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B V Vasudevacharya
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 5
Month : January
Issue Number : 1
Year : 2006

Mother said many great truths in simple words and I recollect them in my daily life on every occasion. There is nothing She has not said and She guides us on the right path.

One of my happy recollections is Her conversation with a couple, a husband and his wife, one afternoon. Mother was on Her cot as usual in “Vastalyalayam” and I was there luckily. The gentleman, who was already a devotee of Mother, came inside along with his reluctant wife. The problem was, the lady was sick and he wanted to bring her to Mother for blessings to cure her of her sickness. But the lady always refused to come to Mother, because She was a converted Christian. The man explained his problem and sought Mother’s blessings for his sick wife.

Mother gave a long and inspiring speech on Christianity like a revelation. She asked me to bring the idol (icon) of Christ from the nearby cupboard. It was a presentation I made to Her when She visited St. Theresa’s College for Women in Eluru. She kept the image near Her and said that Christianity is a great religion. It asks a man to show his other cheek, if one cheek is slapped. It asks a man to love his neighbor as himself. It is based on love and service to fellow beings. I can’t quote all Her words, – uttered some decades ago. But She quoted the sayings from *The Sermon on the Mount”. She declared that all religions are great and the difficulty was in implementing those fine principles in life. Then the sick lady was the happiest person, after listening to Mother, talking about Christianity. They left the place after receiving “prasadam” and blessings from Mother.

Mother knows no difference between one religion and another. She is a universal Mother that loves all beings equally well. All are Her Children and all are equal:In Her view, there were no saints, nor sinners. It is a religion of universal love and humanity. This world will be a Heaven on Earth, if only all nations and people develop “the milk of human kindness” at heart. As great seers like Sri Aurobindo visualized, a day will come when the ferocious tiger and the gentle deer live together and the strong and weak nations love one another. We pray to Mother to bless all humanity with peace and prosperity and equality and brotherhood.

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