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Marakani Dinakar
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 21
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2022

Beseech THOU, Nannagaru the paragon of Brahmandam dynasty,

Verily THOU art the prop for our AMMA, endless and boundless too

Gracing all those not knowing their true self, the ignorant as also the

Imbecile auspices and wellbeing, with a benign smile.

NANNAGARU, we seek your presence beside our MOTHER,

For whom you are the anchor and the very fortifying

Source, the entire cause for our AMMA who conveys the

Timeless truth in words ever sweet and voice mellifluous.

NANNAGARU, we revere and cherish THY presence along

With AMMA, who endearingly, very lovingly gave equal

Access to all HER devotees, deemed the children adorable,

Always evenly, caring them, caressing them, with your writ.

Much early in the very advent AMMA proclaimed NANNAGARU,

Shall be the support and enduring anchor during HER glorious,

Radiant form on this earth, taking HER hand in the holy wedlock,

Thus, leading the course of AMMA’S mission and ministry.

Hail! NANNAGARU, thou are the author, the very script

And the act giving the lead, taking the onus of AMMA’S care

And concern of the devotee children in the very beginning

Joyously in unconditional generosity, at your home and hearth.

NANNAGARU, our profound salutations to THEE,

Truly the boundless cause and the golden sprout that

Grew as time unfolds into multiple venues to vent grace,

Causing fruitful expression, soaking the children bounteously.

This is a very rare eulogy on NANNAGARU, that is much true scripted by Brother Raju. This is very explicit, but very intricate and abstract in its content. Brother Raju hailing from the Mannava family has a kinship with AMMA. Even so he is related to Nannagaru, as the father in the true sense, who is the consort of AMMA. This is in the gross terms of human relationship.

NANNAGARU is much more and beyond any physical relationship even though he is being the eligible cousin of AMMA, to fructify this kinship in the holy wedlock. This truly happened, not heeding the counter moves and the reluctance among some close relatives.

This relationship between AMMA and NANNAGARU in the holy matrimony spells and implies much more. It connotes the genderless state of unity and universal force in fusion, specified as ARTHA NAREESWARA TATHVA in our ancient scriptures and our sanathana dharma. This union is to be in this world set an exemplary matrimony, convey the role of the householder in all its facets and in completion that borders perfection for the contemporaries equally so for the posterity.

AMMA spelt this relationship and conducted the same in an exemplary, illustrious mode that eventually culminated as the consecration of NANNAGARU in the sanctum of ANASUYESWARALAYAM on the 17th of February, 1981. Later joined by AMMA in the very sanctum beside NANNAGARU in consecration on the 14th of June, 1985. With this process NANNAGARU emerged as ANASUYESWARA, lording over the entire universe as JAGADEESWARA.

While NAGENDRA, as referred to by AMMA in the early days, he became the dynamic prop and the vibrant anchor leading the way forward in AMMA’S mission and ministry. Almost in the early two decades NANNAGARU from his home and hearth fed the multiple devotee children of AMMA, beseeching HER glorious presence, longing for AMMA’S GRACE. NANNAGARU heartily welcomed and accepted all the devotees and sustained the activity even with the meager resource base unconditionally. Later this is institutionalized as ANNAPOORNALAYAM in the year 1958 on the 15th of August.

While seemingly modest and self-effacing NANNAGARU allowed unrestrained, unconditional access for us all into AMMA’S presence that blessed those unaware of their lesser self, the wise, and the imbecile too. Thus, causing true awareness and redeeming the devotee children always.

While AMMA’S MESSAGE is heralding a renaissance in the spiritual realm, forming the base for a more desirable social order, NANNAGARU involved in the transition and a meaningful transformation as the participant and supportive catalyst in a silent but profound mode that had significant impact.

Here Brother Raju refers to NANNAGARU as the golden sprout. In real life AMMA and NANNAGARU met each other in the very early childhood and the relationship blossomed and ramified in multiple ways for universal wellbeing from the very early origin. Their kinship grew in depth and dimension for the AMMA’S advent as divine embodiment of motherhood. NANNAGARU is vibrantly present in venting AMMA’S GRACE in all its ramifications from the early years. Finally culminating in AMMA’S UNIVERSAL MOTHERHOOD and NANNAGARU’S lordship of this universe as JAGADEESWARA. Such is a state of unity beyond gender and form.

This implied a unique fusion of MOTHERHOOD, IS WARATHVA and the nondual unity of the primordial force which all culminated in the consecration of ANASUYES WARALAYAM, the holy combination of unity in diversity; duality and oneness. Also, this symbolized the prowess of chastity at its acme, that could bestow divinity on the consort as exemplified by AMMA.

Evidently NANNAGARU led the way forward by taking the onus on himself the care and feed of the children in the very beginning. So is the case with the multiple aspects of AMMA’S mission and ministry. To convey this aspect in its subtlety, AMMA on all formal occasions of HER being worshipped, bowed to NANNAGARU before accepting such reverences from the devotee children. Further AMMA declared that HER daily ablutions of the sacred MANGAL SUTHRAS adorning HER neck and partaking the same, bestowed on HER the eligibility to be worshipped by the countless devotee children.

Even subsequently AMMA accorded the pride of place to NANNAGARU by anointing the day of NANNAGARU’S consecration, the 17th of February being celebrated as DHAN YABHISHEKAM. This has become the major celebration drawing countless numbers of the endearing devotee children of AMMA, more than on any other occasion.

Further AMMA caused that the staple resource for feeding, and maintenance is being received on this day nearly for the entire year both in cash and kind. To recall after the consecration of NANNAGARU in the sanctum of ANASUYESWARALAYAM in the year 1981, AMMA always pronounced, “THAT SHALL FEED THIS”. To paraphrase the same in AMMA’S inimitable vernacular Telugu “ADE DEENNI POSHISTHUNDI”. This could not be understood in its clarity and full depth those moments. Yet the later developments and unfolding reality confirmed this in actual truth.

Thus, NANNAGARU is the golden sprout in AMMA’S divine advent and manifestation of universal motherhood, that grew and ramified with branches in AMMA’S MISSION and MINISTRY, unseeingly in the subtlety. He emerging as the lord of the universe, the unique, peerless JAGADEESWRA, emanating as the prop and rudimentary support in AMMA’S unique, singular divine advent, cherished by the countless endearing children as always and ever. To be precise NANNAGARU verily has become the anchor, setting the glorious trail in AMMA’S divine manifestation of embodied motherhood in complete perfection.

(Adapted from the Song No.24, ‘BRAHMANDA VAMSABDHI THILAKA’, of ‘Anubhava Saram’ by Brother Mannava Butchiraju Sarma’. Also gratefully acknowledge the work ‘LO CHOOPU’ by Brother Ravuri Prasad and Brother A.V.R. Subrahmanyam)

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