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Prof M Sivaramakrishna
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 13
Month : July
Issue Number : 3
Year : 2014

Ambati Purushottam, a devotee, was present. He asked Mother: “The scientist assumes that he is God Himself. In that case, will God listen to (accept) whatever the scientist states?

Mother: He listens. Let the scientist declare that he is God Himself. But Assert this strongly.

Brother: It is not saying, assuming that he (the scientist) is God Himself. It is about the power of the Self.

Mother: What is Self (Atma)? It is omnipresent, a force that is manifest universally, all over. In the form of cosmic energy, it envelops everything.

Brother: How can we realize this?

Mother: When it is concerned with the issue of knowing, it is known in the form of SHAKTI (cosmic energy). (Addressing Sripada who was present). If we say that HE is nameless and formless, it means a nonexistent form exists there. If you ask what is there, a nonexistent formless form is present there. There is a defect in the subject matter, in the language used (to describe IT). Therefore, a difference arises between THIS and science. But, then, there is only a difference in perception. Whatever exists is ONE only. Science shows us through a material. Spirituality makes us perceive through the mind (and consciousness). But, it is this mind only which sees, which explores.

Purushottam: They say it is Nature. Don’t they?

Mother: OK. Let us use an analogy. Assume there is a piece of Chili. What is its nature? Hot! Fiery hot. Call it God, call it Power, call it the Root, (the SOURCE), call it a material, call it by any nonsensical word. It is only in the origin. We think (that origin) bestowed it, created it.

Science says that being hot (to the tongue) is the nature of the chili. That nature (swabhava) I call God. You are here now, And Mother is omnipresent. But assuming that POWER is the limited form of MOTHER, in Jillellamudi, you come to this place. But you are not seeing her as omnipresent. Similarly, science is perceiving POWER in matter. But that it is permeating as energy all over, science is unable to see that POWER all over. And name it God.

This is a relatively short piece of conversation. But it has immense relevance for our times. We are now having a STEM educational model Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. What about human sciences? What are the orientations of these four? Science explores theory, technology gives it concrete forms by using Mathematics and Engineering skills. They say: humans have learnt how to fly in the air like a bird, swim in the ocean like a fish but they do not know how to live on earth harmoniously. Globally, the world has shrunk into a neighborhood but has it broadened into a brotherhood? A question asked by Lyndon Johnson, an American president, strangely, when the atomic explosion took place, one of its ‘creators’, Robert Oppenheimer started reciting a sloka from the Bhagavad Gita when a thousand suns appeared in the sky….

Scientists are the heroes of the day. Not all. Mother, herself the POWER she explains to the visitor, gives insights which are transparent and tremendously logical. Look at her straight forward

answer: Yes God listens to the assertion of scientists as God. When the scientist perceives the natural fact that God is energy permeating everything that Nature’s creation brings into being. The Bhagavatam declares “do not doubt that (God) is in this and not in that…”

He is omnipresent and wherever, in whatever you explore, He is there. But one has to enquire, search and perceive : 308 This is not scientific research it is self-enquiry. Exploration of one’s own consciousness. It is also “experimental” : concerned with one’s mind. (In fact, you count carefully I did: there are nearly 16 words which contain “mental” from “detrimental” to “environmental” etc. In fact, all scientific research is based on two criteria, ‘mental’ and ‘logical’ (if biological, psychological etc).

Going beyond these frames at Nature the abstract becomes concrete; it is SHAKTI the elemental, primal energy which flows through from a tiny ant through a Titanic to the atomic weapon. And the power of questioning is also a form of SHAKTI. But, as they say, we should understand SHAKTI carefully. For instance, God is compassionate, etc. Does He do your job? There are apparently funny but explosive truths: “Pray to God! But tie your camel to the post” and “Pray to God! But pass the ammunition” – a prayer during the 2nd world war.

Don’t we notice that Divine Mother Herself is answering the questions? Incarnate Shakti explaining what that cosmic energy is. She is the origin of the question and the source of SOLUTION to the question. True but do we act on that Truth? One has to find an answer for oneself – with the conviction that it is AMMA’S SHAKTI which permeates every atom in the cosmos. So let Thy be done! OK?

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