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B.V.P. Kedar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 10
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2011

Nectar courses down the throats of millions of devotees even as they utter the word “AMMA”. Words are rendered meaningless in the compassionate and loving glance of Amma. Amma’s smile and the look of benevolence are forever etched in the hearts of every one of its beholders. Amma’s child-like innocence and the immense wisdom instill in the hearts of the listeners, a tremendous reverence and an immediate affection towards Her. Very often, devotees are found either in irrepressible happiness or in silent tears rolling down their cheeks, since Amma makes it known to them that She is indeed aware of their unspoken sorrows and hidden devotion.

I heard of Amma for the first time when I was a student of Sir CRR College, Eluru and subsequently I had the darshan of Amma when she had visited Eluru. After a lapse of so many years, again I was told of Amma by my friend Sri MKL Rao with whom my friendship had started on 21st September, 1984 when I joined the same company where he was already working. He gave me a postcard size photograph of Amma and I learnt a lot about Her greatness and goodness and began the worship of Her photo which I kept in the pooja room of my house. Thus, my brother MKL Rao was the cause of my going to Jillellamudi for the first time in February, 2007 and I had the opportunity to visit that holy place several times subsequently but always with my friend only.

I would like to share my unforgettable experience when I visited Jillellamudi for the first time on 7th February, 2007. Both Rao garu and myself had our bath and reached Amma’s temple by wearing new white dhoti which was bought for me also by Rao garu and he wanted me to wear dhoti and a white towel on my shoulders without shirt as I normally wear kurta and pajama for such occasions; I could realize the importance of his intention later. I was having darshan from outside the Garbhagudi of Amma and he told me to get into the garbhagudi and to my surprise, when I enter d garbhagudi, all the electricity lamps were off and I had the opportunity to have the darshan of Amma in garbhagudi with the traditional lights inside and after a few minutes when I stepped out from garbhagudi, all the electricity lights were on. Immediately, the priest at the temple and Rao garu told me that “no doubt you have the blessings of AMMA”. That day my joy knew no bounds. I was completely ecstatic and words are simply not enough to express my gratitude to AMMA. All I know is that my love for AMMA has just started flowing so much that sometimes I feel that my heart is not big enough to contain that love.

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