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Pebbles On The Shore

Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 1
Month : October
Issue Number : 5
Year : 1966

(Continued from the previous issue)

(This is the fourth instalment of a very interesting and signifi cant conversation that took place between the Mother, and an old lady of Bapatla by name Rajamma. Mother visited that lady on pretext of being initiated by her and through her conversation had annihilated her superstition and vanity and finally bestowed on her the final experience of all spiritual endeavour thereby establishing her absolute oneness with the Universal Mother. – Editor.]

MOTHER: I know neither the plough nor the mountain. Even then only if there is a possibility to apply the one to the other is it done! It may not be favourable to do so; (but) that there is a possibility, you are admitting.

RAJAMMA: Oh, I can’t stand this (hair-splitting) any longer!

M: Oh, you too experience weariness! That weariness is needed now to me.

R: Have you come to learn to be weary? Show me a humani being who is free from that!

M: Is there weariness to God? If he does not have it, whence do we get it?

R: He is the witness.

M: To whom is He a Witness? What is meant by Witness?

R: He who is untouched by anything and unattached to anyone.

M: Of what use is it to worship such a one?

R: We worship Him for that!

M: Does he not get attached (to us) unless he is worshipped? Or is it (i. e. worship) only intended to keep ourselves untouched by Him? Or is it to be touched by Him? Or is to make ourselves un attached that we worship him? Even then, we much get into touch with him!

 R: I don’t understand your replies! They are endless; You enigmatic and are  baffling!

M: That is why I have come to you. I did not come to you to worship Him; I am worshiping you so that I might know who I am!

R: Alright! The curd, ghee and milk of the cow and the leaf of the plantain tree are all kept in the rack; you fetch them.

M: (Entering the house and looking in all directions) They are not to be found on the rack!

R: They are there! You search out more carefully.

 M: I have seen as far as there is visibility; but they are not to be found. Where are they?

R: Better to get them myself than to entrust someone to fetch! (So saying, Rajamma anters the house) Oh, It’s a mistake, a slip of the mind! It will be there in the next room.

M: (Enters the next room) Here are only a few of what have been mentioned, not all. Just now you said ‘a slip of the mind‘-whose is that? Does it mean ‘a mistake?’ a right? or or is it deliberately said?

R: I only meant that what I said was (on account of) a slip of the memory.

M: I am not referring only to your phrase (slip of the mind’); but what precisely

does it mean?

R: But really you must experi ence the slip of the mind

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