparently stand-still but most dynamic time in the present state is the MOTHER THE SHIVA & SHAKTI – if we can be in that millisecond every time consciously is the DHYANA -“) – that

Above is not a letter but a flow of thought.

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