Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 16
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2017

Matrusri Medical Center

Dr K Rama Rao, children’s Specialist from Yeleswaram (Near Rajahmundry) rendered honorary services in July 2017. During his 3 day stay at Jillellamudi concentrated on Mandal Parisha Upper Primary School on 20th July. The School has 77 Students.

Dr Rama Rao examined the students and identified quite a few cases warranting advanced medical treatment. For eg.,

1 A girl whose kidney is not working needs urgent operation:

parents are not aware of this!

2 A boy who has sight problems and has already lost vision in one eye should be taken to a good hospital like Sankar Netralaya; parents are not aware of the boy’s vision problem!

3 Another girl who has been unable to walk for years should undergo a brain scan; the problem is due to wrong handling during delivery. Girl’s grandparents were advised on further action.

4 A boy who was already advised surgery in the past could not undergo surgery since not fit for operation as per surgeon; has been on Physiotherapy and is now fit for operation. Boy’s father was advised how to proceed further. 

5 A girl has a serious problem with her ear and should consult a specialist soonest. Parents are not aware of this! The Headmistress called the parents of these children to speak to the Doctor and have his advice on follow up action needed. The Doctor contacted Specialist doctors known to him and requested to extend all possible help.

He also recommended suitable hospitals where treatment can be had without financial burden; will give referral letters to the parents.


In the service of AMMA

MS Saratchandra Kumar 

Vice President

Sri Viswajanani Parishat 

JILLELLAMUDI, Village 522 113

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