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Nityanand Thota
Magazine : Matrusri English
Language : English
Volume Number : 2
Month : June
Issue Number : 3
Year : 1967

By the millions

 Across the ages

In this land of ours,


You were sought after

As a source perennial

 For creative sustenance.

Inspiring poets,

You made them

Sift and sing values

Out of the invisible flux. Of the visible existence

That lives on

In the undying wed-lock Of life and death

Guided the sages,

And made them see

Your mysterious universe

 in their silent contemplations.


We, now, do feel thy graces

 On our ancient ages

That gave cosmic directions

 To their mortal situations

. Wherefore, Mother, then

 We miss them

 And find ourselves

 Like ships on high seas

 In perpetual storms

 Without rudders?

We drag on our lives

 Like haunted beings,

 Betraying atonce,

 Noise and gloom

Dead yet living.

All that is left for us,

 Is to look back

As old and decrepit men

At their youthful years.

 Making us

 The spirit within us

 Is drowned in the cess-pool of flesh

mere automatons

Run by desires.

 I fear, some day

 We might envy animals

 For their instinct;

 And yet live on merrily

 In the material comraderie,

 Without even wondering why,

 You allowed

This retrograde evolution!

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