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Rupam Parimitam, Shakti Anantam

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Meaning, form is limited but Shakti is unlimited – SO declared Amma. It is not the familiar Mass – Energy Relation (E = mC2) propounded by Albert Einstein in his Theory of Relativity wherein the Energy is proportional to the mass of physical matter, the square of the velocity (Speed) of Light being the Constant of proportionality.

But it does not hold in this matter, the matter referred to here is Amma herself. She seems to suggest that the Unlimited energy (Shakti) has now taken the limited physical form as Her Anasuyadevi. While the Primordial energy is the source of the Physical Universe, Adi Shakti in the Hindu Religious parlance is considered the source of the three states of physical matter, namely, the Creative energy symbolized by Brahma, the energy of Sustenance as represented by Vishnu and the destructive energy symbolized by Maheswara.

While it is beyond one’s comprehension to visualize Adi Shakti or the unlimited energy, one is astounded to think of such an unlimited energy taking a limited physical form. But one is definitely reassured by Amma’s declaration that such an unlimited energy has descended in the form of herself, the Mother of all to bless her children with the taste of unbounded motherly succor and solace and also to grant a glimpse of the all-pervading divine energy.

Denying the devotees’ assertion that she verily is ‘Rajarajeswari’, she made it amply clear as to what she is through her declarations on different occasions: “I am the “l’ that has become all ‘I’s”; “Reality itself is my state”; “I am not God and you are not devotees, I am not the Guru and you are not the disciples, I am not the Guide and you are not the pilgrims. I am the Mother and you are the children”; ‘Only that which is all is Mother”: “You were all born of me (implying that she is the primordial source of this creation) and I gave you to your mothers to bring up”; “No one knows my measure, I am the measure of all.”

Thus she defined what she is, the Primordial source, the Mother of all, which has assumed infinite forms of the Universe, both visible and invisible.

She also stated “Even without a body, my work continues”.

We pray that the ‘Adi Shakti’, the Mother of all, variously referred to as ‘Lalita Parameswari’, ‘Rajarajeswari’ showers Her grace on all of us, destroying our ignorance and elevate us into the realms of ‘Absolute Bliss of Reality’ !!

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