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V S R Moorty
Magazine : Mother of All
Language : English
Volume Number : 14
Month : October
Issue Number : 4
Year : 2015

Man is selfish by nature and self-centered by behavior. He desires to possess everything and does not part even a particle with others. He acquires and hoards for his own kin, never thinking of those who are deprived. Wants, desires, lust, ambition and greed guide him both internally and externally. This attitude is borne out of ignorance, braced by arrogance. He falls from his own esteem and by the time he realize his folly, nothing is left to regain.

Despite getting the most precious human birth, a gate way to Godhood, he falls to the lees and exhibits traits of a beast. One has to realize the efficacy of human birth, transform and finally bloom into divinity.

Be good, See good and Do good are the perfect keys to the doors of reality.

By being helpful to all and at all times, goodness is cultivated and nourished.

By seeing positive in all that happens, one’s perception and interpretation results in positive attitude. By serving and loving the world, one can become a complete human.

Worldly riches can, at the most, grant comfort, generally mistaken for happiness.

Happiness and bliss are not synonym. External materialistic world may give pleasure and joy. Internal enquiry leads one to ecstasy and bliss.

Selfless actions, unconditional love, praying for others, sharing and caring, pining for God and such noble acts uplift one to the level of divine. Infact, they bestow incessant and perennial bliss that reach out to all corners of the world.

Selflessness is real Karmayoga!

Communion with consciousness is Profound Bhakti Yoga.

Realisation that one is not mere body but the ever glowing light within, is true Gnana Yoga.

When one realizes that the self is like a diamond lodged in an almirah made of element, represented by body, he sheds selfishness and expands in all directions, that culminate in the self. This is the path expounded and laid by the wise for all times.

If human intellect is not channelised in the proper direction, selfishness, rules the roost. This is detrimental to the world. Spiritual journey begins from rituals and ends up as effortless effort. This is spirituality.

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