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Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 8
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2009

My dear brothers and sisters

The function of Dolotsavam was celebrated in Jillellamudi on 13th January 2009 with great gaiety and it was very grand and memorable. Mothers numbering 130 and above have attended along with their babies and the function commenced with their visit to Anasuyewaralayam. They were taken to the temple with traditional music led by the President and other Office bearers of SVJP.

After offering their prayers and lighting the camphor, all assembled in Annapurna Bayam Dining Hall which was decorated befitting the occasion. A beautiful and colorful Chandini was fixed as a false ceiling and 124 cradles were arranged with Sarees bought from Kasi (Banares), the abode of Annapoorna in the North, to the false ceiling of our Annapoornalayam dining hall. All sarees were of dark gandham (Sandalwood) color with red border and it was a sight to see and enjoy. All the mothers with their babies were conducted to the dais and they performed puja to Amma with regi pandu (red berries). Then each mother was given Amma prasadam containing a towel to keep the baby, a frock for the baby, and some cosmetic items meant for the child.

Then the mothers were taken to the respective cradles for their babies and dolotsavam went on with much enthusiasm. Amma naama sankeertana and some lullabies (Jolapatalu) were sung during the program. Sri P.S.R. Anjaneya Prasad gave a running commentary on the proceedings. Sri Y.V. Madhusudana Rao, Resident Secretary gave the welcome address in the beginning and Sri Nadendla Lakshmana Rao, Organising Secretary proposed vote of thanks at the end.

Another significant event is a new cradle for Amma; to perform ‘Pavalimpu Seva’ regularly in the temple; has arrived. A long cherished desire of Sri Annamraju Muralikrishna was fulfilled today as he got the cradle made ready for the function. Amma’s Cradle adorned the Centre of Annapoornalayam Dining Hall. An old photograph of Amma and Hyma was kept in the cradle and all the devotees enjoyed swinging Amma’s Cradle. It is hoped that in the days to come, a new panchaloha Idol will be ready to perform Pavalimpu Seva daily in Anasuya Swaralayam.

Many felt that the Dolotsavam is unique of its kind in annals of history of mankind and the same was pregnant with esoteric and mystical significance; Amma’s direct benevolent gaze drenching the children with Her Grace.

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