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Revered Nannagaru’s Anniversary Celebrations

Dr Tangirala Simhadri Sastry
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 13
Month : April
Issue Number : 2
Year : 2014

The campus of House of All in Jillellamudi assumed a festive look on 17th February this year brimming with activity right from the early hours. The entire premises is decorated with wreaths (Thoranalu) of mango leaves.

The occasion is to celebrate the consecration of Nannagaru in Anasuya Swaralayam. ‘Dhanya Abhishekam’ is an annual feature and performed on this day in reverence to Nannagaru. Abhishekam with paddy and rice is performed separately to the idols of Amma and Nannagaru. Prior to this at 05.30am Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam and Maha Rudrabhishekam (11 times by 11 Veda Pandits) are performed to the idols by brother Ravindra Rao and his wife Smt. Vaidehi, while the students of Matrusri Veda Pathashala chanted Vedic Mantras in their sonorous voices.

Devotees from different parts of the state and surrounding villages kept pouring in to participate in the Dhanya Abhishekam. Caste, Creed, Class or Religion is no bar to perform this Abhishekam and so everybody joins with great enthusiasm and devotion in this worship.

A notable aspect of this year’s Dhanya Abhishekam function is that dignitaries like Sri. IYR Krishna Rao, IAS, Chief Commissioner, Land Administration & Special Chief Secretary, Govt. of A.P., Sri Dasari Srinivasulu, IAS, Secretary to Govt. of A.P. in the Dept. of Agriculture and Dr. Tulasi Reddy, noted Congressman and Chairman, 20-point Programme of the A.P. State Government have chosen to visit Jillellamudi to be a part of this celebration.

On this occasion a symposium was held on the topic “Spiritual Institutions Service to Society”. The programme was conducted with Sri Krishna Rao, Sri Srinivasulu and Dr. Tulasi Reddy was the honored guest in this symposium. Dr. Potturi Venkateswara Rao, Former Chairman, Press Academy, Govt. of A.P. presided over the function. Sri VSR Murty, ‘Spiritual Scientist’, Sri MVR Sarma, Editor, ‘Darsanam’- a Spiritual Magazine, Sri M Dinakar, President SVJP also participated in the discussion.

The programme commenced with the lighting of Lamp (a traditional custom) by Sri Ravindra Rao and prayer by Sri Ravuri Prasad. In his opening speech Sri Srinivasulu said “in Jillellamudi one feels that nobody is a stranger. We are connected in an intimate relationship with all. Amma established five Alayas: – ‘Bhojanalaya’ (Dining Place), ‘Chikitsalaya’ (Medical Center), ‘Vidyalaya’ (Educational Center), ‘Sharanalaya’ (Old-age Home) and ‘Devalaya’ (Temple)”. He exhorted that we should take the institution forward with single-minded devotion and receive the grace of Amma.

Sri Krishna Rao said “what we had seen and learnt from Amma are: Love, Compassion and Service. If all these three qualities get embodied in one, every person becomes Amma and every village Jillellamudi.”

Dr. Tulasi Reddy who spoke next said that the holy couple Amma and Nannagaru preached through practical demonstration the familiar adage ‘Paropakaram Idam Shareeram, Maanava Sevae Maadhava Seva’. Amma has proved through her life that worldly life is not a hindrance to spiritual pursuit. He further said that Amma spread her divine Love to the entire world.

Sri MVR Sarma opined that service to the society is the root and basis for the protection of ancient dharma and rejuvenation of Vedic culture. He emphasized the need to include in the school syllabus lessons for young children to inculcate in them Amma’s concept of universal love, service to humanity and sense of sacrifice.

Sri VSR Murty, speaking on the service to the society, observed that spiritual preaching without the corresponding complement of service to the society remains a dry philosophy. He exhorted that we should all join as one to transmit (Prasaram) and not merely do campaigning (Pracharam) of Amma’s message.

Sri Dinakar spoke relating the Temple to the society, the establishment of Annapurnalayam by Amma and its significance to the theme of service to the society.

Dr. Potturi Venkateswara Rao remarked that if we examine Amma’s biography we find that she gave away the ornaments on her person and even the food she was to eat to the many of the suffering and destitute with love and compassion and she hugged them to her heart to provide succor. She did all this not as service but out of her motherly love for her children and as the motherly dharma (mother’s duty) which is natural to her.

Sri Ravi annaiah expressed his happiness saying that Amma is taking the institution forward by bringing together many of the eminent personalities and those in higher positions and bonding them closely with us.

The whole programme was composed and conducted admirably by the veteran at the job, Sri Mallapragada Srimannarayana Murty, former Lecturer in the MOC.

An abridged information booklet entitled ‘Viswajanani’ written by Sri PSR Anjaneya Prasad was released and scholarships and prizes were awarded to the meritorious students of Matrusri Oriental College (MOC) by Sri Krishna Rao.

The SVJP honored all the guests, as a gesture of Amma’s blessings with Shawls and Amma’s literature. The programme concluded with the recitation of the Shanti Mantra.

The large number of people who gathered for the occasion brought rice and paddy, performed Abhishekam to Amma and Nannagaru with devotional fervor. The guests worshiped Amma’s idol in the Temple with rice. A delicious feast was served to all those who came to be part of this function.

Donations were offered both in cash and kind (bags of paddy, husked and unhusked). The heart-touching incident of that day was, a farmer who lost all his crops because of floods, offering with a heavy heart, Rs. 116/- as he could not make his regular annual contribution of paddy and wishing for Amma’s blessings.

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